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  1.  Loving it.


    The special edition case is madness. Whirring blade, sound from the movie and comic were such great aditions to the movie. The voice on the case is nice and clear and loud, and after hours of my mates just pressing it over and over again, its still going strong. Only shame is when the battery runs out, how on earth am I supposed to replace them! Good buy, certainly worth the money.

  2.  Brilliant.


    Im one for fancy packaging and boxing and boxsets fullstop, and when I realised I had a fancy for the Saw films and saw this, I had to have it. The case and the Billy Puppet case are brilliant, top quality stuffs, and all four movies do not dissapoint. Only bad thing is Saw, with very few special features. The rest are superb.

  3.  Cant go wrong with this item!


    Exactly what it says on the tin, an excellent size, it's like eye-candy to any GhostBuster fan.

  4.  Get it for the DVD!


    If you're gonna buy a Coheed and Cambria album, go the extra mile and buy this, the DVD is a tasty little nugget of Coheed that I find myself watching every now and then. Music videos, making ofs, a studio based movie (With its bloopers) and interesting vignettes with edited tracks from the album over the top, it's a good little nugget of Coheed that just wont get old.

    Ideal for a Coheed and Cambria fan.

  5.  Cool stuff!


    Smaller then the sonic screwdriver torch, like a short ball point pen, I find myself taking this everywhere, and when I pop it out while rummeging through my pockets, having to explain "I swear! Its just a torch!", but it is actualy a brilliant toy, and if you ever need a small yet poweful for its size torch, this is it. Only downside is the switch. Its a bit flickery, pushing it all the way wont turn it on, but nothing bad but that.

  6. Manhunt



    1 New from  £26.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.98

     A new dimension on the horror genre.


    Turn of the lights, whack up the volume and make sure the door is closed, this is possibly the scariest game I've had my hands on. I can honestly say, this game shook me up at points. I found myself turning off the console and hiding it, it was that horrorfying. Everything you could want if you want to be scared: Dark alleys, jumpy bits, a sense of urgency and feeling like if you get caught, then youre in big trouble. Although scary, I still pop it on when I'm feeling daring.

    A must have for any horror fan.

  7.  Interesting.


    My friend showed me this, and I thought "This best be good."

    Oh it be good.

    Every rendition of the album In Keeping Secrets... are spot on and accurate. Obviously made with passion and not just done over night, this album sheds a new light on Co & Ca. Very enjoyable.

  8.  Worth Every Penny.


    The album itself is stunning, doing only what Coheed and Cambria would be able to do. From track one "The Reaping", I was hooked. All the way up to the final track, hardcore fans will notice nods and ties into all of the previous albums, such as lyrics like "Im the crowing" a familiar scream heard "Delirium Trigger" I do believe, I may be wrong, and mentioning of The Suffering. Fans of the concept behind the album will be stunned at where this album takes the story, but newcomers need not fear, Coheed and Cambria supply memorable rifts, brilliant lyrics and a voice only Claudio Sanchez (the vocals) could deliver. And anyone who wants a pure rock album, this is one of them. Not only did I find myself enjoying the Co & Ca'ness of it, but I found classic rock, something I had missed out in the past few years, and I like to rock!

    With the DVD, theres demos of previously released tracks, giving a brand new look and sound to the old favourties. A "making off" which gives you an insight into what went into this masterpiece, interview-intro with Claudio, and plenty more to delve into.
    So whether youre a hard core fan or just looking to rock, get in with Coheed and Cambria!

  9.  I loved it!


    I bought this on a whim, just wanting to bulk out my collection, and what a lucky whim it was. Took me several days of hardcore, late night gaming to complete this game 100%, and I'm still missing the odd secret here and there. Perfect for kids, not hard in the slightest, but challenging none the less.

    The mini games aswell had me chukling, like the "Mesal Gear Solid" game, where you play a monkey version of Solid Snake.

    I loved every minute of it.

  10.  Everything I expected.


    With the Metal Gear series, you can expect two things.
    Cunning stealth game play and a brilliant story to play along with. MGS3 doesnt dissapoint. Subsistence, the re-release of MGS3, is basicaly the same game, but with the new "player control" camera, which, in my opinion, gave me a brand new view of the game. Disc 2 gives us the network play, which was excellent until it was ceased, and 2 additional games, MSX2 ports of the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 : Solid Snake. Not having an MSX2 or these games in there original format, this gave me the chance to play the very first MGS games and find out all the back story aswell. Along with that, it still has the Boss Battle replay mode and an additional "Snake VS Monkey" which is Ape Escape meets Metal Gear. MUCH more challenging then Ape Escape itself, but fantastic none the less. On the third disc, we're finally treated to what I've been waiting for since Metal Gear Solid 1, every cut scene edited in a movie fashion. Over an hour of gameplay footage and cutscenes spliced together, giving the game ANOTHER new look. But the best thing I thought about this 3 disc bundle HAD to be the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer, which was the only source of said trailer back in the day of its first release.

    A MUST HAVE for any Metal Gear Solid fan. Oh, and the game case is thicker then an ordinary PS2 game case, and having it on your shelf next to the standard cases gives it a sort of "dominating" feel to it.