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  1.  Inspired


    This year is turning out some brilliant releases, but as far as I'm concerned none of them even come close to this mammoth follow up album from one of the best bands in the UK right now.
    If you have followed this band, you will know their signature sound that ranges from crushing screams to soaring clean choruses all swept away in an ocean of sound from one of the most inventive instrumental sections around. Since their EP darkness prevails, the sound has only matured. And now, the band have pretty much defined the genre, with an album sure to catapult them to the heights they deserve.
    Think of bands like Tool or Deftones, and you will understand how the album can be as chilling with a whisper as with a full blown assault on your ears. You honestly can't give these guys enough credit.
    The main highlights of the album are An Ocean of Lights, and A Foreboding Sky, the latter of which begins as a piano ballad before reaching a devastating crescendo that is as beautiful as it is brutal. This band just perfectly mesh together melancholy and beauty, heavy and delicate. If there is one album you buy this year, make it this gem.
    5 stars undoubtedly.

  2.  That's a bingo!! ... Is that how you say it?


    Tarantino takes so much care and pride over his films that it was inevitably going to be a masterpiece. From the music accompanying the opening credits right down to the gritty tarantino-esque ending, everything in this film works. Christoph Waltz in his first english speaking film is outstanding as the jew hunting nazi Col, Hans Landa, while Hugo Sticklitz and Bradd Pitt's own Aldo Ray leave you with no choice to love them every time they grace the screen.
    Obviously the story is not historically accurate, which is the point. It is however, very interesting to consider how the war would have ended had these events actually occurred.
    This film is not for everyone, as unfortunately even Quentin Tarantino can't get EVERYONE to enjoy his style, but quite simply if you liked pulp fiction then this movie is truly unmissable.
    Great characters, great music, a nicely original storyline and littered with Tarantino trademarks, and this is the film that you need to see this year.
    So enjoy it in high definition and with all the extras you could want.
    Pre-order now.

  3.  So close to perfection


    It almost seems unfair of me not to give this game five stars, considering I can't quite put my finger on what it's missing.
    The story is outstanding, the combat system is easy to pick up and difficult to really master, and the voice overs are right out of the best cartoon series ever made. This is the best licensed game ever made, and has definitely one of the most if not THE most enjoyable story mode in a game this year at least.
    However, the game doesn't really offer any replay value, not to mention the story is shorter than I would have liked. I can't think of what it would take for this game to be better in my opinion, but it still seems to fall just short.
    Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly a game that you absolutely have to play, batman fan or not. Just expect to trade after completion.

  4.  Top notch metalcore


    I have been a fan of bleeding through since the release of This is Love, This is Murderous. While 2006's The Truth had songs that were absolutely brilliant live, it still left something wanting when in the CD player.

    Declaration is easily Bleeding Through's best work to date. They have really found their sound - where at times it seemed in the past that the band were almost playing against eachother, on this record everything fits perfectly. Brandon's vocals are the most powerful they have ever been; with screaming creating a truly suffocating sound, whilst the choruses are so beautiful yet dark at the same time. The recruitment of new guitarist Jona Weinhofen hasn't hurt the band either, bringing his experiences with I Killed The Prom Queen to the band.

    There are so many great potential singles on this album, and the first single Death Anxiety is one of the bands best songs to date. Other highlights include There Was A Flood, Germany, and the epic power ballad Sister Charlatan, which fuses fantastic guitar fills, crushing vocals, and a soaring chorus that shows Brandon really pushing himself to use his voice to the best of his ability.

    If you are a fan of bleeding through, or metalcore in general, buy this album. You won't regret it.

  5.  Torn


    This was my favourite of the harry potter books, and in truth, is one of the strongest of the films. However, it is by far the least faithful to the book.
    Having just watched it at the cinema, and having re-read the book last week, the story is fresh in my mind.
    For those who have only watched the films, obviously they will only know as much as the previous films have let on. However, as a huge fan of the books, i couldn't help but be frustrated at the alterations made throughout - substituting characters and using them in scenes where they didn't originally belong. Also, it would be absurd to expect the film to cover every single aspect of the book, but when key memories and events are being left out as well as invented scenes being included, it just seems like artistic license taken too far.
    All in all, the film is good, and will of course be a success. Fans of the movies will love it, but potter fans beware - you may be in for 2 and a half hours of frustration.

  6.  Such a bitter pill to swallow ...


    Easily the most accessible Devildriver album to date, this outing takes the brutal and complex rhythms and melodies from previous albums, as well as Dez's uncompromisingly rough vocals, and then mixes them with fantastic hooks and brilliantly structured songs. This results in an album that is easy to sit and listen to, whilst offering nonstop devastation.
    All in all, if you are a Devildriver fan, odds are you will love this album since it's a great devildriver album - my personal favourite tracks being bitter pill and forgiveness is a six gun. If you are new to Devildriver, this album is a good place to start, as it will ease you in with the more mainstream friendly hooks that appear throughout. Definite must buy for fans of any form of metal.

  7.  Music should always be this much fun!


    Whether this is an album 'for the fans' or simply to uppease their record label, the decision to make a covers album was a stroke of genius.
    Taking a bunch of familiar (and not so) gems from the 90's and approaching them with FYS's brilliant mix of hardcore and pop punk makes for the most enjoyable album of your summer. From Nirvana to Alanis Morissette, each of these covers has the sole ability to get you up on your feet and singing. Special mentions to Semi Charmed Life and Roll to Me, but every track shines in it's own right.
    Looking for a way to pick your spirits up, or even keep them high? Get this album.

  8.  Outstanding


    This was the last thing I expected from August Burns Red. After two breakdown laden albums that offered little more than a few moments of brilliance, Constellations is an absolute mind blower.
    From start to finish, this album is relentless; filled with brilliant hooks, crushing breakdowns, groove oriented riffs, mellowing piano and all rounded off brilliantly with Jake's vocal range noticably broader.
    I enjoyed the first two ABR albums, but never felt that they could compete with the likes of Parkway Drive or I Killed The Prom Queen. Suddenly, they are not only titans in the genre, but August Burns Red are potentially the Kings of metalcore.
    Definitely reccommended for fans of their earlier work, or Parkway Drive / IKTPQ. Crushing album.

  9.  Believe the hype


    I was skeptical of this at first, as it has had such hugely positive feedback that surely it couldn't be THAT good?
    Well it's better. Band of Brothers is with ease, one of the greatest pieces of television ever created. Based on real events and real people, this is a truly fantastic story. It is literally faultless.
    The characters are all excellent, and cast to absolute perfection, whilst the story is constantly gripping, constantly giving you more insight into each individual. The direction is brilliant - from the visuals right down to the music, and everything inbetween, this show is utter perfection.
    So all in all, if you don't think it's as good as people say it is, that's only because it is better.

  10.  Does It Make You Sick?!!


    Stick this CD in your stereo. Turn it up as loud as you can. And then just let it tear your face right off.
    This is in your face, abrasive metalcore filled to the brim with meaty riffs and constant breakdowns.
    I loved Killing With a Smile, but horizons really is the best thing Parkway Drive have done to date. By a long way.
    Every song is brilliantly crafted - okay with a standard formula for the most part, but it works! Intro, verse, chorus, breakdown; each song is made up of the standard sections you would expect. Just know that they are all done perfectly. Every song kicks you in the face and pins you up against the wall, while the band throws everything they have at you. My personal favourites are Carrion and Horizons, both songs slightly slower, but really showcasing the depth and enormity of the bands sound.
    Don't think that Parkway Drive are just another metalcore band, they are THE metalcore band you need to hear.
    5 stars through and through.