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  1.  Hawkwind Onwards And Upwards


    Really like this album.
    Sounds like classic Hawkwind, lots of references in sounds and structure, but has a drive and depth that I've missed in a few of the recent albums.
    Lots of different feels and textures here, but most of it is driven, and when it does become somewhat ethereal, it is in a good way: back to space and conjuring that feeling that music can take you there.
    It has an energy that really comes through the speakers.
    This album stands on the shoulders of giants in terms of some previous albums and looks further becasue of it.
    This, for me, is Hawkwind doing what they do best: painting me pictures with sounds and words that I can let carry me away.
    I love the energy and drive in this record!
    So, bit of a pretentious review, but essentially gets the message across: this is Hawkwind at their best, doing what they do best.
    If you've ever liked any Hawkwind you will like this a lot.
    If you've never heard them before, buy it, buckle up and turn it up!

  2.  Solid As A Rock


    This is obviously old now, but still stands as Overkill's hardest hitting album.
    They just got it right on this one.
    It's tight, hard, fast and consistent: all killer, no filler!
    Even the mix and production are spot on.
    If you like *good* megadeth, Anthrax, Early Metalika, drop of Slayer from the 'Reign' days, you'll eat this up. It's seriously that good.
    Put it on, turn it up and rock hard and fast.
    Awesome album.

  3.  Secret Classic


    Mr Plant really hit it here, got it right in every way.
    Sounds like it was done around the times of the 'Unledded No Quarter,' but isn't like it in many ways, it's just a style feel thing.
    A powerful album with some great songs, some rock like hard things, some glide along like silky smooth things.
    His voice is great, powerful and still ahs that resonance when it quietens down.
    Some really catchy tunes, adn of course the sumery '29 Palms.'
    The most underrated album he's ever done, with probably the best band he's put together for a long time!
    Still sounds fresh today: 'Down To The Sea' could be a summer hit of today.
    Well worth a listen.
    No really. Buy it.

  4.  Something Missing


    Firstly, I'm a Nickleback fan.
    Live, they are much harder hitting than you may expect: tight, fast, loud and basically a great rock and roll band, knowing how to deliver and with a great set / catalogue of songs to choose from.
    That energy is going to be hard to muster with the songs on this album.
    It feels like a filler of an album, a kind of 'well, we're Nickleback and this is what we're supposed to sound like' album.
    Everything feels mid paced, very formulaic, aimed squarely at what seems like an easy to hit target: over produced, multi-tracked vocals, thick guitar sounds, light and poppy lyrics.
    It's not bad, it's just that it's not as good as they can be.
    Listen to the album a couple of times and you find yourself feeling strangely restless, looking to the back catalogue for 'proper' Nickleback.
    I love tha band and know they have a lot to offer, a lot more good stuff to come, so no need to panic, but it feels like a real missed opportunity this album.
    As I say, it's not bad, it's got that 'Nickleback' feel and sound, but without the edge they are so great at putting on things: you get the chocolate, but not the razor blade...

  5.  At This Price?!


    One of the best, if not *the* best blues guitar player ever to pick up the beloved instrument.
    Inspired songwriter, consumate entertainer, never happier than when playing live and adding emotion in to the playing.
    The man was a straight up genius and an inspiration.
    If you're new to RG, this is simply too good to pass up: you absolutely will not be disappointed.
    If you're an RG officianado, perhaps you need to replace some vinyl or old and scratchy cds... and at this price, why wouldn't you!?
    It'd be great to think that this pricing will introduce RG to a whole new batch of fans: what a glorious discovery they are about to make!
    R.I.P RG - good music never dies.

  6.  A Gem Of A Movie


    This one kind of slid in under the radar: it came and went with little fuss, which is a shame becasue a lot of people will have missed out on a great movie.
    The quality of animation is simply amazing, as good as anything from any other studio. The background and the 'world' are depicted in incredible detail, with some truly beautiful moments.
    The characters are strong and likable, with each one developing and experiencing a story of their own within the story.
    One reason it may have not got the attention it deserves is the script: it is excellent, but quite sparse - this is not a 'witty banter' kind of animation, it's not fast, furious and funny, it's thoughtful and very 'less is more,' though there are some good comedy moments.
    The whole film has a kind of surreal, sublime, gentle quality, enhanced by the great music, and is easily one of the most beautiful animated movies I've ever seen.
    Buy it, watch it, watch it again... then again. It really is a gem of a movie.

  7.  Powerful Stuff


    Really like 'The Hunter,' as much as Crack The Skye, and that's saying something. This does feel like it has more of a groove, more solid, less meandering, still thundering in intensity, but a bit more 'straight up.'
    Sure, there are the usual time signature shenanigans in a few tracks, but not as many as Crack, and the tracks seem more compact, so they tend to hit harder.
    This is a good 'first' Mastodon album if you've never dabbled before.
    At the moment Mastodon do seem to be in their own world, leading by example in evolving their sound: staying still seems like death to them. Long may it continue.
    DVD has some good bits on it, humanises the band nicely and gives a good feel as to what they're about.
    Heard the name and want to know what all the fuss is about? Buy this album.

  8.  Genius: That's The Punchline!


    Minimal production, a great live 'one take' feel.
    Powerful songs that hit hard and stay long after.
    Perfect production that lets the music do its thing.
    Can't praise this album highly enough: it's what rock music is truly about - great songs, melodies that stick, musicianship that doesn't get in the way but expresses the music and adds to the punch.
    Compared to this, 90% of rock music sounds weak and turgid.
    Please buy this album. Give it a listen. Give your ears a treat!

  9.  As Live As You Can Be Without Being There


    Excellent performance from an amazingly accomplished band.
    Well shot with a great sound, a live performance that captures the energy but doesn't bury the nuances.
    If you were wondering if Mastodon could cut it live (assuming you haven't seen them obviously), then wonder no more: buy this - they can.
    If you're not a Mastodon fan, and just wondering what all the fuss is about with them, worth giving this a go: showcases their musicianship, energy and awesome power. Some of the vocals may prove a bit 'growly' for you, but the songs are melodic but still ear shatteringly heavy, great sense of space and power.

  10. Yield


    Pearl Jam - CD

    21 New from  £5.70  Free delivery

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     Underrated Total Classic


    This is (by far) in the top two PJ albums.
    It's got a fantastic sound to it, driven but soulful.
    Everything is so simple: it all just works beautifully.
    Some classics of course, bt no bad tracks on here.
    Songwriting that leaves other bands dead in the water, lyrics that still feel raw and relevant today: timeless.
    This is PJ as a *band*, doing their thing as a group of musicians and friends. Feels like a complete record in every sense.
    Put it on, turn it up and go for it!
    (If you don't sing along to 'In Hiding' you've truly lost your mojo!)