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  1.  The best is back


    This is possibly Eminem's best album, certainly a requirement for any Eminem fan and further reaching than some of his earlier works. People who were not impressed with Relapse will be pleasantly surprised with the change evident in Recovery. Eminem shows he has the creativity, drive, passion and skill to prove that there really is no equal. The best rapper is back, listen and find out.

  2.  Time to get oiled up


    The SF games have always been amongst the titles I have played most over the years. SF4 released last year reignited the series in my opinion and I have enjoyed playing it ever since. SSF4 builds on what SF4 offered with more characters, bonus stages, better online play and tweaked characters. There is a character to suit any play style and online the game really does shine offering stiff competition. If you've been a long standing fan of the SF series but did not pick up SF4 then get this without question, if you own SF4 then do the same, there is enough new content to justify the purchase. The best fighting game series has truly returned to form, possibly the best SF game so far.

  3.  Pumpkin Patch


    The original Army Of Two was one of the first games I played on the PS3 it was a good game but not outstanding. AOT: The 40th Day builds on the first game and improves it in terms of weapon customisation, player interplay and most of all fun. I've not played this game in single player mode so can't comment on how the AI works with your computer controlled buddy. However playing with a friend online or split screen is a great experience which improves through out the games campaign. The game warrants investigation if you like arcade shooting, insane weapon choices and lots of explosive action. If you've played the first you are getting a refined version, if you are new and have a friend to play with then don't hesitate to pick this game up.

  4.  Zombie kill of the week


    An entertaining twist on the zombie genre, genuinely funny at times and the film keeps up a good pace throughout. Great zombie deaths and certainly worth watching again. Enjoyable entertainment, if you like a bit of blood, gore and comedy.

  5.  Oscar Mike


    This game needs little in the way of introduction, seeing as it has been all over the news in the last two days. The sequel to the seminal 2007 game, Infinity Ward have gone and created a spectacular sequel. I was a big fan of the original Modern Warfare and was looking forward to this the direct sequel. It does not disappoint. Initially the single player game felt like more of the same, just refined but after a few levels and getting back into the swing of it you realize how good the game is. So much action and it feels as though you have more freedom then the previous game. However multiplayer is superb, no problems with connection so the servers seem to be working from day one, new perks, new levels, it's just so addictive. If you are a fan of the pervious games, or just of FPS's then do not hesitate and pick this up, essential gaming unquestionably a five star game and worth every penny.

  6.  When did you start smoking?


    I'd not heard about this film but watched it recently, it has been highly acclaimed so wanted to see what the fuss was about. The story focuses on a strong subject matter which is conveyed meaningfully by the actors, all of whom do a good job portraying their given roles. There are a variety of extras on the DVD which are worth watching including a short film by the same director and also a good insight into the production and thought processes behind the film itself. Considered the best British film of 2006 - watch it and make your own judgment, certainly worth seeing and the price is great.

  7.  Room for all


    A very moving film that documents the real life story of troubles in Rwanda told from the perspective of someone who experienced it first hand. An emotional and thought provoking film that deserved all the accolades it received. A must see for all.

  8.  David?


    If you enjoy the comedic style of Gervais then this is well worth a watch, in my opinion not as funny as The Office or his stand up, but still good. The premise for the film is simple enough but the roles are delivered well enough, an easy watching romantic comedy set in New York. The Blu-ray quality isn't bad, however I would say pick it up on DVD for the price or rent it first. Hopefully Gervais will star in a few more feature length films, as this is a good start.

  9.  Sing but no dance


    I was initially unsure whether to watch this after I heard it was a musical, the idea I have to say put me off. However I got around to watching it and thoroughly enjoyed it. The direction is nice and there is a good sense of atmosphere and dark comedy within the film. All the actors do their roles justice. It's certainly worth renting or picking up at this price. Suprised and pleasantly so.

  10.  Jumping where....


    I'd heard very mixed reviews about this film, I have to say though that it was not as bad as I thought it may end up being. It is easy watching, with reasonable characters and fairly action packed. The story has clearly been set up for a sequel, which if a bit more time is spent on the script and character development could be an interesting film. Not bad and not great, an above average film that has an interesting concept, which just needs to be developed. Worth a wtch at least once if you enjoy action films.