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  1.  Good game so far but nothing to be impressed



    Firstly I would like to make sure people understand that they need a live connection or the game won't work. It uses the same principle as World of Warcraft, it has a launcher that checks for the latest updates and only if you are up to date you will be able to play. Also all characters are kept on the Battlenet servers. This is an online RPG... don't think you will be able to just install it and play on your own as any other game such as of course Diablo II, Titan Quest or Sacred 1 and 2.

    In regards to the game, I only put in about 4 hours last night after launch but it was great. It is what you would expect. No point me going on explaining the game mechanics or class options as you can check that out on the official Diablo III website. However what I did find is that the game greatly rewards multiplayer. Drop wise I have received about 100 percent more purples from playing with others than soloing which puts the question up... why is that Blizzard is keen on rewarding players in teams than soloing players. I am talking about major difference. When playing with others I have received about 50 purple items... when soloing I got about 5 and they were of low quality nothing compared do the stuff I got in multiplayer. Again bear in mind as it is more rewarding to play with others so you may want to start your adventure from level 1 with others.

    Other criticism is the cut scenes... I was really looking forward the the Blizzard famous movies yet in this case they decided to go for a pencil drawn animation... much like a graphical book and the chosen character narrating it's story. Also the world is no longer randomly generated so you will play the same maps with the same layout every time... re playability... you think about it. They are also encouraging selling items for real money on the AH so it will open the door for Chinese farmers... how will this affect your game play? We will see.

    That's my 2 cents so far, I cannot fault the game on its principle we all know what it is supposed to be like. Honestly... having plaid previous similar games between Diablo II and Diablo III there isn't something I can be that impressed about, nothing new that the games I mention previously did not do. It is the same as Sacred 1 and 2 I don't see any difference besides that this is a Blizzard game but Sacred 2 was just as great - minus crashes and memory hungry. I have had no crashes bugs or errors from the game, looks pretty robust

    I will update further if I see the need but I would recommend the game... as long as you are able to have a working internet connection to play it.

  2.  Not bad


    This game will remind you of WoW straight away, well why? Because it is made by the same artists, so the graphics are very colourful, very cartoony.... and well a hack and slash similar to Sacred, Titan Quest, Diablo 2 of course and so on.

    If you did play Warcraft and the WOrld of Warcraft you will feel quite at home, has similar skill tree, where you can pick from 3 branches and specialize in one or jack of all trades. Look galore like the other games, but this time you have a nifty option of putting the loot you want to sell in your pet's inventory and sending them to the town to sell it.

    The only slight bad point is that you can only select 3 preset characters, cannot change their looks and they are 2 male and 1 female... so yeah just like Diablo or Sacred. On the other hand the game has lots and lots of mods out there which add extra pets, extra classes new maps and so on. The game also has a world editor with it so you can create your own campaigns or maps.

    Overall the game is worth considering if you like the hack and slash genre.

  3.  Fair review... or so I think


    God where do I start, since the reviews on here are all great I should probably comment on the few bad ones.
    First of all, the game was made by Bioware... and we all know their games, humans, dwarfs, elfs and yes orcs
    I will jump straight and say why you get picked to be a warden, well because you show exceptional attitude and determination in certain situations and because if Duncan wouldn't help you, you would probably die. So you become a warden because of your skills and because you don't really have much choice.
    Point and click, yeah sure, but I use WASD keys to move round.
    The companions will not do anything silly if you setup their tactics correctly and that's about it, they are all very good, Alistair is main tank and he does a great job, so no wondering off dying unless you set them up to do that.
    I have to agree that you do seem underpowered, after all what powers does a Grey Warden have? Apparently not much... you don't really have any extra spells or skills than any other character of same class. This is a shame since it does make you feel a little cheated by becoming a Grey Warden in the first place (talking from an RP point of view there is no advantage to be a GW but quite a few disadvantages). Tho, to some extent, you get your explanation on why the Grey Wardens are so important for when a Blight is threatening the lands near the end of the game and it may make-up for the lack of a special grey Warden skill/spell.
    Yeah the game is quite linear but what game driven by storyline isn't? You want an open world play a mmo because an open world in a single player can get rather boring fast. DAO lets you take different paths to that end goal so you do get some variation.
    I also have to agree with some of the bloody comments, I actually turned the blood persistence off as I didn't really like it, felt more like someone was throwing a bucket of blood on you after killing anything, be it a mouse or a dragon.
    Camera wise I never had any problems yet.

    So my summary:
    I like and am still enjoying the game and one reason is that you get immersed in it, like watching a movie. No point adding what the others have said but remember, it might be worth doing every origin before adventuring into the game, it will help tie things together and even help you with certain choices later on.

  4.  Holy Smoking Gun, Cryptic!


    Me and my cousin (blairdom) preordered the game and thought we should offer our own feedback, seeing there is just one. (a good one, I may add)
    Been in the Open Beta and, obviously enough, we have made all sorts of combinations regarding costumes and characters and this is what we came up with so far in terms of feedback.
    The customization of the costumes is huge. You can end up with a good looking insect, lizard, wolf, bird lookalike or maybe some tough looking walls of flesh smashing through enemy lines or, well...basically anything your imagination can come up with. Although there are some options which could do with some more tweaking, I guess for starters what Cryptic offered could satisfy even the most pickiest user. You cannot combine everything with everything but it is more than enough to be able to recreate that imaginary friend of yours who has been bothering you or keeping you busy during your early years.
    In terms of questing some may argue that it seems that the quest don't unravel a well-built storyline that leads to a climax or a happy/sad ending but rather separate quests that have their individual story. Basically it is a bit of both, I guess. You can take missions from NPCs located in the areas you end up when you zone in but there are some civilians who need your help as well and thus offering some casual missions.
    Unfortunately, we cannot offer any feedback regarding the end game content because we didn't bother to level up just one char, saving that delicious morsel for when the game actually releases. We did take part in the End Beta event, that meaning we got some of our level 10+ chars to 40 in order to battle the invasion but we decided to simply check the powers and test them out in PvP and random encounters.
    Related to powers, we can talk about full customization yet again, because you can decide the colors of your powers, the place you want them to come out from (except for a few that have specific slots), and the amount of combinations you can create throughout leveling is extreme. You can have a little bit of this and that and that other thing in order to create a character to your likings.
    Teaming up has been a bit hectic. People rather kept things to themselves, I guess everyone was testing out their characters but CO is a game where you can either solo most of your leveling, making it easier to go by without waiting on people to want to group or team up to speed up the process. It is a choice both condemned by some and loved by others. We always played together so that leaves little room for us to complain.
    PvP wise, the game is extremely intense. There is no time to type, no time to mess around. You get to fight other heroes and the fights can take quite a while to finish because everyone's bringing something to the table. But all in all, I had loads of fun fighting my way through the arenas.
    Well, having said all that I guess people can come up with some sort of a decision regarding the game. Graphics are extremely nice, the world map is quite large and there is just one huge server with multiple instances. This again might be a bit tricky for some, as people complain that it is hard to feel like you are part of a community because of being separated but there is some good news: you can switch between instances and also talk to your friends regardless of their current location. So, just switch to where your friend is being at and problem solved.
    I hope I depicted the game basics thoroughly enough, but also leaving some questions only to find answers while playing. Hope to see you all in CO on release!

    P.S. I read some bad reviews concerning lag, funny but we didn't get any lag and I am in the UK my cousin in Europe.

  5.  Good Fun


    This is an update my review as I actually purchased an Xbox 360 because oft this game.

    So my first impression... well when I saw the class selection and layout straight away it made me think of Hellgate London:) and yeah I think they are very similar concepts. Kill lots of enemies, loot and gear up, and they even throw in a team of soldiers to support you. The NPCs just provide an extra hand but I just ignored them and do my stuff.

    I do have to agree with one statement, the camera sometimes can be a right pain in the butt:( , I would suggest using the ISO view as it seems to be better.

    The online side of it is quite good but you can only play in 2 and only for 1 level then you gotta go back to the lobby and select the next level. Apparently they can support up to 4 players but not implemented, probably something to look forward in the sequel.
    Another thing to watch out online is to try and team up with someone who is + or - 5 levels from you. Otherwise you will regret it, the game takes the highest player in consideration, this means you can end up dying from 1 hit or looting gear which you cannot use for levels to come.

    I probably regret not getting this when it came out as anyone that preordered the game got a code that gave them some nice epic armours straight from level 1.

    No idea about the ending as I haven't finished it yet but if it is indeed part of a trilogy then great, hope they will allow your characters to carry over to the 2nd and 3rd parts.

  6.  Works for about 1 year:)


    I first though this router was brilliant, simple to use and setup, I even got a 2nd one for my GF... only for it to start failing on me after 1 year exactly. The connection drops off, wireless and wired, only way to get it back up is to reset it... just as others have mentioned.

    Shame... I gave it 5 starts before...

  7.  Fast fast fast... faster


    The game looks great and plays great, they obviously went on the NFS/Juiced path, no more crash mode:( but you get plenty crashes:) if you wish to do so. The NFS is there, can't customise your car at all but can get different paint jobs, you can also repair it not that it matters since if you crash badly you get repaired anyhow. The game is very vrey fast:) so if you want that speed effect this has it, the motorbikes are great (main reason I got it), can do a few interesting stunts on them and are fast as hell. I love the fact that you won't crash at the slightest bump or grass. Not sure how many bikes you can unlock yet but there are plenty of cars to play abouts with.

    Great fun.

  8.  Great but gets very HOT!!


    OK I don't own this exact card, I have the EVGA one which is... well identical, same as the BFG and Zotac sold on Play.com. For the price I would get it as it is very fast. One problem... it overheats and I seriously mean overheating, to the point you can burn your skin if you touch the metal part. Best way is to stick a fan to the side of it or watercooling. EVGA made a new program called Precision EVGA, it allows you to tweak the card. Bare in mind the card onboard fan is set to Auto and it only works at about %40... so by increasing the fan speed to about %75 the card will be -10c or more which is great as the card is steady at about 57c instead of the usual 72c++ it used to get. I would try getting hold of such software and set the fan speed, you can go to %100 but the fan gets too noisy and for -5c I can't be bothered, I found %75 to be acceptable and at -12c I am happy with it.

    So, make sure the card has the becessary ventilation else it will run very hot. I had problems after running a game for too long, the graphics would go funny or even freeze up, since I put 2 fans to the side and increased the onboard fan speed I had no problems and the card seems to run even better.

  9.  Great


    The DVD is great but I have to confirm the funny noise it makes when switched off. No idea why it does that, I used to have another DIVX player that used to do it so I would switch it off from mains all the time.

    Frankly I only purchased this DVD player because of the USB port, I needed a way to watch series and films without having to burn through 100's DVDs. I had films skip become sluggish or the sound going out of sync. This issue is usually sorted by forwarding a bit then going back. I have no idea if this is the DVD does it or the USB stick. Seemed to happen after watching for longer period of time or when watching a big file of 1GB or more. Haven't had this kind of issues playing from DVDs, then again I haven't watched many DVDs on it, been using mainly the USB stick. Got the 16GB Play.com brand stick.

    For whoever asked about upscaling AVI files... well... if your AVI file is a DVD copy or a HD 1080p copy which means that the file will be about 1.4Gb or bigger it will look good. I have a "24 HD monitor on my PC and the bigger the file is the better the video quality, so to answer that question, yeah it will be HD quality if the AVI is HD quality. I haven't tested if it upscales avis since my TV is not HD:):)... I am just saying what it should do and what I saw on my HD monitor.

  10.  BUY ONE NOW!!! :):)


    Not much to say besides what's been said. Amazing value and very very fast. Much faster than the 4GB one. I can transfer a few GB worth of data in a matter of minutes... and I mean under 10 minutes:) I got this to use with the DIVX player... which was also purchased from Play, as it has a USB port. Every now and then a film will become sluggish, sound might go out of sink or skip, usually sorted by forwarding and going back, not sure if it is the stick or the player, but overall this is great value for transporting big files around.