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  1.  Same old same old, with a few things worse.


    Don't get me wrong, it's a great game. I mean who wouldnt want their favorite pokemon following them around, and theres 16 badges to get and an extra region. But they've done so much wrong which made it feel restricted as to what pokemon you can get. For example, the item that makes rhydon evolve isnt available until the very end of your journey. Also there aren't enough of the johto exclusive pokemon available, i found myself with the same old team with the exception of the starter, a gyrados, rhydon, crobat and a typhlosion. The thing that really gets me is how they've completely ruined the safari zone, who wants to chop and change around and mess around putting items in it then waiting for days to be able to catch a pokemon? No one. And worst of all theyve made my favourite pokemon fall victim to this waiting, and thats skorupi. Ive played through the original of this game so it doesnt really feel all that new anyways, it's also too easy. It probably would be alot better if i hadn't played the originals though. But nope, im sticking to platinum, its a far better game, more challenging and better systems for everything, not to mention getting a skorupi early-ish! :D

  2.  Absolute Rubbish


    I bought this dvd thinking it was going to be an intense, gritty hack and slash bloodbath of a movie and because the main character is played by one of my favourite actors, instead its a boring and pointless mess of a film. There's a few good fighting scenes that make up only minutes of the film, the rest is just a bunch of beardy men wandering around doing nothing apart from accusing each other of bringing them to a living hell (which is being stranded in a wood starving) honestly, there isnt a good plot, dialogue is awful and theres only a few minutes of good viewing, save your money DO NOT BUY THIS its a waste of life watching a movie like this.

  3.  Great Game but dont buy from play.com


    This game is amazing, but dont buy it from this website, this is the third game i have recieved that doesnt work from play.com and ive had enough, get it from somewhere local where it wont take you another week or two to get the game again, they should test the bloody things before shipping them out, but great game ^^.

  4.  Awesome but repetitive.


    Okay, it is a little repetitive, with all the missions being ctf and death matches, but the thing that makes up for it is the combat being being fast paced and having a vast array of strategies to achieve victory whilst using loads of vehicles, weapons and pickups to your advantage. Graphically its great and it is one of those games that has your heart thumping in the middle of an epic fight. I would recommend that people who like UT buy this, as its a must for them, other people may find it a good break from normal shooters, COD for example. I bought it for this reason and i will never regret it.