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  1.  Grossly Inferior to MW1


    Well, i was so looking forward to this game, even though i bought MW1 only a few months ago. And unfortunately, i have been sorely disappointed. Try to imagin MW1, but with less options. There you go. You have it.

    Lets get the positives out of the way first- lovely graphics, great gameplay, more weapons. That's it.

    Now the negatives:

    I bought the game at 6pm a few evenings ago, and had completed the campaign long before 10pm. Granted, on easy level, but it just shows that Activision and co. have quite simply ignored the concerns of consumers by actually SHORTENING the single player campaign.

    And now for the main event- Multiplayer. In an absolutely shocking and mind-boggling turn of events, Activision and Co. have REMOVED dedicated servers. That's right- no choosing which server you want to play on, no customising rules, no lovingly made player content and- worst of all- LIMITED TO 9vs9 online. Say goodbye to those lovely 20vs20 battles.

    Save your money people, they are charging much more for much much less. And seemingly getting away with it. If you are a real FPS Multiplayer lover like myself, then avoid this game like the rotting plague it is. It is grossly inferior to MW1 in almost every perceivable way.

    Please do not waste your money like i have...

  2.  Faithful, butToo Many bugs, bias RNG, many known issues


    Yet i still give this game a 3/5, Simply because it has been very faithfully transported from table top to PC. It is basically an exact replica of the board game, which is fantastic. There are many online leagues to play also, which should keep you happy for ages. The graphics look good, as do the animations, and gameplay is excellent.

    However, there are many Skills which still have huge bugs in them and simply do not work as intended (or at all for that matter), online play is very hit and miss as far as server connection is concerned, and there is certainly a bias in the random number generator that, no matter how many people confirm in the forums, Cyanide simply will not admit to.

    Furthermore, Cyanide have been very slow to react to the vast plethora of bugs, glitches and the like that this game still has (and that have been reported by players). It feels like a pre-beta version, rather than the final release. The screen is unecessarily cluttered, and the user interface is very clunky.

    I honestly believe that, in time, Cyanide will fix these problems, but £30 is simply too much for what is clearly an unfinished game.

    Hopefully, future patches will alleviate these issues, but if Cyanide don't do something to reassure the players, it may be too late by then...

  3.  They're just not trying now...


    As a long-time lover of the Worms franchise, i am saddened to say that this one simply doesnt make the grade. It seems very clear that this was a "rush-job", with many glaring omissions from successful previous worms titles.

    There was such opportunity to make this game truly magnificent, but have been wasted either due to a lack of budget, or a lack of will. Either way, the disappointingly limited scope of this version has dashed my confidence in the future of Worms. If we take Worms 2 (probably the best in the series) as a benchmark for customisation and choice, then we can really see where A space oddity has failed. Fewer weapons, less choice, less scope etc.

    Good for a few hours, i'll admit, but after that you'll be reaching for the TV remote control. I'm afraid the developers are going to have to try a little harder next time, for the sake of their future...