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  1.  Why!?!?!


    Without a shadow of a lie, this has to be one of the most overrated games in the history of mankind. I don't know what the other reviewers were playing but it certainly wasn't what i had to suffer.
    Firstly, it seems as though the makers of the game were so desperate to make it that they would go to any lengths to try and find a reason to do it, first they needed a plot. Now if you are looking to buy this game i am sure you've seen the film, you know the bit where tony dies at the end, well the ingenious makers asked themselves 'i wonder what would have happened had he not died?', fair enough this is a decent question and one worth pondering, but i have the answer, the answer is nothing because his death signalled the end of the scarface story and any effort to resurrect it would just end in tears. Oh how i wish they had heard my cries. Instead they simply grabbed the Scarface story, scrunched it up and squeezed every last drop out of it. Then they found the Scarface barrel and scraped the bottom of it, trying desperately to find something to use. Well unfortunately they managed to squeeze and scrape out enough crap to put together a game
    Lets start with the graphics, fair enough they are quite decent, very much like grand theft auto but just a bit less pixelly. However, unlke GTA, this game crashes and burns everywhere else. When driving around in Tony's ludicrous and crass car, the handling is hideous and the motion of the car is far to stiff and lethargic to be considered realistic. The best comparison i can make when it comes to explaining how badly the cars drive is the original 'driver' game. At the time, the graphics is 'driver' were revolutionary but that was eight years ago, and on the now prehistoric playstation X. The driving graphics have taken a huge step back and the gameplay suffers as a consequence.
    The voice acting is just hideous, Tony's vocabulary seems to be limited to either talking about testicles or cockroaches and not much else. Its like the game manufacturers watched the film, tape recorded Tonys catchphrases and put them into the game believing it to be enough.
    Its usually at this point in the review that i would talk about good points, unfortunately i cannot think of any. The gameplay is terrible, graphics are geriactric, voice acting is basic and patronising and the plot is ludicrous. basically this game had no right to be made, if you watched scarface and thought that it would make a fantastic game, you would be correct, that game is called GTA Vice City. The Scarface game is pointless, subordinate garbage

  2.  It's A Family Thing


    i have to admit that this game sat on my shelf for a long period before i began to play it. i recieved it last christmas but also recieved scarface and chose to play that. how wrong that decision led to be, scarface was the biggest load of tripe i have ever laid my hands on, it destroyed my belief in the ps2, but then one rainy afternoon i picked up the godfather and was engrossed for months!
    first off the storyline is so fresh and unique, there was mafia which came out a few years back but that is nothing in comparison. the range of different characters, settings and missions are simply breath taking, combining that with amazingly good graphics and this game was always going to be a winner. the range of business that can be taken over is also quite impressive. one thing which makes it stand out for me however is the varying difficulty. the main aim of the game is to progress to the role of don of new york, this is achieved by taking over other gangs territories until you evetually run the whole city. their are four different gangs and each one is totally different to fight. the first gang you come face to face with in little italy are verging on being goons. they are easily squashed. however as you face each different gang it gets considerably harder until you face off against the final gang where you will need either immense talent or stupendous luck.
    now for the downside, though there is a decent range of shops and rackets to take over, the more you play the game the more repetitive it gets. you begin to realise that there are probably only about 5-6 different interiors and it begins to lose some sparkle. the cars in the game are very unrealistic to drive, though im not saying i expect perfect animation or amazing handling, the cars just seem stiff and unresponsive. these reasons are why i cannot give it a five star rating.
    overall this is the best and most engrossing ps2 game in years, many people may see it as a mafia grand theft auto, this it may be but it is seriously worth buying. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON SCARFACE

  3.  Satisfying


    When i purchased this game, i only had one thing on my mind. I had just completed The Godfather and had 10 months to wait for GTA 4 so i bought Vice City Stories to keep me going in this time, and that's all it will ever be, a stop gap game.
    Here are the bad points, the graphics are terrible compared to San Andreas and even its sister game, Liberty City Stories, the graphics are fuzzy and you can clearly see the pixels which make up the bodies of the characters. The characters themselves are very poorly animated, the only way to tell which character is speaking is by looking at their chins which make small oscillatory movements occasoinally. It seems to me that the graphics have taken a huge backstep from the predecessing games, the original Vice City was my favourite of the series before the mighty San Andreas came along, i loved the warm, rich texture of the graphics. The way they used subtle pinks and purples to create that Miami atmosphere. Fair enough i understand that this game was originally intended for the much less powerful PSP but upon releasing it for the PS2 they could have made slight improvements, if they did not wish to make improvements then it should have stayed on the PSP. Another bad point is the range of vehicles, they all seem to samey to me, there isn't a lot of variety, there are the customary Sentinels and Sabre gang cars and then all the Manana and Regina trash which litter the roads, clogging up the fast lanes. However, there isn't much difference from those few. There is the same 'storm forces bridge to close' storyline which means you are momentarily marooned on one island, interestingly it is the opposite island to the one which you are stuck on in the original Vice City, this mean you can no longer cruise the beach until you have completed enough missions to open the bridge up. Though this is not a fault with the game, i did not appreciate this as you are stuck on the crappy, industrial island with nothing but concrete to look at.
    Now for the good bits, once again the voice acting and characterisations are superb. This is one thing Rockstar never fail to succeed on, the scripts and quality of voice acting. The characters are original and endearing which does give the game a more realistic feel as you can relate to the characters and truly believe in them. The gameplay is as open ended and varied as it's predecessors, using the same map as the original Vice City, with the addition of an army base. The Vice City map was my favourite of them all so i very much appreciate Rockstar bringing out a game which recycles the old Vice City map. There is a long and interesting main storyline which contains the usual twists and turns which make this series of games so enthralling.
    Overall this game, though interesting and well worth buying, is not a patch on any of it's predecessors, the graphics and game content seem to have taken a step backwards. The original Vice City, though being 5 older, is much much better and if you are looking to buy your first GTA game i would steer clear of this one. In spawning the god of games that was San Andreas, Rockstar have shot themselves in the foot as every game they now bring out will be compared to SA, this game included. So my conclusion is that this game can only ever be a stop gap for people who want something to do whilst awaiting GTA 4, for this price, i would recommend getting it but don't get too excited

  4.  Utterly Immersive!


    this is yet another superb game from rockstar games, it mixes a wonderful (if a little long) storyline, original characters and an amazing soundtrack to provide an immersive gaming experience.
    There are a few drawbacks though, the lessons are initially fun and interesting but after a while they get annoying and tedious having to go to the when you could be out n the town enjoying yourself. The fact that you pass out at 2am is equally annoying as i do not know of any teenagers who pass out at 2am and it means that you cannot start any new missions from about 12 onwards as you will pass out halfway throught it. The range of vehicles could be a bit better, granted that kids generally don't drive cars it would be good to have a car available to drive. The main means of transport is the bicycle, you earn better bikes the better you do in shop class, the bikes are then stored in your garage. If you complete the go karting challenge at the funfair, however, then you unlock the go kart and can drive it around town which is the closest you come to cars, cars do drive around the town but you cannot enter them.
    Now the good bits, the characters are amazingly individual, there a about 50-60 different students around the school campus and every one has their own characterisitics, voice and personality. The area you can roam around is equally extensive, the school campus is not particularly big as the crow flies but it is laced with intricate little side alleys and hidden back-paths. You can go inside all the buildings around the school which gives it that feeling of size, the buildings include a library, gym, girls and boys dorms and the main school building. Once you complete enough missions to open the school gates, the town awaiting you is as varied and original as the characters. In the town there are various activities you can participate in other than the story missions, there are bike races, funfair challenges etc. There is so much more to do other than the main story missions and if you are the kind of gamer who isn't satisfied until you reach 100% completion then you are in for a challenge with this baby. One element which i feel is possibly the most underrated element of the whole experience is the magical soundtrack, the soundtrack reminds me of that used in the Harry Potter games, in fact the whole school itself does have a distinct Hogwarts feel about it which adds to the magic.
    Overall this game is a masterpiece, it has so many layers and does immerse you in it's complexity. To truly experience the game you need to put your life on hold and just play it non-stop, trust me this will not be too hard as it is immensely addictive. The vast range and versatility of the missions and characters just add to the uniqueness of this piece of gaming majesty. This is one of the crown jewells of the playstation 2's vast army of games. All this for just 9.99, you would be a fool to miss out

  5.  Best Thing Since The League Of Gentlemen


    this superb show is a must for any fan of surreal comedy and absurd shennanigans. The first series is set in the Zooniverse and is made up of 8 hilariously rich and entertaining episodes, each with their own unique and original storyline. The second series couldn't be more different as the zoo is left behind in order for the duo to make more out of certain characters, giving whole episodes to characters such as The Hitcher and Rudi. All in all, this is one of the most original comedy shows to hit the screens since the League Of Gentlemen and, in my opinion, it is the funniest thing since Father Ted. Five star entertainment!