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  1.  ORSM


    Why do xbox fans comment on the PS3. Jealous much? They bitch about no good games, not true.
    Uncharted ... better than any tomb raider to date in my opinion CoD4, GTA4 ... oh yes they are on the xbox but not as good.
    Some games on the PSN can be shared to 5 Playstations at no extra charge so you can give to your friends and play them.
    They moan about how much the PS3 costs... but the pads are rechargable, no batteries to replace, the high definition blu ray player is included, no lame add on to stick to it at an insane price (£150 was it on release? more?) oh wait HD DVD is dead...
    The PS3 is an entertainment unit not just a games console, and the games are coming its a shame they took out the emotion chip for PS1 and PS2 playback. But then maybe a firmware update will be possible as they are going to do something similar with singstar. Hotswap basicaly. There are many great features to the PS3 many games exclusive for it. It just is better.
    And PS3 owners need only say one thing. Red Ring Of Death. Question: Sony did not add a RRoD because???
    Answer: Unlike Microsoft they didnt expect their machine to fail on a regular basis, they didnt rush out an inferior piece of ugly plastic just to try and win the next gen race.
    The xbox has no next gen games sorry it doesnt. I have seen nothing that says, "we stepped forward into a new era of gaming". When you buy a PS3 you get Music Video Games Live chat, Streaming,TV and the assurance what you bought doesnt suck ass. If you want a bigger HDD oh any sata notebook HDD, £40 for a 250gig drive, and doesnt void your warranty I hear.
    So you can buy a PS3 and be happy that you have a wicked machine or you can buy the Xbox3Limpy which well, just doesnt cut it now does it. Even if you think about buying a Blu Ray player for your HDTV... why would you spend as much on a blu-ray player when you can get this and shove some games on it too, it just makes sense.

  2.  Oh dear


    Star Wars fans will love this but if you look at the demo you will see it has no real playability. You will not come back to this game I am almost certain.
    If you thought the demo had great graphics then I am confused. What masses of grey squares did it for you? There was some shots of later battles that looked nice far in the distance but I can not see you being part of something that big going on.
    No this is a poor 3D platformer which is worth £10 -£15 as it just lacks any fun and repeat play. I preferred the PS1 version or Jedi Academy. This is not as good. Probably just made to be released around the time of the poor excuse of a film that came out. If you buy this, I expect you'll be in a field after 10 minutes using it as an expensive frisbee.

  3. Conan



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    Heavenly Sword is a far better pointless slasher game. The choice of voices are awful, not to mention that its out of sync. The graphics are pants like ive seen better on the ps2. Dont people who make crap like this wonder why they bother getting out of bed in the morning. My advice is keep dreaming, coz this is such a bad bad bad game designed for 4 year olds im sure.

  4.  Externals suck


    I bought this a product a while back now i forgot how much i had paid, and i cant believe that yesterday i through this heap of crap in the bin. I managed to save most of the data from this b4 it died, but i couldnt reformat it, i couldnt use it again, it was fudged. It made xp hang, if your pc starts to hang on boot at the xp screen thats a sign, if your monitor cuts to black and back every so often thats another, seems to be this thing can cause all kinds of issues as it dies a slow death, i thought my monitor was the issue, but its been fine since i disconnected this drive. Some guy with a Seagate Freeagent also complained in roughly the same way.
    What I would do is buy a few Internal hot swap caddies admittedly that would be the expensive bit, all the same make of course, then you can put the 500gig hdd's in the caddies and leave them on a shelf and instantly swap them as and when you like. Thats what im going to do, because you can get enterprise seagate 500gb for cheaper than these drives and the hotswapping caddy bay would be even better than externals imo.
    Anyway my opinion is avoid. Buy a small one for carting data to a friends house, and if it dies ever, at least you dont lose as much data.

  5.  A Good Start And A Fun Game


    This game is ok. A standard shoot 'em up with various camera views, explosions and firefight frenzys.
    People say the gfx are far better on the pc and so they should be, with ever upgradeable cards they shall always surpass consoles.
    Those complaining about Steam, its not that bad, tho yes maybe an internet connection needed but who doesnt have the net these days. And if you are dropping connection, its not steam thats the issue or this game, its your wi-fi get an ethernet cable for the love of god.
    And also those commenting about the poor port job from the xbox360 to the PC ... well its dx9 and dx10 compatible, which means those in dx10 will be using vista, thus buy the xbox360 pad available here for £17.99 and then see if the buttons correspond to the tips on the screen. Maybe they should have a tips for keyboard / tips for pad configuration tho. Its an early port so expect some issues, but this game is very much playable.