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  1.  Stunning


    What a series!!!
    There was 1 episode I hated but the rest were phenomonal!! If you can try and avoid watching the japanese episode. There's no con in it and it's an awful episode anyway. Part from that, the rest are great. The last episode had me on the edge of my seat . Definetly worth getting

  2.  Best Game I have ever played!!!


    This was my first Wii game that I played I had really high hopes and believe me this game doesn't dissapoint.
    I have always been a big fan of Zelda. Ocarina of time and the windwaker were probably some of my most favourite games of all time and this one beats everything hands down. Just stunning.
    The graphics are astonishing and the controls are amazing.This is the only Wii game that I know of so far that this puts the controls to maximum use. I have nbo downsides to it. Its a definite buy if you have a Wii. Trust me when I say you won't be dissapointed in it.
    Bear in mind its only one player and if you only like Wii games for a party like Wii Sports etc then it might not be for you.
    Its a good 40-50 hour game and theres not a dull second to it.

  3.  Be CAREFUL!! As it buggered up 2 of my wiimotes


    I bought it and then it buggered up 2 of my wiimotes sent it back to the company and they took it off me no problem spent ages sending it back when they had fixed to which i dont think they did i used it again on a brand new wiimote and it broke that i asked for them to pay for my wiimotes and they never did.
    Never the the less though it does look nice when the lights are on and i use it for storage only and not for charging.

  4.  Very good


    I have to keep my computer downstairs and so therefore the 10 metre cord they gave me was a waste of space.
    The adaptor is excellent though.
    Never had any troubles with it. The connection quality is fantastic, download time is just as good as being plugged into your router.
    When i first got it though it didn't connect instantly if the same happens to you on your xbox dashboard. Go to system and select network settings then select wireless connectivity and you'll no how to do the rest.
    Is a bit on the expensive side but trust me it's worth it.

  5.  Get it. Outstanding


    I saw this movie twice and was a bit unsure to begin with as I loved the first and did enjoy the second film but thought it got a bit too emotional in places.
    This one does get emotional again but does not however over emphasise on it as much as the second one did.
    Also The effects and battles were amazing. If you loved the first two then this is a definite film or you. I thought it was outstanding Saw it twice at the cinema and get wait for it to be released!!

  6.  Brilliant- Definitely one to get


    I have played on the PS3 Xbox 360 and the Wii version of this game. I will admit that the 360 and the PS3 may have better graphics but this one is by far the most fun.
    It's totally different gameplay and the best one out of the three consoles. Its another must have for the Wii!!!!

  7.  Brilliant Can't get any better!!!


    This is without a doubt best ds game i have ever played.
    I know that people keep complaining about the graphics but these type of pokemon games need to be like this.
    When you look at pokemon colosseum one of the downpoints for that one was because no one liked the graphics to it.
    This however has a huge map loads to do.
    You got your own world to do anything you want in and it's very hard to put down. Definitely one to get.