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  1.  Cheap but it shows.


    This unit was cheap, I have to say that outright, so I know I shouldn't expect much. However...
    This unit is very plasticy. The silver finish looks tacky rather than smart and I think it'd look better in just all black. I susspect that over use it will ware off (as most finishes like this do).
    DAB station are picked up initially but drop in and out as I move around my house. I have a Pure Tempus DAB in the bedroom which receives 100% signal level most of the time (and even some stations from the neighbouring transmitter) and a Panasonic mini system in the kitchen which also has a good signal level even with a thin wire aerial. I also own a JVC in-car DAB which is rock solid most of the time even when driving around my home town, so it looks like the reception on this Goodmans unit isn't great. I can imagine that if I used it on the train or bus the stations would be dropping out all over the place (watch this space).
    The FM reception is a bit better but still hissy at times.
    The display is small but clear and can be dimmed if required which is a nice touch.
    The sound quality is the worse thing about this unit. It is lacking in bass and sounds muddy. There is little clarity and is a very unsatisfying experience.
    The EQ (sound tweak) settings only work on DAB not FM but dont work well. Some of them actually distort the already poor sound quality.
    I am a sound engineer and used a pair of Etymotic in-ear headphones to test this unit so I have not tried the ones supplied, but I'm sure they will not improve the sound and just might make it worse I suspect.
    NB: The cable length of my Etymotics is good, with a long split so will not have effected the DAB signal reception. I say this because the headphone cable is used at the units aerial).
    Overall the promise of DAB giving you a clean, clear, interference free radio experience just doesn't happen with this unit.
    The only reason this is a 2 star review and not a 1 star is the price.

  2.  Comfortable and work


    I was a bit dubious about buying these due to some of the review here but I have to say I am very happy.
    This gloves fit perfectly, are comfortable and work perfectly with my iPhone.

  3.  Just brilliant


    This is brilliant. If you like the sound of New Orleans then this is just for you. Hugh has an amazing voice that suits this style of music perfectly and his musicianship fits right in with the pros he plays and sings with on this recording. Also the bonus DVD gives a great insight to the story behind the album and includes live performances. A humble man in a hat with a love and passion for the people, history and music of New Orleans. A real pleasure to listen to and watch.
    NB: It is worth noting that the DVD is region free but encoded in NTSC (American) format, although this shouldn't be a problem for most modern TVs.

  4.  Perfect memory card for video. Even full HD


    Bought my wife a Sanyo Xacti video camera for Christmas and bought this as the main memory card for it. The reason I picked this one was because the reviews I read were brilliant (as you can read for yourselves) and the price was very good (just over 13 pounds). I did however have a few concerns because it was only a class 4 card but I shouldn't have worried as it has performed flawlessly, even running full HD. The card seams to write and read very quickly. The video files are ready within a second to view. Running the video from the card on my Mac via a card reader gave glitch free, smooth playback and transferring files to my hard drive were very quick. The card came in a neat case just a bit bigger than the card, which in turn came in a small white plastic sealed bag without any other packaging which is nice to see as too many manufacturers have a lot of waste. I feel that with my experience of this card I can totally recommend it to anyone including those who wish to use it for HD video. A class 6 card would be a fraction quicker but for the money you can't get better

  5.  Not too bad.


    Bought this as a Christmas gift for my brother and found out that his wife had the same idea. She bought a different one which broke (due to a few crashes) by boxing day morning. However this one is still working. The motor is a little underpowered. It works well when fully charged but it drains the battery very quickly and won't go very high at all until after another charge. It's very stable in operation (compared to the other one) after adjusting the trim, but the steering isn't great. It quite good for indoor use as it isn't very fast and doesn't go too high. Also it's very light as the body of the unit is made of polystyrene. My brother has had a lot of fun playing with it and it has survived quite a few crashed (as well as the other one he had) as he learnt to fly it. Only time will tell how long it lasts from now. Overall a good product.