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  1.  Love it!


    I love my little Breo watch. It's comfortable (especially for sport activities), and weighs nothing. Unfortunately the strap snapped on me about 3 months after purchase, and the same happened to my friend's too. Luckily Play were great, they exchanged it straight away and even refunded postage costs. If it breaks again, will continue to exchange it until the warranty expires, then spend another seven pounds :)

  2.  Excellent


    I saw these being sold on a plane for 10, but in Greece, they had all the cheap copies. I bought one for 3.50 but it's tight on the wrist (I have a small wrist as well), so bought the white one from play.com. It's great because there's no weight to it at all and doesn't catch the hairs on your arm as a lot of watches do. You don't feel restricted and it's very good for wearing when playing sports.

    It's going to become really popular, due to unique design and low cost. The Breo is the way forward!

  3.  Spot on


    Was a little apprehensive of buying this in case it messed up, like a lot of reviews said it was easy to do due to the exact dimension of the shield being proportional to the iPOD.

    To my surprise, it was really easy to fit (5 mins) looks great as it's shiny and unit is completely protected 100%. Best tip is use loads of solution, ensuring all corners are covered in liquid. Really good value but think it may need to be replaced every few months due dust in the corners.

  4.  Amazing!


    This arrived within 24 hours - It is so much better than the Belkin FM transmitter as no crackling sound and bass is rich. No fiddling around with presets and wires. Generally a much better product and a lot cheaper than other transmitters.

  5.  Unique


    Nice box with lots of bells & whistles . AMD processor lets this bad boy down but won't be an issue unless you're into your graphics or serious gaming. Get an extra 1GB RAM to speed it up and look for the extended raised battery, which will double battery life.

  6.  Best iPAQ so far....


    3G, WiFi & Bluetooth functions are spot on, but no use as a navigation system. Great as a "rich man's play toy" or to impress colleagues. Feels great and weight isn't an issue at all. Bad points are battery life (2 days max), and screen gets realyl dirty so screen protector is a must if you're spending £350 on a phone.

  7.  80% there....


    Got this to replace my previous one and the attraction was the cigar lighter power option & LCD screen. Performance is average (output-wise), and quality is excellent