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    The game is free running, or parkour. Type that into youtube. It's great this game its in first person view mode, you feel like its you running around. Controls are simple its like one button to jump and u just run into walls she'll climb them if she can, or if not then jump from the wall to another wall behind that. It's simple enough after a while, and is a great fun game. AMAZING VALUE AT 3.50 LOL stupid the way its at that price because this is a great game, but i dont know... just buy it.

  2.  BUY NOW


    Buy it, dont even bother reading any reviews, just buy this.
    It's AMAZING, however it takes a little getting used to. You can pick up basicly anything in the world, sell it, trade items, manage your money, buy weapons/ammo to kill things, take their weapons / meat off their bodies once they are dead... You also get to make choices, an determin where you live, how you play, if you're good/evil.. there is real depth to this game. With the add on packs this game is easily worth 50quid, not even joking I would pay that. At anything under 30quid is a real steal at that price honestly. Buy it, spend time with it, and trade this game for your social life... but its so worth it.

  3.  Top title.


    Well, its BETTER than the first, if you've played that. You can customize your character, with different coloured capes. You can now use different weapons. Use big axes, swords, hammers... and you get TWO hidden blades. It's better than the first, and an improvement on it. Which is nice, all sequals should be like that.

  4.  Good, but could of been great.


    This plays like GTA, or Saints Row. You can free roam as well as do your main story line (missions). You have your safehouse where you save the game, and some decent old school weapons that you can upgrade. It's different because you can extaught business, take over drug racets, gambling spots, and warehouses. In theory it sounds great, but in reality is just average-good. It takes quite a while to get into this game, I've only just got into it properly and I've completed all the main missions lol. You're also not really tested in this game until you complete the missions. Then you have to take over the other families (rival gangsters) hot spots, this is where the game tests you, right at the end. But it's still pretty easy for any hardcore gamer, or just any body with good staying power, hand eye co-ordination, and concentration. This game just feels rushed, especially on the level design. So many times I've found myself back tracking where I went to try and find the awkward road that I must turn down to get to the location I want to find. Also, the cars aren't all that. You quickly see which cars are faster and which are slower but it feels like there's only about 10different type of vechicle, if that. The shooting and fighting is good once you get used to the controls though. You can also hire a crew member (somebody to fight a long side you). The story to this game is pethetic, poorly told and boring. Actually killing people is fun though. I've completed it and have about 220Gamerpoints as of now. I still need to complete all the hit targets, and favor missions, then take over all businesses. There is also the corlione challenges sort of side missions with achievement which i have yet to explore. This should give you600gamerpoints over about 20 - 30 hours. I'd recommend this to myself if I could, but I can't because I've played it/have it lol so I recommend it to you! If you like GTA and Saints Row then get this. BUT this isn't as good as GTA or saints row. Still, its a freeroam type of enjoyable game in the same way. Go for it it's worth having a go, just if you do make sure you put enough time into it. You are rewarded with putting more time into it, getting used to the controls and what you're supposed to be doing. I thought about putting this on the shelf to collect dust but I'm glad I didn't. There is no online though so I'll probably sell it on playtrade when I'm finished with it. Good game go for it.



    I bought this T.V. when I got paid because I had a old box widescreen lol. The actual screen I thought would be a bit bigger. It's measured 22inches diagonally I think. But it's still great for a bedroom TV.
    When I bought it and plugged it in, it goes through tuning the freeview in it all by its self, you don't really have to do anything.
    The connectors at the back are good too. You basicly get 2 HD ports, 2 AV ports, and one HD where you can plug each wire in seperatly, and one AV like that. It also takes some kind of card from a camera in the side of it which I have no use for.

    The picture is great, BUT try and have it head level because the screen does go well darker if you look at it from an angle as said in a previous review. It's not too bad though you can still have it so you can sit up or lie down in bed to watch it.

    The sound is great for gaming, I only use mine for the xbox 360. But when I play films through it, it does become a bit unclear and 'boxy' if thats the word. After about 10mins of watching a film you get used 2 it and don't notice it.

    Picture wise it's excellent as it is FULL HD. The xbox looks so much better than through my old fat wide screen it really does. For a gaming TV is perfect, I'm not too fond of massive t.v.s used for gaming. You don't feel too incontroll of the gameplay with a huge t.v. lol.

    For 200quid for a bedroom TV buy this! It's perfect for gaming and it's not really too expensive. It's really easy to set up, good to use and it's good to look at when it's not in use lol!


  6.  Great


    This is good, with a load of old games I never got to play.
    Also, for achievements it is reletivly easy to get 1000gamer points on this. Buy it to experience some older games, boost your achievements, then trade it.



    I'd advice leaving this product in the house.
    No it doesn't have a cap that goes across the end of it, like other memory sticks. This means the part of it that plugs into your computer has to slide back down into the actual memory stick its self. I was looking at it thinking dust or bits of whatever has been in your pocket might get in the end of it lol..
    Also, it actually feels cheap. Like if you dropped it onto the floor it might stop working. But its 9quid for 8gig, that IS a bargain. But I'd say don't rely on this for actual day to day use with important things on it as it does look like it could brake easily.
    You've been warned.

    But for using just in the house, I put images and video on it to play through my xbox360 (it plugs into the usb port in the front of an xbox) and you can watch your video or view your images with it... I fit 10films on it!! Saves the hastle of having a 2gig one where u have to plug it into the computer to delete and add films more often.

    I'd say go for it, depending on how you're going to be using it..

  8.  Not good anymore..


    I Remember when I was a kid, and when I had bought the sims, then bought some of these expansion packs seperatly and would spent aaaaages playing it. After selling it or getting rid of it or whatever happend, seen this on play.com and thought why not? After installing this from the 4disks, I Started to play. The graphics are terrible really, and the gameplay is boring. This was good back in the day, but now it's just boring. Seriously buy the sims 2. I haven't played 3 but 2 is much better. In the sims 2 you controll one character, and have goals to do in different places, it is MUCH BETTER THAN THIS.



    Firstly, I have been a fan of this sport ever since I seen it on bravo flicking through the channels lol, I thought making this into a game would be difficult for them to get the ground game (wrestling) right as well as standing up toe 2 toe.

    However, they do it PERFECTLY!!! If you've played fightnight 12 or 3, then how you throw punches on that is kind of how the ground game works. If you know what half guard and a full mount is, then manovering your character over your opponents body into a more dominant position is exactly like throwing hooks or uppercuts on fightnight. Many a time I have been standing toe 2 toe with somebody online, getting absolutly battered. Only to take it to the ground, get ontop of them and punch them untill they are knocked out.

    So my main tip would be MASTER UR GROUND WORK!! If you play through the training then play through career then go back to the training to just polish up your skills, and then go online you'll findn it a lot easier trust me. It does take some getting used to but the depth of game play that you need to work out makes this game as enjoyable as it is.

    Gamerpointz wise they do it well as well. To unlock all will really make you master this game. You'll have to work through all weight devisions in career mode (completing the game like 5times), then get a 100wins on ranked matches, like 25submissions online, and get past a level 50. As well as some other random achievements. All in all its a great game and I would definetly reccomend this.

    This is a game you can believe the hype around, and definetly worth the 23quid its on play for (i paid 40 for it like 6weeks ago)



    First off, if you've played oblivion, and like it, or even if you hate it still, buy this.

    The game plays like oblivion with an inventory, and picking up stuff in the world to sell so you can buy ammo for guns or upgrade them or buy things for your house or clothes or whatever...BUT where it differs is THE GUNZZZZZZZ!!!!!

    In fallout3 its like FPS, mixed with RPG, and they do it well. You have a system where u press the RB button and can target certain areas of enemys, and its great. Gory too, superb.

    Also the story is good. It's like the year 2500 or their abouts, and a nuclear bomb has been dropped on america. The radiation has mutated animals, making for example rats, the size of dogs, and has even mutated some humans.. The sceneary of all the bombed out houses looks great, more depressing and darker than oblivion but still, I prefer this A LOT MORE.

    Aside from the fact its like oblivion, its a fantastic game. Not really a 'must own' title or anything, as they could of improved it in little ways..but still a great game this!