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  1.  A surprisingly nifty little gadget, and a bargain as well.


    I'm normally not Sony's biggest fan, and seeing the brand attached I was initially hesitant to buy this product - but I'm glad I did.

    The set is extremely comfortable and sits snuggly on any sized heat, I really doubt it would fall off even in the most extreme circumstances.

    When not in use the two ear pieces lock together magentically, which is very cool and makes the set look really nice, there is also a plastic frame included that can be clipped over the joined pieces to keep the set extra-safe.

    A lot of people have suggested this is an excellent product for the gym, but I'm not sure why it's just been pidgeon-holed for that application. It really works very well just as a comfortable and convenient mp3 player/headset.

    I have used mine for jogging, listening to music while in the bath, at home, commuting etc.

    Comes highly recommended.

  2.  Dark as night!


    This is a phenomenal show. It creates very authentic scenarios and draws the viewer into the deranged minds of some very sick individuals. Highly recommended! - Get's a little heavy if you watch three series' back-to-back like I did though.

  3.  Beautiful game!


    I played this game in beta and post-launch and found that although it had the best content and design of any mmorpg I have played it had lots of technical issues.

    I have recently resubscribed as of Feb 08 and I'm finding it to be the most enjoyable experience I have had for a very long time in multiplayer gaming. Many of the bugs and glitches have been ironed out and I'm really seeing just how pretty the game world is.

    The world of Telon has packed to bursting with content, so much so that I'm playing through the game with five or six characters at once and am still out leveling regions before I get a chance to fully explore them.

    The range of classes and races is tremendous and the game is very immersing. A word of warning though, its very addictive and can eat up all your freetime if you let it.

    This game has a very bad reputation because of the stigma attached to it from the state of the game at launch. I strongly urge you to disregard the information you read previously and check out some of the more recent feedback it has received.

    Seriously for £17 this is the best mmorpg on the market in my opinion. I suggest you grab a box as soon as possible and come join us on Xeth server, we're having a blast!

    Graphics 4/5
    Content 5/5 (seriously...)
    Design 4/5
    re-playability / lifespan 5/5

  4.  A fantastic piece of technology, but...


    The Playstation 3 is undeniably a powerful piece of kit. It has many fantastic and impressive features. I will however probably be very unpopular on here for my opinion, however I defy anyone to do their research and provide a sensible counter-argument.

    The graphically quality between the xbox 360 and the ps3 has thus far been virtually identical in the released games. However in most cases the xbox 360 is etched out the ps3's performance, in fact this is even more impressive as the ps3 titles have in most cases had significantly longer development periods. Most people haven't taken the time to research this but even though the ps3 was released long after the xbox 360 - sony released development kits at a similar time, the console was just massively delayed. This means that while xbox 360 is now on its second/third generation titles ps3 games should be at an almost identical period of development. People could argue that companies wouldn't start development on their newest games until the first lot were launched, meaning that the ps3's second and third generation titles would have a lapse period before development started, but this simply isn't true, companies are usually overlapping game development but several generations even within a single game license (for example a company may working on games 2,3 and 4 all at once for a particular brand)

    Many companies have also made significant complaints against the ps3, insisting that it is flawed and difficult to develop for. This is not a fan boy lie, the information direct from developers is out there - just check for yourself.

    I believed that the ps3 will actually eventually weigh in as significantly more powerful than the xbox 360, in terms of specifications at least it has a fair lead. However the technology is badly prepared for developers, this means that it will take time before the titles on the ps3 will actually reflect the superior technologies. In other words, although ps3 is more powerful for the next couple of years most xbox 360 titles will be released faster and look and play better, however companies that figure the hardware better will release games that easily surpass the xbox 360's best. These titles will be rare.

    Ultimately the differences between the ps3 and xbox360 in terms of power are cosmetic, they are fundamentally flawed. It makes little difference to a gamer if there is a game out there that looks slightly better than the one he's playing now, who actually cares when the differences are so minor?

    The real imporant difference between the consoles is a simple and obvious as can be - software choice and price. They are very, very important to the middle-market (non-fan boys) and to be fair the vast majority of people fall into this category. The xbox 360 is far cheaper with far more choice, fact. Non only does the xbox 360 have far more games available - and they're mostly better - but these games have been on the market for a longer-period so they are far cheaper.

    I could buy a ps3 and a mediocre game that has just been released for the same price as a xbox 360 and about 8 pretty decent games for the same price. Its just a numbers game.

    Anyway love it or hate that's my review. The ps3 is extremely proficient in its own rights and is well worth owning. However the xbox 360 slightly outmatches in a number of ways that count whereas the ps3's advantages feel and seem far more superficial. Other issues to be thought off before a purchase include Sony's abysmal treatment of customer care, and how Sony seems to hate early adopters, the wii also offers a unique experience - I have reviewed it separately. Remember though the xbox 360, albeit far better than ps3, is also not without is many flaws!

  5.  A take on the wii, some interesting facets!


    First things first; There have been a lot of disputes since its launch of the quality of the Nintendo Wii. The clearly agreed on opinion is that it offers a unique experience that is separate from the similarities between ps3 and xbox 360 consoles. However the huge volume of inaccurate and biased information available distorts the facts and can make it confusing for a potential consumer to make an informed decision, so i decided to pen this brief review of the wii console and some facts may interest you.

    Firstly the hardware itself; how does the wii hold up against its 'competition' - and yes i know it tries to tread a different path but its specifications are still under scrutiny.

    The wii is approximately twice as powerful as the nintendo Gamecube. This places it at a fraction of the power of the xbox 360 or ps3. The console is distributed at a lower price, albeit not significantly lower, but does that price suit the quality of the technology? The answer is a resounding no, in terms of power vrs price the wii is one of the most overpriced consoles around, and is already years out of date. However this is only referring to graphical prowess, the wii clearly stakes no claim to being a powerful console, at least not in a competitive state.

    The wii is unique in a number of other ways - especially in its attractiveness to consumers but also developers. The wii is heralded is a marketers dream because it breaks down the barriers between hardcore gamers and non-gamers - inviting women, elderly people and even young children to be enthralled with its unrivalled simplicity and unique charms.

    The facts are that the wii has had such a huge financial windfall because of this non-gaming community that have clamoured for the years must-have accessory. Don't get me wrong, this is by no means a bad thing - the industry can only be enriched by widening its horizons. However how many serious hardcore gamers do you know who have purchased a wii? Probably not many, and most of those will also own either a xbox 360 or ps3.

    Regardless of the 'manufacturers specification' this is no accident that the console is so popular with a previously untapped market. Nintendo clearly set out with an ambition to grab non-gamers and worry about hard-core gamers after-the-fact. Trust me I know, I have been a serious industry analyst, albeit an hobbyist rather than professional, for years. Looking back at years of Nintendo directions and movements - they began focusing on shorter Nintendo games on the Gamecube, specialising in quirky/gimmicky ideas that would have instant appeal for short play sessions. Then the introduction of the ds to their hand-held library of consoles, a medium upon which the pushed non-games harder than ever while left serious game-developers twisting in the wind while their tried to work out what to do with the new hardware.

    The wii is fundamentally a party experience. Look through the library of titles, almost all are multi-player, many are specially party games. Where's hardcore single player experiences are nearly non-existent.

    The review has been basically building to this point; The value of getting a wii relates to, and only to, you chosen style of gaming. Other questions about the quality, price, long-term successfulness are mostly moot. If you like playing games on your own, or like playing hard-core experiences you will get little out of the wii. It's unique interface confuses developers and will mean that, just like the ds, it will take years to just build up a modest library of titles.

    If, on the other hand, you like getting your friends over for a truly, truly awesome party atmosphere - This is the must have console. It offers fun well beyond its competition.

  6.  Utter brilliance captured on an album!


    It took five years but every masterpiece takes time. This album is everything we have come to love and expect from Tool.

    Deep meaningful lyrics, fantastic instrumentals, inspiring vocals, and a epic journey through every track.

    I recently took very ill and spent nearly a week in critical care. A friend bought me this album and a cd player at the beginning of the week and by the end I'd heard this album maybe two hundred times.

    It doesn't get boring and every song has unexplored depth within it. For example one of the songs; rosetta stoned, has lyrics relating to an alien encounter, one of the lines reads - and it looked right through me, with somniferous almond eyes.

    I was curious what somniferous actually meant, yes I'm a nerd for words, so I looked it up. I could only find one reference under google - define search, which is unusual, and it turns out its a very obscure word that means sleep inducing, which is A-typical of the claimed experiences of alien abductees.

    Lyrics later in the song are just so brilliant they make you laugh out loud.

    A great album, I cannot recomend it enough. Buy it, love it and get ready for the next album, let's just hope we don't have to wait another five years!

  7.  Tool is an artist and this is their masterpiece!


    This album is incredible, Tool is in my opinion just about the best band of all time and this is their finest work to date.

    The songs range from bittersweet somber to angelic ethereal. Each song is an absolute classic in its own right, even the interludes have their respective merits and dont grow as tiresome as most.

    It is doubtless in my mind how this album won so many prestigious awards. Aside from some of Tools other works, and some `A Perfect Circle songs, no other album has made me experience the same elation and utter amazement as this.

    You can probably tell from reading this review that I am enthusiastic about this album and this band, and trust me I cannot in my wildest dreams do its unique brilliance justice. If you were unsure as to whether to purchase this album do! And then purchase the rest of the albums straight after!

    The best purchase I ever made, would happily pay £1,000 for this album if it were the only way to obtain it.