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  1.  Please read this!


    With respect to all my fellow Play.com reviewers, any muse fan can tell you that this album is the best album ever!, and I'm (as a die hard muse fan) no exception! this is the best album ever but I will also tell you why. Out of all of muse's efforts some fans might agree that there 2003 release "absolution" is the best album muse will ever do. Although this may be true, it is true in the sense that Muse's punk influence have been used to its full potential in "absolution". "The resistance" is a brand new direction evolved from there 2006 release "black holes and revelations". Although "The Resistance" contains the recognisable classical structures mixed with good old rock and roll anthemic sounds, the album contains a uplifting yet melancholy sound, with lyrics inspiring rebellious antics towards today's political endeavours. Not to worry any fans of the old material, there are some fantastic punk/ rock and roll songs to please any Wembley audience, such as "Unnatural selection" and "MK Ultra", where as there usual attempts to break the top 10 charts exist with the radio friendly single "Uprising". The biggest stand out which has caused worry to some muse fans is the three part orchestra song curated and written by Matthew Bellamy. The song itself features little lyrics but shows that a great deal of thought and creativity have gone into this song and is well worth a listen. To finish, this album is a completely new direction to muse's sound and a fantastic listen from start to finish. Be prepared to listen to the most interesting and most powerful record Muse have made to date!! We as die hard Muse fans....can only hope for more from the tremendous trio.....Plug in baby!

  2.  A smeghead's opinion


    Red Dwarf, being the original and highly entertaining series it once was have come back in this full length dvd in an all new adventure. Speaking as a smeghead (die hard red dwarf fan) i was dissapointed with the direction the writers took in starting the fans on a later series, when it was clearly obvious to all the fans that a follow on episode from series 8's cliffhanger would have been greatly recieved.The "Blade Runner" references were a great let down and totally weakened the story, the only good things to say about this DVD is that the story had no intention to bring back old jokes to gain fan appreciation and in fact had quite a few laughs along the way. Also the 2 discs offer a great deal of features that would please any fan, so no change to the usual features they have shown on the previous dvds. So to finish, any fan of red dwarf will disappointed with the storyline chosen but with the laughs and special features available, it'll grow on you!

  3. Kezia


    Protest The Hero - CD

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     Move over Alice Cooper, Metal just got sexier!!!!


    Take the progressive direction of "Sikth" and "Rufio", The Writing integrity of "Glassjaw", The conceptual direction of "Coheed and Cambria" and the Vocal talents of "Everytime i die".............AND YOUR NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!. "Protest the hero" have created there own blend of metal/prog/punk/emo for a concept album worthy for the greats. There is absolutley NOTHING wrong with this album!!!!!!. With its sexy groves and different movements within each song, and its tendancy to be INCREDIBLY well produced, its safe to say that "Kezia" will provide any metal and emo lover's needs!!!!!!. "Kezia's" songs create a fantasticlly clear perspective of what is going on in the music industry today! with its styles mostly recognised in jazz, metal, and emo, done in a high tempo punk influence! THIS SHOULDNT WORK. BUT IT DOES, AND DOES WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Single "Heritics and killers" provides a kicking riff capable of letting yourself pick up a guitar and doing judo kicks while playing.

    While "The divine suicide of K" give a more classical interperative approach to the concept story. with a guest woman vocal making it an even more powerful and melodic integridy.


    Protest the hero are one of the most promising bands ive heard in a long time! They are going to be huge!!!!!

  4.  Another concept album.....but with a twist!


    The latest (and final for original drummer josh eppard) album for the conceptual quartet shows a more blues/rock/punk taste, which creates a more meloncholy album than the last (IKSSE:3). But the creative solos, time changes, metal chunk a dunks, queen-esuqe riffs/rythums and high picthced vocal lifts makes this one of the coolest albums you will ever buy for your collection.

    for those of you who follow the story, this is the fourth chapter of the C&C story, with a concept which "breaks the fourth wall" and focuses on two main characters (claudio from the story, and the "creator" of the story). This tale is a mixture of paralell worlds from fact to fiction (in the story sense) which makes this a more interesting pitch.

    So enjoy coheed fans enjoy!. The New album is yet to come!!!!!!!!

  5.  The Story continues............


    This is Coheed's second album released (and 3rd in the the conceptual chapter). The band have taken a slight turn in their writing for this second album for the story and the music since the release of there first release "second stage turbine blade". The band have created a more melancholy approcah to there writing which has surpassed the first album. The album contains longer songs with more changes and movements to match with the concept story. The title song for example, is a rock opera type song, creating more atmosphere when you listen. This album is a more conceptual album than the first, but its songs will still fufill any Coheed fan to the max with even more songs to listen to again and again!


  6.  A Low Brow album, made of Platinum!!!


    Fans of Coheed are very diverse with those who like the songs on the album, and those who love the story behind it. Thats right music lovers......C&C are a Concept band!!! and considering to buy there first album is the best way to start becoming a fan!. In thier concept term this first album is actually the 2nd chapter of the story called (clevererly) Coheed and cambria, but i will leave you to find out about the story, now on to the songs. The album itself delivers a very poor attempt in production and tightness in playing (im not saying theres mistakes in it, im saying theres no power in there playing). However this is justified through the powerful melodies and punk/rock/metal riffs that make this album a must have,and singer Claudio Sanchez's voice must be heard to be belived. First track "SSTB" is an introduction to the album story wise and is then led into "Time Consumer" which is a perfect example of what this band is all about. All songs off this album presses typical buttons of fans who enjoy music made for guitars (if that makes sense) but also those who love there emo filled drumbeats. What makes it unique for me is that this may be a concept album........but it also SOUNDS like a concept album!!!

    This album is now the re issue, featuring new bonus tracks and b-sides. this is simply a must have!

  7.  One of the greatest albums you will ever buy!!!


    Yes, it seems like only yesterday, when At the drive-in were becoming the biggest band ever, and realesing fantastic songs..... well that was the 90's baby!!! and Cedric and Omar have grown up. May I present to you the most grown up album you will ever listen to. "Frances the mute" is a Progressive concept album based on the diary scriptures of a dear friend of omar and Cedric who was the sound manipulator for "De-loused in the comotorium" (which the band have said that "frances" is not the sequel to the first album). He sadly passed away just after the first album was made and "frances the mute" is a terrific story based on a man trying to find the meaning to his family (to a basic scale). The songs themselves are also split up into musical movements (this is a true prog album) making the track list short, but the songs themselves very long. But dont let this discourage you, the album is full of entertaining music which will leave you spaced. "La Via' Viquez" is a perfect example, with the lyrics of the verse sung in Spanish (i think). The Album also has some guest players joining in on the prog rock magnificance such as RHCP's own Flea and John Frusciante. Trust me this is an album you must have, its by far the greatest album i have ever bought, and i urge you to listen for yourself.

  8.  Triple Filtered to become great!!!


    I have been a fan of yourcodenameis:milo since i first saw there first video (all roads to fault) on MTV2. This is there first album wihtout there original drummer paul, but with new "hardcore style" drummer Shaun Abbot. The band's new direction with linking to the mainstream is always a risky buisness with any band that has gone this long in the industry, but YCNI:M have had no problem, because this is a collection of songs you wont want to put in your "underground section". "They came from the sun" Is there best work by far, linking pop/alternative anthems to the traditional hardcore/punk style usually found in thier previous work ( All roads to fault EP, Ignoto). The ones to listen to, that'll get you going would definatley be single's "Im Impressed" and "Understand". But songs like "screaming Ground", "Evening" and "pacific theater" have great metal drum beats and guitar riffs that you just wouldnt find in a band of NME status. So enjoy this and then listen to the early work, these boys have worked too hard not to. Bravo!!!

  9.  A risky but successful treat!


    oooooo What a teeth drier of an album this was. With already two crictically acclaimed albums on the belt, biffy clyro thought it was time to write an album which merged the two albums together. Yes, thats right, forge the heavy anthemic sounds of "Blackend Sky" with the Punkified twangs of "The vertigo of bliss". Sounded Interesting at first, but risky when listened to, In this album Biffy had literally taken the sounds which made them great, and had given them a "Conceptual" feel to it. "Glitter and Truama" shows just that with its progressve rythums and outspoken lyrics. But luckily some songs bring it back to form such as second single "My recovery injection".

    Im not saying the album is a dissapointment, im saying its absolutley brilliant, but only for true biffy fans, first time listeners might not understand the concept of biff's genius which makes the album an aquired taste. If you want to start listening to them, listen to the first two. Otherwise, get ready for something risky, but tasty

    Mon the biff!

  10.  The Birth of Mon the Biffy!


    Any body who wants to be a fan of biffy clyro, had better start listening to this album. If I can describe what i feel when i listen to this album it would be this. It feels like music for the winter when the sky truns black when its only 5:30pm (hence the title). "Blackened Sky" Is one of the most beautiful debuts fom a band that ive heard in ages, creating fantastic chant out songs capbable of filling wembly arena (supporting My chemical romance there soon) such as "57","Justboy", and "27". But back then they were just a simple trio from Glasgow, Scotland. Check this album out and i swear you will be lifted!!

    Mon the biffy!