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  1.  Excellent Return to Form !


    After the last two albums i feared we would never hear the "Heavy" Korn again, and though you can hear and feel Head's absence in the overall sound (Take a look in the Mirror, the last "back to basics" album, had a extra layer of heaviness) - this is as good and as heavy an album as i can imagine the four piece band remaining could have produced.

    The lead single "oildale" immediately grabs the attention with it's huge intro riff and furious vocals at the end. The subsequent songs keep the momentum going, a few stood out on the first listen but after several playings a lot of the vocals and riffs started to stick in my head.

    Jonathan Davis is on his best form for some time and the band back him up excellently.

    In Summary, any Korn fan who had given up hope of a return to their previous style will be extremely pleased and surprised with this album. My only wish is that somehow Head would come back to the band to rack up an even heavier sound!

  2.  Innovative and totally engrossing


    A few games have tried to live up to the title "interactive film" but this is the closest gaming has ever come to it in my opinion. The atmosphere actually reminded me of the film Seven, and whilst the unusual controls are initially difficult if you are an FPS addict, they soon become natural and really help the game flow.

    This feels like an evolution in story telling for gaming. Any PS3 owner needs to play this - just be prepared to be totally consumed until you finish it (and with the ability to replay scenes to see different outcomes, even after that).

  3.  Much better than AVP Requiem ! But still not what i wanted


    I loved both Aliens vs predator games on PC, first AVP film was decent, the second one i thought was poor.

    This is a good interpretation, the marine campaign is the best and is intense and creepy, fits in most of the staples of both francises, although it is way too short in my opinion. Firing a pulse rifle in blind panic down a dark corridor never gets old if you are of the generation that saw Aliens the first time round !

    The Predator campaign is good as well, plays more like a stealth game, the alien campaign is the shortest and weakest but still worth playing. As a previous reviewer said the lack of a crouch button (especially in marine campaign) is really off putting as any experienced FPS player will reflexively expect it to be available.

    All in all a if you're looking for an authentic "aliens" videogame experience this will do nicely ... i just wish the campaigns were a bit more substantial !

  4.  Fantastic Value for money - 3 classic games


    I was a huge fan of Super Metroid on SNES and completed it when it came out in 1994. Metroid prime is a fantastic update of the old SNES game, having all the same elements whilst updating it for 3D. All three games are huge, challenging and extremely addictive.

    I would call these games First Person Adventures rather than shooters - the pace is a bit slower than a standard FPS , but as long as you don't mind a bit of brainwork and exploring to go alongside the combat these are unmissable!

  5.  OK, but far from cutting edge from the genre


    Having completed all the previous Silent Hill Games i was reasonably excited by this ( i actually really liked Silent Hill 4 : the room as it did something a bit different.)

    However this is strictly by the numbers silent hill action, the viewpoint and controls have moved on slightly, but are still out of date compared to Dead Space or even Resi 5. The gameplay and plot is solid and the visuals are good but the real problem is over-familiarity - whilst slowly making your way through the cemeteries, hospitals etc. of the game checking every door - to find only about 2 out of 10 actually open, you could be playing any of the previous games with better graphics. If there is another Silent Hill game the series badly needs to evolve.

  6.  Fantastic - Resident Evil 4 in space


    Being a huge fan of Survival Horror games and in particular the Resident Evil series i was really looking forward to this game and it lived up to expectations and then some !
    Whilst the viewpoint and inventory are obviously influenced by Resi 4, the structure actually reminds me more of the orginal Resident Evil, with the ishimura replacing the spencer mansion. Also there is a similar feel of always being low on ammo but just about finding enough which adds a great air of tension and desperation to the game. Any horror fan or anyone who loves Resident Evil should definitely get this !

  7.  Last of the Great Korn Albums?


    Personally i loved this album, the previous album Untouchables was generally great for me but seriously weird in places, this was raw stripped down Korn and i loved every track, of course Korn fans will know this was the last album recorded with the full original line up. The two albums since have had nothing like the power or fire of this or their previous albums. Rumours are that the next album will be much heavier and that the missing members may be rejoining, we can only hope........

  8.  Superb and uplifting


    After Q-Tip's previous album amplified i wasn't expecting too much from his next offering , however having read reviews it sounded good, so i took the plunge and boy am i glad i did! This is extremely funky, positive and skillful hip hop - not soft at all just real feel good stuff. Most of the tracks are stand outs , i would recommend this to any fan of A Tribe called Quest's best work.