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  1.  This series could seriously harm your health


    This is probably one of the funniest comedy shows ever made, I think you could probably die laughing watching this, so be warned. Hope they make another series.

  2.  Incredible story telling


    I was very impressed with all the areas of this film from the incredible cinematography to the subtle directing and acting. it's made in the old school style and is all the better for it. I thought that these type of films could not be made again, Script, Characters, and good acting by all. I highly recommend this film to all, you will certainly want to watch it again and again.

  3.  Stunning


    Stunning Film, Stunning Quality, thank goodness for Blu-ray a film to enjoy again and again.

  4.  Will this great film be released in 3D for 3DTV


    Will this great film be released in 3D ?, if not why not., This film was converted to digital 3D for the many Real-D cinemas at your local showcase and cineworld, I get sick of buying all the Collectors editions, Special Editions, Ultimate Editions, with the size of a Blue-Ray disk, can't they just realease everything at once, Off course i know it's a great way to rip of loyal fans of the movie, but when will we all start to complain about this practice.

  5.  Film at it's best


    You just have to watch this incredible film if you love movies, this is consistantly in the top lists of best films of all time.

  6.  Wow, this is great in 3D


    I must say that this was truely a wonderfull expieriance on my Samsung 3D TV, like going on a journey to the oceans of the world and feeling you were there, some memorable 3D moments with masses of fish and corel, all types of sharkes,manta ray's turtles, etc. it also has a very nice script and good voice over, but i did not like the English actor using American words, seemed odd him saying words like cool, dude, etc, I am a stereographer in feature films and the 3D here is rather excessive at times, and to be fair this is normal for Imax films, but on the whole it worked out very well as fish float very well in 3D space and so is acceptable with only 2 or 3 shots that ghosted. This film was originally filmed in 3d and is not a 2D to 3D conversion.

  7.  Where's the 3D Version ?


    Where's the 3D Version for 3D ready TV's, there really is no need to release the 2D version first, this seems to be another marketing ploy to get us to buy 2 Blu-rays, if the studio release it in 3D and you don't yet have a 3d ready tv then it will just default to 2D, but the great thing is that when your ready to invest in a shinny new 3D TV then you are already covered to watch it in 3D. sadly with this 2D disk we don't have that option.

  8.  Fantastic in every way


    This is just a Fantastic in every way piece of british cinema, I only wish it was available on Blu-ray as it is a visual treat

  9.  Wow


    This has got to be the best TV I have ever seen, plus it has wonderful 3D, wow, a blu-ray 3D film looks just as good as going to the cinema, the best purchase ever. I for one will buy every 3d disk that comes out for this system, 100 times better than old red and blue style 3D.

  10.  At Last


    At Last the greatest american comedy performance on Series 1 DVD, i can't wait, an absolute classic series. please release the rest