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  1.  PS3 Purchase Because Of This Game..


    ...yep, you read that right people, I bought a ps3 just because of this game and so far I am not regretting my purchase! I've seen the game being advertised on TV over the past few weeks and thought to myself, oh wow, I have to get this. Usually a pc and 360 gamer , now with a nice new slim 320gb ps3 adorning my tv unit I haven't stopped playing this fabulous game. The graphics, the story the way the entire game is put together is obviously a labour of love for the developers, attention to detail is second to none with spot on voice acting etc....a top notch game that is worthy of the ps3 purchase alone. My only gripe with this game is the puzzle solving can sometimes be a bit tricky, but maybe that's just me. If you dont own this or a ps3, do yourself a flavour and buy one, regrets ? most definitely not ! cheers my gaming friends, enjoy!

  2.  Not Bad


    The game is ok but becomes sluggish for my liking, too tedious and the control system is poor. Graphically it looks dated in places too. I got bored of the sneaking around and yes I tried just all out run n shooting and ended up frustrated as I got killed quickly. Not for me but I guess die hard RPG fans will like it.

  3.  Impressive Bit Of Kit


    Came across this by accident just browsing the xbox360 accessories section. I'm always recharging batteries for my 2 wireless controllers and this looked like the perfect solution on reading the reviews which are spot on ! I already have a usb cable for charging my Nvidia 3D Vision glasses so just plugged the charging cradle in using this cable and within a couple of hours the supplied battery packs had fully charged. Well made, easy to use , useful and very nicely priced, highly recommended.

  4.  Excellent 3D


    Thank you Play, this arrived this morning (8thJanuary2011) so 2 days before release date !
    Watched 5 minutes to check the quality and I was not disappointed, I have a Samsung 50in 3D plasma and a Samsung 3D bluray player, popped the disc in and as soon as the movie started the 3D effect was absolutely fantastic. It's hard to go back to 2D after watching 3D, anyway, 5 minutes of testing the quality and I struggled to switch it off. Gonna watch it tonight with a curry and a few beers, can't wait, looks awesome! If you have the kit and fancy a change from the 3D animated movies buy this and enjoy ! Ordered Piranha 3D too, canny wait lol.

  5.  Good Fun ....


    ....but let down by the way it runs on many peep's computers. I had to upgrade my cpu to a quadcore to get this to run smoothly. Other than that, I think the game is good, being a 44yr old male that only plays the campaign mode this review is only for that. I don't play the multiplayer so cannot comment. Provided your pc meets the title's minimum spec it should play decently. Just enjoy .

  6.  Good.....


    ...but needs Kinect to make it great ! Imagine standing at your own oche and throwing the darts like you would for real but using the kinect controller ??

  7.  Awful 3D


    I recently purchased a Samsung 50in 3D TV and part of the package was a 3D Samsung bluray player, we've got a couple of 3D animated movies which are excellent so I thought I'd give this a go. Unfortunately the battery powered 3D glasses that came with my TV don't work with this movie, you have to use the included card glasses with red and blue lenses, in fairness the 3D effect is there just the left eye which is the red lens feels dark and I just kept wanting to rub my eye to clear the dark patch, couldn't bare any more than 5 minutes. Only bonus is you get the 2D bluray version in the box too. Not impressed with this.

  8.  Oh boyyyyy..............


    I've heard of this band but never heard any of their music until today - fearne cotton on radio 1 played their cover of a backstreet boys single which was to say the least, awesome! Had a listen to this album and it is such a mixture of hilarity, cringe and outstanding sound you just have to buy it !

  9.  Fan....


    ...bleedin tastic!!!

    This album is a great listen if you love rock and particularly Sammy Hagar, Van Halen and Joe Satriani ! Nuff said, just buy it !

  10.  Makes a change...


    ...to the usual genre of games. I've been umming and arring for months about this game, seen reviews etc and thought shall I or shan't I ? Well, I got it for six quid delivered and it's the best six quid I've spent on any pc game, infact, any game, period! It's addictive, immersive, completely different from anything else I've ever played and looks the nuts if you have a decent spec pc. Also comes with a soundtrack cd which I've just listened to and that is very good too. For the price this game is selling at on here just buy it, it's terrific.