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  1.  Not worth it


    When I saw this game was coming out I thought woh its set in Dubai that's cool, but sadly its not as cool as you may think.

    Yes visually they have made Spec Ops: The Line look awesome with the detail of the landmarks for example the Burj Al Arab and the Arabic markets. Also the sand blowing across the ground and every ripple is pretty cool.

    Spec Ops :The Line can be fun in places as instead of wasting bullets killing people you can shoot out ceilings and windows, then just sit back and watch as the sand does the work for you this is especially handy when there is 5 or more combatants.

    The problem I find is based within the combat system, your team the computer (AI) get in your way allot so you end up getting blown up or when they do get out of the way shot before you can even pull the trigger, they stand in the middle of a fire fight and get downed and start dying, you then have a time limit to save them or the game is over (This is Especially difficult when both men are down,cos you cant give the order for the other guy to help) the problem is as soon as you go and help them you get shot and the games over, also they take cover where is easy to get shot. Thats not where the problems end though, the cover system is rubbish for example if you want to get nearer to an enemy without being shot you cant without legging it you cant go from cover to cover like Ghost Recon: Future Soldier or Gears of War and your so called team mates dont even cover you.

    Also the aiming system can get annoying as it not that well designed but thats just a little niggle and once your used to the aiming system its not that bad.

    If you do get this game though just to warn you if you play Spec Ops: The Line on the hardest levels they enemy seam to have an endless supply of grenades and start lobbing them at you which in turn makes you start swearing at the TV as your about to complete the level then you get a grenade on the head.

    Not worth the price if you ask me wait for it to be in the sale or for my pre-owned copy.

    I have not had ago on the multiplayer

  2.  The only way is the Battlefield way


    Ok so I admit the only FPS I ever brought was COD this title never even entered the edges of my radar how foolish and ignorant have I been.
    The single player is AWESOME blowing stuff up is what every guy has ever wanted to do and I find adds to the effectiveness of battle also you cant do what you do in COD and just spray people with bullets because you will find out the hard way that you need a new gun.
    And in Battlefield it wont automatically lock on to a target you need skill in the way you point your gun.
    The Battlefield is bigger and you can do more of what you want to reach your destination unlike COD where youre a bit limited in what you can do.
    I also found the cut scenes shorter than COD because you do start shouting at the TV because youre getting bored with the scene ok cinematically there great but way too long.
    Battlefield cut scenes are shorter and the dialogue from your team during battle and on the way to the next checkpoint is pretty funny.
    I have not played much on line but what I have played is found to be much smoother and less annoying. With COD you re-spawn in the middle of someones line of fire or on top of a grenade.
    Last of all I will say with COD you are just buying a label like a piece of clothing (e.g Gap) but this does not mean its better Battlefield might not be known as much as COD but its better. I traded my copy of black ops in. The only way is the Battlefield way.
    Buy now before Battlefield 3 comes out.

  3.  -B IN AN A* WORLD


    As a lover of FPS games I was really looking forward to this game, but I found myself disappointed. I really liked the other MOH games but I found this version was a COD wannabe as they tried to update the franchise by getting out of the World War II genre like COD and make it a modern war fair game but it failed.
    I think maybe the designers and programmers had something else on their mind as they have not done as well as they have on previous games. Buying the game Friday afternoon I started playing MOH campaign at 8.00 and finished it in a few hours and this was on hard (which is actually easy) for people who play FPS games a lot and its meant to be veteran difficult (Try playing COD veteran I guarantee you will die 90% of the time). Also for me the graphics not great it looked a little childish and rushed which is a shame because it did have a glint of something special for example the opening level.
    Even through all of these negatives I have found positives the fact that you have to fight the Taliban is new up-to-date and appropriate for this time. Also I liked the fact that you can hide behind a wall line up and then shoot the bad guy in the hea, seeing blood pool around the body and also blowing body parts off on the sniper levels is a nice little detail.
    I enjoyed the Tier 1 levels their just the same as the single campaign but as your timed it makes MOH a challenge and awesome kills will pause the clock.
    I have not played the multiplayer games yet but hope its more of a challenge than single player. I think you should save your money and wait for COD BLACK OPS release 9-11-10

  4.  Dont buy


    I got this game thinking it will be a great game but I was disappointed when I first played but I kept on playing see if would get any better but it didn't the controls are rubbish the plot could be better even the graphics are crap this game is just one big disappointment. Save your money and get something better which won't be that hard.

  5.  Bourne has done it again


    Bourne has done it again. The first two films were amazing but this has blown them both out of the water. Not many films get me back to the cinema I tell you, but this one has to be seen twice as its one big, edge of the seat nail biting adrenaline rush.

    A must for you DVD collection.