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  1.  Single shot - hard


    First Nerf gun as an xmas present, so cannot compare. Was wishing for the 6 shooter with darts. This however has discs - which you can only load one at a time. They're very easy to load. The discs have a rubberised rim, but the centre is plastic; you could do some real damage to eyes with it, so think how carried away your kids could get. Its accurate along a 22ft room, and fires at reasonable high velocity, making great fun for shooting the rest of your toys off the table. Plus side, it doesnt require batteries. There are 3 discs with each gun; and refills on here are cheap.

  2.  100% cotton, nice fit


    This is a Gildan Soft Style, ring spun T-shirt. There are no side seams, so nice & comfy. I can confirm that it is also 100 percent cotton. I'm about a 42 chest and the Medium fits snugly. It is NOT a thick Tshirt, and thus great for summer, so therefore slightly seethrough - but not in a nasty cheap way. But don't expect it to be a thick Chunk tee. This tee says it is Penuts copyright, and Celebrates 60 Years of Penuts - sweet.

  3.  A Top 80's Family Movie


    Spielberg produced an enthralling rollercoaster family movie. Somehow, maybe nostalgia, the more modern films dont seem to compete when it comes to true family adventure. The film has good pace.

    It surprised me to realise this old family movie actually has one expletive word that repeats often. As a parent you may want to consider if you find this acceptable before letting you kids watch.

    As for the Bluray version, what are the benefits? I personally picked this up cheap, but the price seems to fluctuate. If you have the DVD I see no point in buying this. The sounds, as many older blurays, are enhanced but seem to bassy, even on my Sony amp with the bass turned right down. The picture is certainly better than VHS, and a touch better than DVD - noting an good upscaler cannot fix.

    The picture is good considering its age, you need to ignore some of the other reviews here, taking anything off film and onto digital (HD) requires conversion, and remember this conversion is actually downscaling the quality off film. The proof in the pudding is: a) how well is the conversion done, b) how good was the original recording, c) how well has the physical film aged. As I grew up watching 80s movies and their grainy affect, it doesnt bother me, but the younger generation might complain. I find it common the older 80s movies look less sharp than more recent stuff ,, this is probably due to age of the physical film (has it been played 100 times for TV) and it was very common for 80s movies to have the added Soften Touch, obviously you cannot completely remove this effect ,, so accept it for what it is and enjoy. Its not that bad, for instance at the start of the movie you can really see the sweat beads on the lads head as he exercises - you would never have seen this on a VHS through your CRT.

    The overall movie is brilliant, great story line and endless fun to the end. A Must See movie, certainly in my top 5 family movies to watch.

    Film: 5/5
    BD over DVD: 2/5

  4.  Bug software


    Normally I would tend to buy Sony brand peripheral kit but for headsets I am not convinced. Before going into a Sony software/hardware problem.. I will surmise the regular pros and cons of this kit.

    Firstly the headset maybe uncomfortable for some people. the arm piece loops over your ear and the ear piece sits within your ear .. which is quite large. But it is not like bud headphones that go into the canal.. this headset sits in the outer ear cup.

    The pairing is easy .. you connect via the hidden top slot. But for charging you must use the cradle .. this can be problematic. The cradle is lightweight and the charging cable is very short and therefore if there is a kink in your cable then the cradle tends to tip over. The battery life is fairly short for this wireless kit and thus you need to charge often.

    On the plus side the headset is functional. although you get a bit of background noise picked up on your mic.. you can hear others clearly. You can adjust the volume on the set and also choose to Mute.

    The biggest fault is Sonys inability to pair up its own systems. there was a known fault with the Slim machines having fault with the wireless settings and a patch was brought out. This has not solved my problem on my old 40gb version, and thus it leaves me at times whereby my controllers only work with SUB plugged in .. this only gave fault when I paired up the Headset. Ive since returned the headset and now get no problems. Back to a wired headset for me.

    Sound clarity 5/5
    Comfort 2/5
    Feedback noise 4/5
    Wireless connection and clarity 4/5
    Battery life 4/5 (but a pain)

  5.  Great all round FPS but Bad Hosting


    Highly anticipated after huge success with the first Modern Warfare game (COD4) the game therefore has a lot of high expectation to live up to. For the uninitiated this is a First Person Shooter that strives to bring realism with a touch of adventure. This instalment you will notice a strong story line. Rather than a roam free affair like Fallout or Bioshock you will find this is a linear short mission based tactic game. I say tactic but in reality you run and gun.

    The second instalment of the MW series certainly seems to improve in every area. First off the story seems good and the missions are varied with a great array of different locations and map styles. Truly brilliant. There are also nice cut scenes and some very linear mini story parts that you need to run through. But that is not all as you also get a spec ops side set of missions. These tend to be short objective missions whereby you tend to fend off waves of enemies. The huge bonus is that you can play cooperatively with a friend on split screen or even better with a mate over the PSN online.

    The sounds are more than sufficient whereby helicopters circling you will envelop you with awe as it pumps through your 5.1 surround sound system. The graphics are an improvement on what was thought good in the first game. Although I must say that COD4 was merely on par with graphics in the best ps2 games. MW2 however is excellent in the graphics department.

    There is a large array or weapons based on the real thing. The variety is matched with a good variety of characteristic of weapon fire. So choose a sub machine gun and you will find it is good at close quarters but then swap to an assault and it will do for longer range.

    The gameplay is fairly smooth and works just fine in Story mode. There maybe moments when you wonder why you cannot climb a certain low wall. The controls will feel second nature to previous FPS gamers.

    That is about half of the game. Many people like me bought it (on release) for the massive online experience. The ideas behind this part of the game are excellent and should make this game a keeper. Unfortunately if you find you have poor internet or you are put in game with a stranger with poor connection then all of you tend to suffer from lag. The game becomes unplayable at this point. It mainly boils down to the fact that the game relies upon a Game Host. This being whereby a player hosts a game. But if he has poor connection then most of you will suffer. On the plus side . if that player quits in mid game then it will find a new host and then continue .. unlike the old COD4 version whereby it ended the entire match.

    The maps are great with a good amount of variety .. and you can now buy added map packs. There are many game modes too.. not just Team Death Match. You unlock better perks and weapons as you gain experience points.

    Unfortunately as it is so popular you will find it is played by all sorts of people. Be aware it is an 18 cert and people do use mics for adult banter. But if you get fed up of these people and the lag you can always choose to play a private game with your mates and this will circumnavigate all those issues. If you are having difficulty in learning the game there are lots of websites that give tips and hints. The online is brilliant once you get past the lag issues.

    Graphics 5/5
    Sound 5/5
    Gameplay 5/5
    Story 4/5
    Online 3/5 (5/5 when not laggy)
    Overall 4.5/5

  6.  Robust


    This is the exact same remote they give you when you get Sky Plus. The remotes tend to be very robust and last a long time. Bear in mind that the one off Digitaldirect is a Revision 8 series - you can check on the inside cover - this is important to know when you come to programme the Volume to your TV.

  7.  A captivating experience, even for the non comic fans.


    This is another third person beat-em-up; or is it? Personally I'm not a fan of third person, except GTA series; never had the urge to swing from building to building via my web. However, I am a lover of anything dark, and this Batman game certainly is dark in colour. The graphics really are on par with most other things out there at the moment, excluding Assassins Creed - the next level up. Equally the sounds are good, especially pumping through your 5.1 surround.

    Whats it like to play? Pretty good; its not the usual button bashing beat-em-up, as this requires a tiny bit of skill; you'll have to know when to counter/block etc. And although Batman has an array of gadgets, he certainly doesn't go packing a shotgun. Possibly a weak feature, you cannot pick up weapons dropped by the bad guys, but what it does mean, is that you're encouraged to use your array of brilliant techniques for taking those badmen down.

    The combat feature is a bit of a lure. You may have heard people playing this game online; you cannot pit against each other, but what you can do is post your best scores in the arcade type section of the disc. Here you can either beat up bad guys in great numbers, while accumulating massive scores of hits, or you can take on stealth missions for more take downs. For the PS3 you also get to play as joker.

    During the game, in story, life is made much easier with your Batman x-ray vision. At any time in the game you can switch to this alternative vision, thus allowing you to find hidden parts of the game, or to highlight dangers. Personally I found I had it on too often whilst looking for the bad guys and hidden walls; therefore meaning I was missing out on the nice graphics and textures. A clever gimmick.

    Back onto the story, its certainly not a bad story line; what do you expect from a beat em up. All we need is a reason to go head smashing. And yes, be warned for the very young, there are a few broken necks in this game, with realistic crunching sounds to match.

    The controls are typical third person and easy to use. Not sure if you can customize. What can be said is that luckily you can set the brightness setting, without twiddling your TV settings.

    The game eases you into the controls with some easy walkthrough steps, while in game, with on screen prompts - so no boring pre-game lessons thankfully. There are three difficulty settings, all of which doable for the average gamer.

    You couldn't call this game linear, as you can roam wherever you feel like. But once in a while you'll come to a Big Boss part of the game. Otherwise you can roam; this is advantageous as you'll want to go back to old areas of the map to find hidden parts - yes the added part of the game - a side story if you like - is you find hidden riddles set by The Riddler. This is a bit like finding those hidden easter eggs in GTA; but the riddles are more fun.

    Find a riddle and you're rewarded with some Batman facts; ideal for the comic geek in you.

    The game is simple to play. And with its continuous rolling theme, I constantly wanted to unlock more of the map and story, until I soon finished it. Hence this game truly is captivating, as I rarely bother to complete a game within a week.

    Once the story is done and riddles found, that's pretty much it; hence everyone wants the next game out already - hinting for a Gotham location this time. Yes there is a combat added game feature, allowing you to post online scores - but that gets old quick. Look out in your pre-owned section for a bargin, as its got little re-play value.

  8.  Yes - buy Sony


    I'd always buy Sony when considering controllers; I've been burnt with 'other brands' on the PS2. Its different when it comes to other peripherals, like rumble packs on an N64 or an adaptor for the PS3 from PS2 as they can work well; but controllers matter.

    They matter because the Sony controller is so well made. Its durable, the buttons are progressively sensitive. They re-charge and hold charge well. Its not too heavy. Doesn't feel cheap. Also bear in mind it has the tilt axis, a very neat feature (mirroring the very old Micro PC stuff).

    Its a great buy at this price, 25, as a backup controller. Personally I prefer the vibration/shock version for ten pound more - hence 4 star. Does not include cable from memory.

  9.  YES - Only buy original


    I've bought 'other brands' before for the likes of the N64 and PS2; most peripherals work fine - say rumble pack for the N64 or memory cards. However I learnt a valuable lesson, controllers must be original - always buy SONY. The buttons work perfectly, etc, and any complaint with function would be sorted Im sure.

    The build quality of the Sony controller is great; people say its more rugged and durable than the original non-vibration version, Im might slightly agree to this. It certainly feels solid; but the weight difference is minimal - not heavy.

    It may feel clunky and seem to have more battery life compared to my old original controller, but lets face it, its well worn and all batteries suffer memory-loss. Im expecting this one to last at least 2 or 3 years with hard frequent use (daily).

    Is it worth ten pound more than the non-vibration sixaxis? Not if this is to be a spare controller; but yes if you're going to play often - it brings many games alive; driving games etc. I can vouch that it works well with Killzone 2. At 35 pound its good value IMO.

    Be warned that this is the controller only - no USB cable. (cables are cheap and common).

  10.  Good value and small


    This is a smart looking device and good value for money. As the specification says, it works with most things; it also illuminates when in use.

    The rubber case helps avoid damage, but lid is easily lost. Also, whilst the keyring fob works well and less likely to break, its only part of the sheeth from memory and therefore your USB can slip out of the rubber (from memory), so ensure its securely in.