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  1.  The Beautiful Game?


    After many month's playing this title i am only left with questions and all of them begin with why? or how come.Why is this laughingly called a game when it is blatantly obvious it is nothing more than a series of senario's.How Come you can play a match over and over ,changing players, formations and levels of attack and defence and get the same result over and over again.Why when tackling an opponent does the ball run on to the next opponent in the line every time .How come when you use the clearance button and power it well over half way does the ball go 10 feet .How come when your attacking does the game automatically pass the ball to the furthest player forward all the time every time .How come when you alter your teams attacking level to defence are your team still holding an aggressive line on half way.Why do is there no defending built into to this game other than your button pressing and stick movement. Why do referees ignore blantant fouls on you yet you are pulled every time you touch an opponent.How come you can put umpteen crosses in during a game and not get your head on one yet your opponent gets one cross in and,you guessed it, scores ,also why do all your strikers make the same near post runs all the time .Why does the com defend in lines yet your defensive line is non exsistant .How come there are times when you feel you are just not on the pitch and the commands you execute just mean nothing.Over all this is a very frustrating scripted disc and to say this is close to the real thing is laughable,it's about as credible as england's chance in the next european championships.

  2.  Football At It's Finest !


    Having spent a lot of time playing pes 2010 i can say in my opinion if played as a proper sim ,that is to say playing with your wits and not the speed burst ,then this is an excellent game.If you play pes quickly(always on the move) it can look pretty silly but if you play a measured game and go forward in a football fashion,pulling the opposition left and right to create space and using that space to give you time to pick a pass or a cross the game becomes really authentic.Defending is an art in it's self,if you get players behind the ball an do not try to win the ball back too quickly,again it behaves in a proper football manner and more often than not the opposition will give the ball away.In truth both pes and fifa play in almost identical ways but pes has the more polished look and fifa has the teams it's really a matter of choice.

  3.  It's getting there!!!


    Okay i am not going to say this is the best thing since sliced bread but what it is is a big improvement on last years attempt.The speed of the game has slowed down a lot meaning your build up has to be much more measured in order to pull the opposition around and create space,you can no longer score the speed burst goal ,beating six or seven as you go ,goals really have to be earned,the passing and through balls are very effective if your pass is timed in conjunction with a forwards run,tackling is pretty much the same although ignoring the opposition with the ball and funnelling back to the final third is the best action as in a lot of cases the opposition will give you the ball back via a poor pass or an interception.If you are a long time player of this title you will notice the change in player levels,level 3 now plays like level 2 and level 4 now plays like level 3,to get the best out of it play on pro setting(level 4).The presentation of 2010 is excellent,animation of players is very life like,they have redone the stadia including the new wembley and a very close version of old trafford .The new slider settings mean you can change tactics and your approach to a game very easily and quickly,the master league is now very similar to fifa with regard to you dealing with real money as opposed to a points system,and it appears to be very deep with youth teams and sponsors all incorporated,couple that with the champions league and europa league ,of which the presentation is brilliant you have a game which has a lot to offer and will keep you interested for a long time .

  4.  The end should be nigh for clark


    The worst thing to happen to this season was the writers strike as this should have concluded the story ,instead a much more inferior 8th season has been made by new producers which has not enhanced the story.

  5.  Smallville Season 8


    Have to say i am less than impressed by this season,the way the plot's have revolved around someone who has not appeared on screen,the tess mercer character ,who was clearly put in to enable the use of the mansion set has been vastly under used .Also i know that kristin kreuk wanted to leave but her departure storyline was terrible and very predictable.The word is season 9 has been agreed and possibly season 10, as the viewing figures in the usa are starting to drop for season 8 maybe a line should be drawn under this now.