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  1.  Wonderfully thought provoking


    I am so glad that this has become available again. I had this book a long time ago when it was first released but lost it when I was moving house. I love this book. Michael Jackson was such a talented person, not only as a singer, dancer but also, as this book shows, as a poet. He has inspired millions of people and will continue to do just that forever. Definately one to read.

  2.  Fantastic album


    I love this album. It is by far one of the best albums ever written. The music is genius and will have you jamming along with MJ and dancing around the house. I remember dancing to this when I was 12 and to this day it is still one of my favourite albums

  3.  Love it


    I love this album, I love the gold etched discs too. They look amazing. I have had my copy since 1995 and it is still in perfect condition as I have always taken excellent care of it. It is definately one of my treasured MJ albums. The first CD is brilliant with the vault of greatest hits(although some of my favs arent included) and will definately get you in the mood to listen to more MJ. The 2nd CD is amazing and each song is perfect. MJ was the best and will always be the best. You should buy this, it is definately one to own

  4.  My favourite album


    I love this album and have just bought this copy as my last is all scratched. This is my favourite MJ album because it was the first one I ever heard. I originally bought it back in the 80's on LP and I still have my copy but as a massive fan, I had to have the special edition for my collection. One every fan should already own and if you wanna experience MJ, this is definately one to hear... it will have you addicted to the genius musical stylings of this amazing artist and legend

  5.  Fantastic


    I love this poster. One that every fan should have

  6.  Love it


    I remember watching this when it was broadcast, I recorded it on vhs and everyday after school I would rush home to watch it again. I was too young for my mum to let me attend the event which made me soo upset. Ive loved MJ since I first heard him 4 years prior to the dangerous tour. I had my vhs copy transferred to dvd and to this day, still enjoy watching it.. he is amazing

  7.  Rockin


    I love this album... Strange, wonderful, interesting all at the same time... I love jared's voice, shannon on the drums, playing the best drum beats ever... Tomo on guitar... Fantastic... Buy it... You'll love it!

  8.  One that every music lover should own


    This album is one of my ultimate favourites... Jared, shannon & tomo doing what they do best... Making fantastic music... Buy it, you will not be disappointed... It rocks!!!

  9.  So Hilariously Funny


    This is the funniest thing I have ever ever seen... I love all Billy's stuff but this, I just could not stop laughing the whole way, my face, my sides were completely aching.
    I have watched it countless times and its still as funny as the first time, so much so that my friends and I re-tell the stories to each other and find it extremely amusing to do so.

  10.  Absolutely Mind blowing


    If you want to get completely trapped in a mind altering state. Then here is something that will consume you entirely and wont let go.... Just to think... they are going to allow this programme to run until at least 2010... Cannot wait for then... an ending must be in sight!!!