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  1.  Some problems with the discs.


    I can't add anything new to what has already been said about this series. Absolutely top notch veiwing!
    However I must say a few things about the blue-ray discs themselves.
    I may be just unlucky. I have a 2 year old Panasonic and also a brand model Toshiba 3d player. Both have the most up to date software. These discs won't play at all on the Panasonic. They won't start as they should on the Toshiba, but after 'fiddling around' with the remote I stumbled on a way to get them to play. The problem seems to me to be that the disc manufacturers keep 'upgrading' the formats and the player software does not always keep up with the changes.
    Also I think the extra feature menues need sorting on these discs. A drop down menu comes into view. Some items seem to repeat them selves (I've only watched the first 2 discs so far). Also when you select other items a message tells you to insert disc 3,4,5 or whatever. It would have been much simpler from my point of veiw to only include what is on that particular disc. Perhaps I am just 'nit picking'
    I have still given these discs 5 stars- simply because of the actual series!
    UPDATE: I am pleased to report that the manufacturers of both my players have now updated their software. Though I have only tried out these discs, indications seem to be 'problem solved'. The moral is if you purchace a disc that won't play updated software will sooner or later become available. 23 Feb 2013.

  2.  Very Interesting Film


    My brother bought this DVD for me as a Christmas present. I happen to live in Clacton and, though not Essex born I cant help but be interested in local history. This hour long documentary is made up of mostly black and white film of an era almost long forgotten. I was born in 1945 and can still remember when cars were somewhat of a rarity, kids could play safely in the streets, few people had a phone and computers were only in the imagination of science fiction writers.
    Even if you do not live in Essex this film is well worth a look. Compared with today, even though some of it is set in war time there is an air of almost innocence compared with todays rat race.
    After watching this I have now ordered part 2, via Play.com. I live in a retirement development and by popular request I am playing this in our communal lounge later on today.

  3.  Brilliant Spontaineous Humour


    I have always loved the Sorry I haven't a Clue's seemingly effortless very clever humour. This edition has the added benefit of some 'behind the scenes' banter, including the very dry wit of the late great Humph, and also the nostelgic presence of Willie Rushton.
    I am not too sure if one has to be tuned into a sort of wavelength to appreciate the complete siliness and absurtity of most of the rounds, and also the presence of the 'sexy' Samantha, I certainly am. However, I lent my copy to a friend who simply could not understand the humour at all- never mind- it's his loss!
    If you are crackers (like me) get a copy.