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  1.  Entertaining!


    I pretty much knew what to expect from this one, and it definately lived up to my expectations. The action scenes are way over the top, but highly entertaining and fun! An enjoyable film which doesn't demand too much from the viewer.

  2.  Batman - The Masterpiece


    This is, without doubt, the best batman movie ever, and one that's gonna be hard to top! The action is great, the special effects are great, the sound and the score are great, and the cast is fantastic! Christopher nolan has done an incredible job giving the batman movies a more realistic feel, and i really hope he will try to top this one, which of course will be extreamly difficult. But if the rumours about johnny depp as the riddler and philip s. Hoffman as the penguin in the next one are true, we are definately in for a treat!

  3.  Epic game!


    This is by far the best action game of 2008! Graphics, sound and gameplay are fantastic. Bigger and more bad ass than the first one. Highly recommended!

  4.  Monster game!!


    To me, this is game of the year 2008, no doubt about it. A massive game with great gameplay, a good mix of action and rpg. Graphics may not be the best, but the environment and the feel of the game totally makes up for that. It's a game that will keep you busy for plenty of hours. A must buy for all gamers, simple as that!

  5.  Another good one from Marvel!


    I really enjoyed Ang Lee's version. It had some good action scenes and decent effects, but this one has more and better action and the special effects are top class! Great visuals and great sound. And how about that ending? Two great moments; the smile and....., yeah, more great stuff is coming from the marvel universe!

  6.  Dead Great!


    There is one thing to say about this game; IT'S AWESOME!! Gameplay is perfect, the atmosphere is nervewrecking as hell, the action is great and the graphics are stunning, but the best part of this incredible game is the sound! This is a game where you won't be able to relaxe a bit, you will always be on the alert, and that's definately not a bad thing. A must buy, no doubt about that!

  7.  Fear of the future!


    An improvement from the no prayer... Album. Production are better and there are more good songs on this one. The title track is great, but to many of the songs are rather mediocre. This turned out to be dickinson's last album with maiden in the 90's, and the bands future was in the dark!

  8.  No prayer for this one!


    The 80's where over, Adrian Smith was gone and Maiden started a new decade with a rather mediocre album. There are a few good songs here, like Tailgunner, Holy Smoke and Bring your daughter..., but the rest of the album are a little boring to me. The production feels weak, and is nowhere near the quality of the 80's classic's. Definately Maiden's weakest album with Dickinson behind the mic!

  9.  Seventh wonder of an album!


    Their seventh studio album is yet another masterpiece. No doubt that the 80's was Maiden's best period of time, producing seven high quality albums, and this one is an awesome finale for this decade. Killer tracks from start to the finish line. A must buy!

  10.  Iron Masterpiece!


    This is without doubt one of the best superhero movies ever! The action is great, special effects are awesome and Robert Downey Jr. is perfect as Tony Stark. Picture and sound are top class in this highly recommended blu-ray disc!