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  1.  An excellent book


    Completely factual but reads like a thriller. Couldnt put it down.

  2.  Good but bad description could lead to disappointment


    Its a good thing to have, but be aware this does not include a wand so you need to buy that separately. My own fault but I didn't spot the tiny writing and so had to also buy a separate wand for my niece and it could've been cheaper if I'd bought a wand and MP together elsewhere. Play.com aren't always that great at highlighting product contents so I've added this for other hapless clickers like myself!

  3.  Really Good Film


    If like the likes of Brassed off, Four Weddings, Notting Hill and the like then you'll definitely like this as well, a Quirky slice of life comedy. Chiwetel Ejiofor is excellent in the main role (now of blockbuster 2012 fame), and the rest of the cast gel very well as well. A nice film and a must have for collectors of good British comedies,

  4.  Poor, poor, poor


    I had heard great things about this film but missed it at the cinema. I got it on DVD and was looking forward to a 'Scormeister' classic. All through the film, with the exception of trying not to find Jack's gangster caricature and half-baked copy of Marlon Brando too laughable, I found the whole thing very familar - and then it clicked it was a frame for frame copy of the excellent Infernal Affairs. Except this was totally useless. Pointless subplots that add nothing and often go nowhere, lazy attempts at changing the story line, over-bearing 'mood' music, useless accents. Such great talents wasted. The whole depth and personal conflict completely lost by bad direction and Leonardo and Matt's one dimensional bad and good cops. See the original, but dont waste your money on this waste of shelf space. What was the director thinking - where's his flair and originality gone? - and the critics who praised it! They just cant have seen the original IA as many don't even mention it in their reviews. Basically less than one out of ten!