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  1. Treasure


    Cocteau Twins - CD

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     their 2nd finest album...


    if it had not been for the brilliance of Blue Bell Knoll, this album would easily be the Cocteau Twins' finest in my opinion.

    Musically this album retains the dark almost sinister elements of their early works while offering glimpses of the light at the end of the tunnel. Liz Fraser's voice also came to the fore. Previously i felt it was restrained, while on this album a Goddess was unleashed. Donimo is probably the best showcasing of it on this album - powerful, at times dark, but in the end explodes and emerges into the light. a prelude for what was to come on later albums. many of the other tracks contrast as well, some being more upbeat (Lorelei) while others were much more melancholic (Pandora). despite this contrast, the album somehow fits together beautifully.

  2.  their finest album...


    hand on heart, the opening title track made me weak at the knees and gave me butterflies in my tummy when i first heard it. pretty much everything else that follows doesnt disappoint. for me, this was the Cocteau Twins at their peak. Liz Fraser's vocals were marshalled perfectly by Robin Guthrie's majestic guitars and Simon Raymonde's bass.

    her lyrics still incomprehensible but that was always one of the best things about the Twins - the mystery, and this album occupies the perfect position between their early mystery and later-day radio-friendly indie pop. aside from the imperious title track, Cico Buff, Ella Megalast Burls Forever and The Itchy Glowbo Blow are exceptional, though as i said before, the whole of this album is beauty itself.

  3. Lifeblood


    Manic Street Preachers - CD

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     Under-rated album


    Alot of music magazines and fans (and at the moent, even the band themselves) slagged this album off. Ive no idea why, except that those writers are fools.

    Musically the album is beautiful and more melancholic than the albums before and after (Know Your Enemy and Send Away The Tigers) though this shouldnt be mistaken for 'despressing'. the songs on this album have FEELING, which i didnt feel KYE and SATT possess despite it being really polished.

    granted there are some stinkers on this album (Emily in particular, is clumsy and boring) but there are many standout tracks including A Song For Departure, Solitude Sometimes Is and 1985. This album is excellent. It's not the Manics' best (but i doubt they could ever top Everything Must Go and The Holy Bible) but definately worth getting, even if you're a casual listener.