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  1.  Simply Brilliant


    I know that there is a huge emphasis on graphics, story-line and game-play in modern games. I remember in the gameboy and SNES era when games could Be about italian doctors running around throwing pills at people, or a small orange creature eating dots to escape ghosts. I liked this simple time because it was the time when video games where exploring there limits and abilities.

    This is what i dont like about new games, they stick to the same money making formula using the same concept, idea and game play ....... *cough* HALO *cough*. with such a large ability to make game more realistic all game developers are heading that way, and i disagree with this advancement going to waste because there is such a large ability to make games look brilliant and also make them fantastically eccentric.

    Except for namco with this game 'Beautiful Katamri'. this game is shining example that a game can be great without having to have the highest resolution graphics and the same point fire interface. First of all the control simple is the strangest set up i have ever used but because of this i love it. it take about a game or two to get used to it but once you have its clear its the best way to do it. The whole story line is pure gold, making no sense because of the literal translation. Length of the game is pretty poor with around 10 or 12 levels but this is excused due to the fact its the most addictive game on xbox and has a massive replay factor.

    Although short, its sweet and will keep me entertained until this disc shatters from over use.

  2.  Good idea, Badly made.


    This game had a fantastic idea. Running around a shopping center killing zombies with LOTS of different weapons sounds good, and it is, for 5 minutes. The bosses are too hard and if u get stuck and run out of time your next missions fails, then u have to go back to the last place u saved AND THERE IS ONLY ONE PLACE TO SAVE. so if you die of fail a mission u loss EVERYTHING u have done. this go me so angre i actually bruised my knuckles when i hit the wall. .. .. .. .. .. .. well im not going to hit my xbox.

    In short:
    Weapons - Dont last.
    Life - Too short.
    XP - HARD to earn.
    Zombies - Too many.
    bosses - Too hard.
    Game - BAD!

  3.  Just Great!


    Fantastic from start to finish. so accurate to modern warfare from solders attitude to weapons attributes. i was only disappointed when it ended.