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  1.  A Nice Change!


    Chinese author Geling Yan writes the amusing fable tale of Dan Dong, a "reserved" factory worker, who hasn't been paid for over two months. To make ends meet Dan attends a job interview, but is mistaken for a journalist at a fancy business banquet. Dan takes full advantage and forges a new identity as freelance journalist, taking full benefits of the free meals and "money for your troubles". Deceit soon catches up with Dan when he befriends several crazy characters. This is a nice little change break from crime thrillers we see everyday.

  2.  Be Thankful!


    Winner of The Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2007, Cormac McCarthy introduces us to his vision of post-apocalyptic America. In this setting a father and his young son travel the roads, in search of the coast. I found this book quite a difficult read, the challenges that the family come across is daunting. You are given short glimces of hop, when they discover luxuries such as canned food and dry shelter. Read this fascinating book.

  3.  It's all I want to play.


    After hearing people talk about this game I was very keen on wanting to play this. So after finally getting a hold of a copy it's all I want to play now. My mission is to recieve the achievement of making the biggest katamari. I'm replaying the game again attempting to gain 100 points on each level, I crave the praise from the King of the Cosmos.

    £9.99? It's an amazing deal.

  4.  The Film Club


    David Gilmour takes control of his adolescent son's life by taking him out of school and providing him with the education of watching three movies of his fathers choosing and then discussing them after words. David manages to find several films to help his son through the difficult chapters in his life; constant relationship troubles and unexpected drug abuse. Through the steady course of movies and life lessons, the strong bonding relationship between the father and son are put in a spin Jesse decides to make leading decision in his life.

  5.  American Shaolin


    Matt Polly enlightens us of his journey to China where he took a gap year from University in the States to learn martial arts from the legendary Shaolin Temple in China. He goes into great details on the stories of all the events that were brought upon him. Matt soon finds acceptance (at a price) in the Shaolin Temple and he begins to train through various gut wrenching work outs and fighting against some of scariest characters imaginable. This is a book of one man transforming himself from University student to a Caucasian Kung Fu Master.

  6.  The Rats € James Herbert


    Being the first "Horror" book I've ever read, "The Rats" really does live up to it's genre, I've never found it so difficult to bite my nails and turn the page at the same time.

    Set in East London in the seventies, the young art teacher - Harris, plays our leading man. Harris finds himself in working with the Minister of Health and the police force after a surge of decease carrying rats the size of dogs mercilessly attacked and devoured the public.

    This horror novel comes with so much shocking gore I couldn't put it down, I really enjoyed it, even though it gave me the heebie jeebies!

  7.  The Grey Man € Andy McNab


    Ex-service man, Andy McNab delivers an uplifting story about an everyday man, Kevin Dodds who has a steady job in the bank and his wife works as a Bingo caller. Kevin becomes fed up with his useless boss after he smugly refused him time off for his wedding anniversary, so to get his own back and decides to pull of a elaborate bank heist, single handedly!

    A very quick and very satisfying read, highly recommended. It made a four hour train journey fly by!

  8.  Batista Unleashed


    WWE professional wrestler, Dave Batista, documents over three hundred pages of his life with the help of sports writer Jeremy Roberts. Dave explains all the different experiences in his life from being brought up by his mother in Washington DC to working as a bouncer and becoming a professional body builder in his early thirties. After a crippling experience he leaves the world of body building and attempts to break into professional wrestling only to be told that he is too old. However, Dave persists and a year later wins the World Heavyweight Championship. A great account of a wrestling hero.

  9.  A Lions Tale: Around the World in Spandex € by Chris Jericho


    WWE luminary Chris Jericho tells the story of his vivacious life, from the days of being a rebellious teenager listening to rock and roll to when he joins Stu Hart's infamous wrestling dungeon. He follows in the steps of his idols fighting the independent wrestling circuit and makes a name for himself in Mexico and Japan. He reaches his peak when joining the WWF in 1999 and becoming their Undisputed World Champion December 2001. This is a great and amusing read for most audiences; Jericho pulls no punches and has an entertaining sense of humour to go with it.