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  1.  Poor excuse for a game.


    What were the developers thinking. This is such a let down for Ubisoft! In sum, there are three key flaws

    One, you will spend most of your time collecting electrical fuses in order to solve 2-D onscreen puzzles, hmmmm fun!

    Two, the environment is linear and has invisible barriers everywhere. It feels like you are on a mock island set.

    Three, the characters are almost robotic and with poor imitation of voiceovers (Kate and Charlie in particular). You feel NOT the tiny bit immersed in the storyline. You just want to get it over and done with!

    To be fair, the graphics are good and the game is set into episodes much like the television show. This is the only thing going for it (hence 2 stars).

    Rent if only a super hardcore fan, and even then if you are honest you will find yoursef saying ' this is painfully tedious'. On par, with Pop Idol - The Video Game.

  2.  Awful, they havve ruined Red Dward, for ever more.




    This is awful beyond belief. They have ruined Red Dwarf for ever.

    I am a die hard fan. When watching this, not once did i laugh. This is utter trash!

    Its runied for ever. Stay away! Stay Away!

  3.  Oh dear, here we go again!


    An good attempt to complete the trilogy? No. More like a cheap cut and run attempt to cash in at the box office. There are too many faults with this film. Firstly, no Racheal Wise. She is replaced by another dappy actress. , who cannot deliver her lines without making you cringe and fall back into your seat. The director must realise that an adventure film relies on the characters at hand. You cannot simply replace a main character and hope the third installment fits smoothly with the previous two films. Secondly, the film is unemotional. You could not care less what happens to the actors in screen. Thirdly, too many catchphrases! Making it one big joke! The only up side is the action. Which lets face it with a multi million funded blockbuster, you should expect! But everything else is shocking. Can someone tell me why Alex (the kid) in the film is now American, despite having a clear cut english accent? One word. Dissapointing!

  4.  A honest greatest hits


    Over the last 10 years, 6 studio albums and now a greatest hits. A good timing aswell! This album is for peeps who are not die hard stereophonics fans, but have heard of stereophonics on the radio, such as (1) Dakota (2) Have a Nice Day (3) Mr Writer (4) Local Boy in A Photograph, and thought 'yeah i like some stereophonics songs, but want to hear more' or hear them again.

    I cannot stress enough that this band has so much more to offer. Have a listen to the greatest hits. If you like. Then buy Word Gets Around. Below are their five previous ablums, rated best to least best.

    1. Word Gets Around (Debut)
    2. Performance and Cocktails (2nd released ablum)
    3. Sex, Violence, Language, Other (5th released ablum)
    4. Just Enought Education to Perform (3rd released ablum)
    5. You gotta go there to come back (4th released ablum)
    6. Pull the Pin (6th released album)

  5.  4 singles and some filler


    Everyone has heard Human. Most think 'yeah good track' like the new sound, good beat, yeah i like this'. I might go and buy the album. Other top tracks include (1) Spaceman (2) Losing Touch (3) This is your life. (4) World that we live in. All having the potential to be big singles. But there are just too many wishy washy tracks (such as neon tiger, I can't stay). Dont get me wrong. Good tracks, but they do not flow with the rest of the ablum. This makes the ablum feel like 10 separate tracks that fail to merge together. Thus destroying the purpose of a good concept driven record

  6.  A television moive


    A television movie, what do you mean? Well, its sunday night trash. A naff film really. It just not funny. Especially compared to other Steve Carrel films. The script is weak and it has moments where you feel embarrassed for the actor and director. The family fun chemistry just does not work.

  7.  Best Tracks in Order


    Best Tracks in order.

    Viva la Vida
    Strawberry Swing
    Death and All His Friends
    Lovers in Japan/Regin of Love
    Violet Hill
    Life in Technicolour
    Cemetries of London.

    What do other people think?

    Good album. Perhaps over produced. Love the raw sounding live coldplay, not the stadium feel ballard ringing sound.

  8.  An average yawn


    This film could not get more average. The word 'alright' is a good summary. I am certain this film will be sold as £2.99 within a year. Why? A wishy washy story line, that is quite franky boaring. Jumper is pretending to be an exciting epic blockbuster.

  9.  Cloverfield


    Marmite. You either love it or hate it. This is what Cloverfield is all about. Ok, there is basically no plot and character development, nevertheless it has you gripped to your seat; taking you on a rollercoater ride. The camera angles and style induces the 'viewer' to actively participate with the adventure on screen. A feeling of excitment and realistic involvement. But, for the chemistry to work it must be watched on a big screen with surround sound. Interesting and fresh!

  10.  Awful Film, i really mean awful


    After 45 mintues of watching this film, i turned the television off. Apart from a few average, somewhat cool action scences, there is little substance left. The actor who played Hitman was a joke. His baby face couldn't save this film. This has to be the worst video game adaptation to movie yet.