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  1.  Marty118 what are you on ??? EPIC GAME !


    This game was frowned upon as it was so soon after AC2 and people were worried of a cash in !

    Never fear this game is a huge acheivement and deserves its place towards Game of the Year. Its taken all the strengths of AC2 and thrown in more things for your enjoyment. Graphically looks very similar with slight touch up here and there. But its the sheer volume of tasks that make it a great bargain. I played one night for over 8 hrs straight and trying to complete levels, remodeling the town, side missions, feather collecting, treasure hunting and thought I was doing a great job when I looked at the completion level it showed 22% ????? I think COD could take a look at themselves with content like this !
    Throw in a strong multiplayer (Matt if you had no compass there is no way in hell you would find the other person ??? be even more boring then what your making out ?)
    Great game roll on AC3 because the competition is high with a game like this !

  2.  Great Game ...just feel a little bit short changed !


    This game does exactlt what it says on the tin.
    Great tracks and good online community fells very much like singstar in every way (Just more my kind of music)
    The freestyle beats make for a nice challenge and can really give you a sense of freedom and gives you the chance to express (in my case badly) your own lyrics.

    The only down fall is the track listing just feels like they left alot of the songs out for DLC and just feels slightly short of initial songs to rap to.
    Overall its a great game I would just wait for it to come down in price to feel the real value for money!

  3.  Long Loading Times ? Not enough Races ? PFFFT Epic Gaming !!


    I remember playing GT2 (Simulation Disc) Till god knows when in the morning with all the boys and from the moment this disc hit my PS3 and I hooked up online with the boys again that magic came right back.
    The loading times were long but the update hassorted this and for the fact people saying not enough races ARE U MAD ! ! Clearly thes epeople do not rememebr the old skool GT days !
    There is a clear difference between the premium and standard cars but once you start getting into the game you never even notice it . Online works an absolute treat had great fun racing my cars against friends without ANY lag what so ever.
    The game has taken a step in the right direction and It feels like its old skool roots and so it should as they were the best ones created. The leveling up idea makes for a more addictive game in a nut shell its world of warcraft of racing :
    - Leveling up
    - Huge online community
    - Has its slight blips but hardley noticed
    - back to its classic roots

  4.  Beating the competition (if there is any)


    what a great peice of software for the psp !
    it is a bit tricky to understand to start with but once you figure the controls (which wont take long) you will open up a huge music sofware program with drum machine, melody maker, record your own samples, 1,000 and 1,000's of pre included ones both from rockstar and timbaland and throw in live play that lets you button bash tunes and make fast funky tunes (and very addictive) for this price it is an absolute steal !!!!
    quality software by a quality company and quality producer
    rockstar has the touch of gold !!!!

    any music blood in your system the just buy it !!! brilliant

  5.  Best game ever


    Err i think the 300+ reviews give you an idea on how good this is

    If you aint got it yet your a plum

    No really a big plum

    Build create play enjoy simple!!!! Yet masterful 8)



    I have been playing this game for a while now and it is fantastic in terms of graphics (costumes being torn, cuts and wounds on each fighter) and the fighting is solid and great fun

    But as a long running mortal kombat fan im feeling slighty let down by the lack of content not many characters at all and the story mode links very well but is short and not very exciting and the fatalities are almost none existent as they are very tame.
    If your after the ultimate mortal kombat game you will be dissapointed but if you r after a solid fighting game with a great twist of two separate character basis then get the boys round, crack open a beer and fight!

  7.  SPoor ?/? i think not


    Brought this for the misus (cough) and thought i would have a quick blast.
    What a game dont listen to bad reviews it is great very funny to play and has great depth to it and the game changes each time your creatue "evolves" (think thats how you spell it)
    Its just a crazy game what started as a quick blast ended up being five ish hours and not bored once misus had to drag me off for dinner even overtook england match i mean thats just crazy
    Have a blast and you'll love it

  8.  JUST BUY IT!!!!


    I am so glad i got this controller it is well worth buying even if you have sixas already it adds edge to all games that support and it even made me get back into playing games that i left for GTA like Burnout(fantastic with rumble oh god yes)
    this is a worthy perchase and you wont regret it !!!

    just wish call of duty hurrys up with rumble support !

  9.  I WANNA ROCK!!!!!!!


    i got this from the missus for xmas and OH my GOD !!

    i sat in my dressing gown early morning whilst kids open presants and had a "quick" blast .................................
    three and a half hours later im still playin now standing and jumping round the room like some nuttah!!!
    the game is brilliant fun excellent party game and great fun to play all tunes you want to be on here are there with downloads coming out on ps store every week almost from guns and roses Welcome to the jungle to santana Black majic woman .
    the game will appeal to all ages and the feeling you get hitting solo to schools out alice cooper perfect bears none to comparison ..
    bottom line
    BUY IT or your a PLUM !

  10.  not the need for speed i expected


    this game had such good prospects "grown up racer " etc etc but it didnt come out as expected but i cant say its really bad because it isnt its just not what the hype made it the racing maybe easy but it is solid and great fun the tuning and vinyls are brilliant no ends to what you can do and throw in some classic cars porche 911 turbo - escort cosworth - gt40 and you have a great game.
    online is where it does shine great fun racing and no glitches where i can see but dont get pulled away from single player as it does work and is very good.
    just buy this game with an open mind forget the other n4s and go in fresh new console new need for speed get some mates round and enjoy it for what it is a great racing game and leave it there.