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  1.  Fantastic game for old resi fans. Highly recommend Slide Pad


    This game is exactly what i was hoping it would be. After the bitter dissapointment I had with Resident Evil 5, and not having many games for my 3DS i had fingers crossed that Revelations would impress, and that it did!

    From the get go, you will feel creeped out, with a very tense atmouspheric soundtrack and the claustrophobic nature of the levels. I do however, highly advise playing this game through high quality headphones to get the full effect (i used beats). Although some of the gameplay of old is missing, and zombies are aswell, as an old school resident evil fan myself, this is the first modern resident evil that hasnt dissapointed me by the abscence of zombies.

    This game easily has the best graphics and sound of any 3DS game to date, and as for the gameplay it is arguably the best of any of the modern resident evil games.

    One thing i couldnt recommend any more is to also purchase the slide pad pro as without this I was unable to find a way of aiming and moving at the same time (There may be a way but i couldnt find it) It also feels more natural to play this game with two slide pads instead of the one

    Best 3DS game ive played to date :)

  2.  Wheres the Resident Evil gameplay of old?


    This game severely dissapointed me in several ways, with the general reason being what have Capcom done to what was once a great Survival Horror game?

    What happened to the resident evil gameplay of old, with lots of puzzles to solve, picking up items few and far between, from pheasable places and not only this, it just isnt scary any more

    Now you go room to room fighting off hordes of what can only be described as a clone of the rage virus from the 28 days later movie, only to be rewarded by the bodies turning into extra boxes of bullets, or maybe a semi-interesting cutscene

    Dont get me wrong fans of 3rd person adventure/shooter games will probably love this but if your looking for old school gameplay of the old resident evils, i highly recommend you steer clear. What i can see is a great game, but it wasnt what i was looking for as an old resi fan, and expecting survival horror i couldnt have been more dissapointed

    If, however you want a modern take on old resident evil gameplay i highly recommend Resident Evil Revelations for 3DS

  3. 2012



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     Great disaster movie but long and drawn out


    This movie in my own opinion is brilliant, however if you hate movies that move at a slow pace I advise you to not watch this. I love disaster films and therefore loved this movie and with some of the best special effects to date who can blame me?

    If you want a disaster movie with a solid story and top notch special effects I highly recomend The Knowing (see my blu ray review)

    Overall slow movie that only disaster movie fans will truly appreciate and as expected the only strong acting to be found in this movie is from John Cusack as the lead role

  4.  Creepy but not as scary as a movie released at the same time


    This movie was creepy and yes it had a couple of big jump and yes it did send a few chills down my spine in several parts HOWEVER...

    After the movie had finished and i was back at home the horror of the movie had warn off and unfortunately was kind of ruined by a movie i watched a week earlier at the cinema...

    This is easily the scariest paranormal movie to be released to date but personally id advice people to compare this to The Fourth Kind which was not hyped up and was impressively scary.

    This is a great horror but not the scariest

  5.  Finally a scary film... its been too long


    At the beginning you are told by Milla Jovovich that "Some of the scenes you are about to see you may find highly disturbing." Lets just say dont take it likely as this movie has a few of the creepiest scenes ive seen in a movie to date, mainly when the movie cuts to archive footage. The first movie in at least a few years to have a lasting impression for the night after i watched it at the cinema... followed by a powercut at 3am which wasnt much fun

    Anyway if you believe, are open minded or just love a good scare then this movie is definately for you and in my opinion a better scare than the highly rated Paranormal Activity (although this was also quite freeky)

    Enjoy the movie!

  6.  Calling this a shooting game is a JOKE!!!


    When I first brought this game i couldnt have praised it more. This is mainly due to the fact that most people who got the game on release day play shooting games properly. Now that most people have it, I just find it a JOKE to call this a shooting game. Dont get me wrong if people played this game properly, like just after release it would be brilliant. Fact is i can count the deaths on 2 fingers that occur from being SHOT in each match. It seems that the only thing people use guns for is to attach a grenade launcher and then either use that, or knife people. This game is a brilliant game spoilt by people who wont play a shooting game properly. I prefer the good old days of the original xbox the home of the best online shooter ive played yet (Rainbow Six 3) for the simple reason you were only ranked by kill ratio and everyone was friendly, yet on COD: MW2 there has rarely been a match where i havent had insults thrown at me and a friend for no reason whatsoever. Also COD is simply a cheater heaven where their so obsessed with their rank they will cheat so they can go up that extra level... CLEVER YOU!!! Funny thing is since Rainbow Six 3, the best shooter ive played was a call of duty, call of duty 3. All i hear is it getting slagged off yet that game i never ran into nasty people and i always had fun because it was FUN and SIMPLE, with no complicated ranking system, weapon attachments or stupid perks, which i think are just glorified power ups and something for people who just cant play shooting games. All in all fun shooters have dissapeared and in place we have to play rank orientated games full of cheats and nasty people.

    With 95% of my deaths comming from grenades, grenade launchers or knifes its a JOKE to call this a shooting game. I give it 2 stars for the fact when i first got this game, it was brilliant until people brought this who quite simply are way too dedicated to ranking up.

  7.  Glad I didnt go cinema - Total Dissapointment


    Borat I found to be a marmite film. Some people hated it, others loved it (me being one of them). I expected this movie to be as funny if not more so, and the most unbelievable thing is it got rated 5 stars by the press HOW?!? As other reviewers have said and been told unhelpful, this movie relies solely on shock humour that just isnt funny and borderlines on outrageous. Granted there are a couple of chuckle scenes but nothing that you could call hilarious. All in all one of the worst comedies I have seen so far and only really funny to those who think immature humour is funny. How on earth some people have rated it 4 or 5 stars on here is beyond me!

  8.  Keep an open mind and you'll love this movie!


    Went to see at cinema twice simply for the special effects which are nothing short of stunning. There are two criticisms, one of which is most probably exclusive to the blu ray version. One is the ending which as you will see has had lots of slating in reviews on here, however if like me you watch this movie with an open mind and you will see the ending as different and unique, not rubish as most people reviewing have suggested. The second criticism that may be exclusive to the blu ray version is that as the actors/acresses in the movie moved around there is a little bit of motion blur which was only noticed by my friend and not myself.

    Not mentioned yet is the sound which i found to be faultless and is one of the best blu ray movies ive seen to date (not best movie but the best use of blu ray) although to say the movie is brilliant is not a lie

  9.  More of a drama than a horror...


    Real life stories always intrigue me, and it was the same with this movie. This was an ok movie to watch but not brilliant. What surprised me is horrors i enjoy get great reviews while not so scary horrors get raving reviews. I did not find this movie scary, apart from a few jumpy moments, however the film had a solid story that kept me watching from beginning to finish. This is not to say that you wont find it scary because a few of my friends did. It is definately worth a watch but not something id buy.

  10.  This is not scary and not clever...


    The one point il make first is that I used to play resident evils for the creepy atmousphere and scary scenes. Note to anyone buying this game: IT IS NOT SCARY IN THE SLIGHTEST

    When i heard there was a resident evil 5 comming out i thought highly that it would be a great game. Having played Resi's 0, 1, 2, 3 and Code Veronica (not yet played 4) I was hoping for an atmouspheric game with jumpy moments and the usual resident evil realism intact. Instead all I got was a game that would be more at home in an arcade than in my home. For instance the reason resident evils of the past were so great was the same usual philosophy of pick up ink reels for type writers, use them to save your game with a type writer, lots of puzzles to crack and most importantly the story played out over the great gameplay to make you want to play more. Truth is, resident evil was better with zombies than '28 days later' style rage virus infested towns

    From all of this the biggest let down is the arcade style gameplay. For me resident evil was about puzzles, atmousphere and picking up items from locations where these items could be found (not finding that once you shoot an enemy they manage to somehow turn into a box of bullets. Realism is what make games scary which is why resident evil and silent hill rate as 2 of the scariest game series of all time.

    If you like arcade style gameplay like i just described then you should love this but as for me, the only point i can make in favour of this game is that the graphics are fantastic, but as this game proves, graphics aint everything i mean id play resident evil 2 over this any day.

    would be 1 star but given 2 stars due to excellent graphics and game audio