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  1.  How can you top The Blackening?!


    I love this album, it definitely had more hooks and melodys and progressions in some areas than in previous machine head releases. Robbs singing is still amazing and the quality of the album and the band never ceases to amaze. I did like the package as well as it really gives fans a good treat. well done machine head cant wait to see you guys on tour!!!

  2.  Brilliant!


    I am a huge batman fan and will say that this will not dissapoint anyone. For people who are not so much as fans but admirerers of the character it is a well written and well thorough third person adventure with lots of fighty bits too :) this is a very entertaining treat that will be enjoyed by many.

  3.  5 for a great package


    Well worth the money for this amazing live cd/dvd a really good deal i say. A must for any fan of the trance metallers!

  4.  5 for a timeless classic


    Such a good price for three classic games. Good story. Good use of character interaction and quests. Basically everything a great RPG needs. The quests do annoy me sometimes and the timeframe aswell but hey nothings perfect. A ruddy good use of free time.

  5.  Welcome back metallica!!!!! take back the throne of metal!!!


    I can quite honestly say that i liked st.anger apart from its awful sound quality, to me it just sounded real original and organic. Anyway to the point its been 5 long years waiting for this masterpiece. The first time i put it in my cd player i was completely blown away how they have returned to form. There are no dissapointments on this album!!!!!!! If you love metallica this has to be in your collection!!!!! Now!!!!

  6.  Captured the essence of post-grunge


    This CD was realeased in 96' and it captured the essence of post grunge so well. Most of the songs are pretty heavy with song melodies. Great guitar work on "where", "sea groove","little friend" and "just four". This was before nickelback branched out into the pop rock genre. Most of it sounds live recorded so if you like great rock music with a raw sound you will love this!. A good listen.

  7.  A great direction the band has gone to


    I watched the making of this and i could not wait to purchase the album, every track is memorable. M shadows voice is better than ever and my god the solos from synister still split your skull in two. The guys experimented really well on this album creating a mix of powerful, catchy and emotional songs. Well done avenged sevenfold!!!!

  8.  An interesting new direction


    I have been a fan of these guys since "Curb" (which no ones seems to know) this album is brilliant in every way as nickelack take an interesting turn into the pop rock genre with all its great ballads and catchy songs. A must buy for any nickelback fan, Curb,the state,silverside up,the long road and now this brilliant piece of musicianship.

  9.  Metal at its finest!


    this album completely blew me away the solos, the drums, the bass, the quality and the sound. machine head have worked really hard on this album and all i can say is well done. This album is a reason why metal is so great and its been more than satisfactory to listen to.

  10.  Musical Brilliance


    This album is amazing thats all i can say beautifully crafted into these intense, beautiful and emotional songs and some heavy stuff too!!!. The vocals are wonderful what can i say it wont dissapoint you