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  1.  One of the best


    It is showing a real life, in a upbeat high tempo, that sucks you into the their world and reality. Some of you may have also seen the series going on tv made out of city of God movie but the move is by far the best work.

  2.  A thrill and well made portrait of Max Manus


    In light of this is a Norwegian production it is very well made, the story of Max is of course much longer than they had time to tell in the movie. But it is probably the best screenplay and production concerning quality in Norwegian measure. It has a thril and nerve that pulls you in.. It illustrates the courage of a brave man who just come back from the winter war in Finland before that walking across the Andees mountains and staying in Cuba (his prehistory is not included in the movie except for glimpses of the winter war in Finland). A interesting true character that breaths life to this story and the events of wwII under the occupation of Norway. You can read more about Max Manus in his books or at wikipedia.org when you have this it is probably much easier to understand the man Max Manus was.

  3.  Interesting view on the pre-historic history before WWII


    This is a good buy, you get a glimpse of what went on in Germany. But as written before this is only a glimpse of the history. Because Hitlers mallace rage and psychotic way of behaving doesnt necesarilly make a good movie. But indeed this is a good making of Hitler but I would call it well balanced fragments of his madness. Merely because this is a movie to inform youths as well of how dangerous weapon it became. I believe Carlyle did a great job in waging hitlers demons and an interesting view on what went on in Germany before WWII and the outcome.. I recommend this movie great acting performances and a good well balanced view on Hitlers madness in terms of not frightening too much younger viewers.

  4.  Life Changing


    Parachutes is perhaps what made Coldplay famous outside they're own territory before making A Rush Of Blood. The Hit singles Trouble and Yellow smashed through a musical landscape formed like an desert after years of the 90's musical influences. Like me you probably don't remember anything special about those years until Coldplay entered the stage bringing a new level. Influenced by their likes, Radiohead, U2 and dusin of others they fast detained they're position. But the musically influences or likeness didn't bother. It was they're style their heart that sung out and made a life changing album, to me that is. It got me headed for a better direction. And like lots of people loving the sound of the band and Chris Martins voice with lyrics soon became theraphy. I would like to add that they made some great B-sides to their singles. And one of them would probably have changed the whole content of the album "maybe" stating clearer what Coldplay really is?

  5.  Its one of the best albums ranging in the top


    I have to agree that this is one of the best albums in the 21th century. It doesnt wear out but still continues to give from itself. I would consider this the best album of the thrilogy. even though X & Y has its good qualities I still like this one better.
    So all in all a album that is worth your money if you want to find a album that doesnt wear out musically speaking.

  6.  Experience one of the better Live bands


    I recieved this CD/DVD recording as a gift.
    I heard their songs when they're not live, I'm happy to see that my view changed and I realized that this band is one of the better live bands in they're group. The extra material was really funny to watch and to experience. If your looking for a anointed CD/DVD this most certainly is it. Full of the presence of God. I recommend to buy this cd to all of those that has somewhat grown tired of the most common songs of praising and looking for something new. Not that u can ever grow tired praising God, but sometimes changes can do you good.