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  1.  Epic for the most part


    Cracking bit of kit, smashes most all other phones on the market. It would be a 5/5 if not for the screen resolution not being QHD like the Sensation and other new dual core phones. This is the only downer but its a large oversite on Samsungs part :(

  2.  Excellent sound, pity about the design


    Ok, so ill start with the most important bit, the sound:

    Its breathtaking for a set of in the ear cheap headphones. Bass is great, mids are fantastic and the top end is defined and punchy as well, far better than i expected for headphones of this price range.

    Now onto my negative points:

    Thats the design, they are heavy, really heavy for in the ears, they use a Y shaped cable setup which again isnt great, would have been far nicer to have the short and long cable you can wrap round your neck, finally the cable is short, I have my Iphone in my denims pocket and the cable is just long enough and no more..

    These could have been epic, but its the design that lets them down. Reduce the weight, long cable to wrap round your neck and a longer overall cable and they would be the best headphones ive used, thats even competing them against ones of 100 pounds.

  3.  Love the film shame about the transfer


    Ok I love this film....... But if you have the DVD don't waste your time o this. They have done so much work trying to clean this up they have ruined the picture. You can now see the guys pushing the Walls down at the Connery fight, the wires dropping people down and lifting Christopher Lambert up at the end. With all this the grain is also even more apparent during certain scenes.

    If you have this on DVD stick with that.

  4.  Vampires portrayed as they should be!


    This is one of the few films since Lost Boys where the vampires are portrayed as they should be, brutal, sadistic killing machines.

    Its great a well underrated film. For anyone who likes vampire films this should be rite up their street. For everyone else just watch it, its very very good.

    Cast is well chosen, acting is not bad and the story works very well.

  5.  its, ok, not great...


    Loved the first Iron Man, really enjoyed it...but the follow up....im not sure, yes the action sequences are good, but this just didnt do it for me....3 out of 5 for me...could have been soooooo much better.

  6.  suprisingly excellent


    saw the trailers for this and thought, oh dear.....my heart sank....but since i have a cinema card and it wasnt costing me to go see it, i went not expecting much, I was delightfully wrong, this is a brilliant remake of a TV series. Possibly one of my favourite films of the year. Action, laughs, decent acting and a decent story.

    what more could you want :)

  7.  Action packed greatness


    I didnt expect much from this but how wrong could I be....Ok so its not Oscar winning material but my god the action is epic, fantastic, harks back to Commando, Total Recall, Predator, Rambo etc etc....

    If you are an action film fan this will suit you down to a tee, its ace :)

  8.  Avoid like plague...


    Just utterly terrible. effects are poor, story terrible and acting is a joke.

    Go and watch the original Clash of Titans its a far far better film than this remake.

  9.  Fabulous


    Probably one of the best films of the year, absolutely great, Sci-Fi at its best.

    Great acting, great story and characters you actually feel for....if you havent seen it, buy the film....if you have seen it, buy the film :)

  10.  Great old fashioned gore fest :)


    No this isnt the fully uncut US release with the extra long fight in the shed or the extra gore and extra body count etc... This is just the original film with a few minor additions. If you want the full uncut get the DVD release from the US