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  1.  Makes you think.


    If you're looking for another COD - fast paced and unrealistic - then wait for COD MWF2. But if you're like me and like a challenge this game is for you.

    The game play depends on how you want to approach each mission:

    1. Run in all guns blazing and you'll find that the enemy will call for assistance and you will have teams of Ai trying to hunt you down.
    2. Take your time and plan where to go avoiding the enemy until you reach you target, then execute your orders and move on to the next check point.

    The nice part of the game is that you have other Special opps teams working alongside you or carrying out their own missions, so you can see other battles going on around you. Rather than being predictable and always coming through, other teams sometimes will sometimes be killed and you're left with just your unit.

    The guns are nice to use and rather than being 100% accurate you find that sometimes you may be slightly off due to movement, breathing or even distance. Unlike COD where you empty a complete clip into a guy's head not missing once, this game requires that you aim and use short bursts to hit your target. Also don't forget that 1 shot can kill you and there is no magical way to heal yourself; all you can do is patch yourself up or risk bleeding to death.

    So if you want a change buy this, but if you're happy running around killing as many people as you can on the same couple of maps doing the same thing over and over, stick to COD.

  2.  The Dark side awaits..........


    It took 24 hours from when i clicked my mouse to when it arrived It took 24 hours from when I clicked my mouse to when it arrived and I couldn't wait to get home from work to run around the garden like a mad man! The saber looks and feels fantastic; the Hilt is very nicely detailed and well built with the blade firmly secured. In the bright light the blade turns more of a pink colour; in dimmer conditions it's amazing! As you swing it around it produces the proper sound effects from the films (you won't be disappointed)! If you have always wanted a Lightsaber so you can be a Sithlord then you will love it! 5*

  3.  Great Little chopper!


    I got the Helicopter this afternoon, I ripped the box open like a kid on christmas and i'm 23! After a good charge it was off. It takes a bit of patience to fly right, but even learning to fly is so much fun! It is very tough so don't worry about crashing it: I accidentally flew it into the window and it went down the stairs, but I found it without a scratch still ready for more! For £12 you can't complain!

    Ps. If it wont stop spinning, check for hairs around the back propellor motor: That's what happened to mine.