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  1.  The best - worst film you'll ever buy !


    Without doubt the funniest film ever made without it being a comedy...right from the off with the GREAT Roger Moore in a red and white bobble hat , to his seething scowl at the mere sight of a women...FANTASTIC ! He's tried so hard to show his acting range by playing a character so far from Bond , but fails miserably...Bad acting all round ,cheesey dialog , cliche after cliche.. its simply BRILLIANT ! 5 stars for all the wrong reasons. This is a film you must watch before you die..and WHAT a pose on the front cover..go on its only a fiver...I LOVE IT

  2.  This is the one too !


    I dont understand why this sequel got such a panning from the critics...I thoroughly enjoyed it and its the one out of the three I watch the most...I know it doesnt have the depth of the first and that that was more original but for entertainment (with the exception of the cave rave) its the better of the three

  3.  Game over man...Game over !


    The colour saturation of all the primary colours in this film was just a huge strain to put up with for two hours and Fincher tends to do this alot to his films..Se7en for example (which was good by the way) but this film was bad from the off....over the top English accents complete with unnecessary use of swearing....now I dont object to swearing in a movie but this was sounding like a belligerent ten year old had written it ...All this is before I mention the shoddy effects and bad acting and gapping holes in the story line...at least Fincher redeemed himself later on with Se7en and the excellent Fight club.

  4.  Hey....John boy !


    The fact that Alan Rickman stealing the whole show and that its full of superb characters such as agent Johnson ...(the other one)...Ellis (brilliant worm of a man) and Dwane Robertson (Baffoon of a cop) makes this one of the most enjoyable action movies around.This has been copied to death by others but this hit the nail on the head...sure the dialog's a little cheesey and the action over the top but still the best around.

  5.  "Its not the years...its the milage !"


    This film just dosent get old...still looks good and far the best out of the three sequels that followed...wasnt so keen on Temple of doom and although I really liked The Last Crusade it was ruined by it looking like most of it had been filmed in a TV studio with cheap sets...as for the newest adition to the Jones saga ......the less said the better !

  6. Jaws



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     Here's to swimmin with bow legged women !


    This is Spielberg's finest film to date...Raiders of the lost Ark coming a very close second...I hear people moan about the shark looking fake but you dont really see it till the end of the film and it was 1975 so special effects wern't exactly what there are today which some people forget , although it could have done without the shark leaping out of the water on to the boat which did look bad but aside that ten second blip in the film its just an awsome bit of film making and is a joy to watch 33 years on.

  7.  Did you FUN my wife !


    Dont usually like ganster films but this is just sheer class from start to end. Top notch acting all round , great soundtrack and beautifuly directed by Scorseses which is undoubtedly his best work....tried to recapture this again with Casino which is not bad by any means just not in the same class.

  8.  Why isn't there a prequel ?


    This is what you get when a director is at his best....unfortunately Mr Carpenter hasn't done anything good since I'm sorry to say , but this is just AWSOME...great cast , great script and memorable (pre CGI) specical effects that would put some modern films to shame.
    This is a must for any sci-fi / Horror fans out there....its a shame that they didnt do a prequel about what happened to the Norwigian camp but only if Carpenter was to do it and regain some much needed credability.

  9.  Cameron does it again !


    This is one of those rare times that a sequel is better than the original ...a bit like Aliens which just also happens to be written and directed by Cameron ....this was (at the time) the most expensive movie of all time and it shows and still holds up pretty well after 17 years....God has it really been that long !

  10. Leon



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     Pure Quality !


    This is just brilliant...one of the finest thrillers you'll ever see and has one of the greatest actors alive today...Gary Oldman...say no more !