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  1.  Kinda a prequel. I guess.


    This book is marketed as a "prequel" to the latest Transformers movie but unlike Alliance, the story is actually set on Cybertron during the time the Autobots and Decepticons started their civil war. However, it still has elements you can connect directly to Revenge of the Fallen.

    The story is interesting, especially to newer fans, as it gives a view on how Optimus Prime and Megatron first became enemies and gives more insight into other characters like Ironhide and Bumblebee. There is a decent political element too, with a fair bit of action too - no romance or comedy really, but it's still a good mix!

    As to be expected from IDW's stories, the art is up to a great standard too, and a selection of original cover art is included after the main feature. Well worth a purchase.

  2.  Worst in the wave


    While Breakaway looks great in vehicle mode, his robot mode is really not so good. As well as the figure being rather small, the transformation is very quick and basic...as you can see from the picture, his two modes are not THAT different. Furthermore, the blue plastic used for certain parts look really kinda cheap and tacky.

    It's not TOTALLY awful, but compared to other deluxe figures (like the excellent Rampage), it's really lacking.

  3.  Don't shake it too much


    This isn't an awful album as such, but it could have been pretty good with better vocals and lyrics. Musically, much of the CD is pleasing, but too many tracks are ruined by the sleazy lyrics and delivery. Most lines are spoken in pervy tone with as many cringeworthy references to sex you can possibly fit in to three minutes.

    Metro Station come across at wanting to be Hellogoodbye, but fall way short, in the abscence of any wit or likeability. Imagine an album full of "dirtier" versions of Here In Your Arms and you're not too far off (although Kelsey is, quite honestly, actually very good). This really could have been better.

  4.  More than meets the eye!


    People generally expect disappointment from movie games, and usually rightly so. But seriously - Revenge Of The Fallen is a BRILLIANT game.

    Replacing the free-roaming style of the first game, this is split into different missions. This never feels restrictive - you unlock new missions as you progress, and are free to choose between them at will (as well as choosing between Autobot and Decepticon storylines - each with different missions). You can also play as different Transformers in each mission (although you have to unlock this), adding different elements of driving or flight.

    Online multiplayer has also been added. While obviously not as busy as the likes of COD and GOW, there are a few different modes to play, and it's great fun.

    The control scheme is different too. It might take a bit of getting used to, but once you've nailed it, you should LOVE it. Transforming is a lot more fun and can be done midair or in the middle of certain attacks.

    The presentation is great - good graphics and nice voiceovers. There are a lot of unlockables too, like art galleries, new characters/skins for multiplayer and even full episodes of the original series to watch.

    It's VERY different to the game of the first movie. Don't be put off by any disappointment from #1 - this is probably one of the best games you'll play this year, and one of the best movie games ever!

  5.  The Force is weak with this one


    For some reason, I was excited when I heard about this game. I was hoping for a deep adventure with intuitive, accurate controls. I was wrong.

    Lightsaber Duels is essentially an inferior version of Bleach: Shattered Blade. Battles are slow-paced and can be won simply by thrashing around until the other Jedi runs away. Unneccesary Force powers are tacked on, but rarely work.

    The presentation is nice enough, but irritating comments are repeated ad nauseum through battles ("Why don't you grow a beard like Master Qui-Gon?!" is a common - and annoying - one).

    If the game had an option to play without motion controls, it may have been better - even ignoring the other faults, the control scheme kills it. If you're desperate for a Star Wars game, you'd be much better with The Force Unleashed.

  6.  Viva What Happens In Vegas!


    If you're looking at a listing for an Ashton Kutcher movie, you should know what to expect. If you hate him, stop reading now...if you like him, you'll probably like this film.

    There's nothing groundbreaking or particularly original (the movie is quite similar to Just Married, also starring Kutcher), but it's generally likeable and fun. Not much more that can be written really...you can probably tell from the outset if you'll be interested.

    The digital copy (see video above), really adds value to the package, as digital versions of movies generally cost around £11. The ability to watch the movie on your iPod (or other selected portable devices) is a nice free extra!

  7.  Don't let yourself be fooled!


    The blurb on Play (and on the box for the product) boasts that this is the "easiest" way to connect to games consoles wirelessly, suggesting you only need to press a button and it will instantly connect without any hassle.

    Typically enough, this is blatantly untrue. For an item that's supposed to make wireless gaming available for anyone, regardless of networking knowledge, this is a bona fide piece of junk.

    It connected to my DS after about 15 minutes and four attempts. Other than that, it REFUSES to connect to the Wii or PS3 - apparently there are no access points in range, even though this piece of junk is six feet away with the AOSS button having been pressed.

    In summary: AVOID.

  8.  FYI, House of Wax is the same price.


    I'll get it out of the way right now, before I get into things about the plot. If you're buying this movie to see Paris Hilton in a starring role, don't bother.

    Yes, she's the main feature on the DVD cover, her name is in bigger print than the actual movie name on the spine, and Play has put her name in the item title, but all this is just a cheeky way to reel people in. It worked on me though, so I guess it's worked out alright!

    Miss Hilton's role in Nine Lives isn't too dissimilar to that in House of Wax, just with even less of a part here. While the DVD (and those rascals at Play!) want us to believe Paris is the star of this movie, she's virtually an extra.

    Now for the minor details. As a supposed "horror" movie, this is seriously lacking. In a nutshell, a ghost of a Scottish patriot comes back to life after one of the characters finds a book in the wall, so decides to possess people and make them lose their eyes. I think. There's never really any sense of tension, or anything to make you jump. I was never set on edge as the characters turned around a dark corner in the mansion, mainly because there's never really anything there.

    Also because I kinda wanted them to get killed. The victims here are a bunch of ex-public schoolboys (and girls), all pretending to be 21 but looking quite blatantly older (but to be fair, that's nothing new). For the most part, they're absolute twerps who seem to have got lost on their way to the St. Trinian's audition. The gang bursts into a rousing rendition of "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" (eh?) as the birthday boy blows out his candles. I was perplexed.

    The only characters I really cared about were the Scottish guy (the only guy who wasn't snobby/dim/a neanderthal) and Philosophy Girl (I missed her name, but she's lovely).

    For an (apparently) low-budget movie, it comes across very polished and well-made. No bad camera shots or sound quality, but it's worth keeping in mind the 4:3 presentation, with black borders at the top and bottom too. Not a major problem...just FYI.

    I have no idea why this got a BBFC 18 rating by the way. The violence and language is minimal, and there's no sex/nudity or drug use. So it's probably a safe movie to watch with your parents, but if you're into gruesome (or scary movies), you're better off elsewhere.

    Overall, not an awful movie, just not a really good one. If you want a much better horror movie, with Paris Hilton in a half-decent role at a budget price, Play also stocks House of Wax.

  9.  The music in YOU?


    I'll get it out of the way now...this is a great game for HSM fans, and I wholeheartedly recommend it (if you can find it anywhere!).

    If I could have given 4.5 stars, I would have done. But oh well...more about the game, for those who are interested...

    Rather than go for super-realistic graphics, the developers have gone for a nice cel-shaded look. All the characters are instantly recognisable, but with a very unique look. Lots of bright colours, and dance moves replicated very well from the movies. The in-game menus are very slick and easy to navigate too.

    Speaking of characters, as well as the main six characters (Troy, Sharpay et al), there is a decent selection of unlockable characters, including Zeke, Kelsi and...er...Ms Darbus(!).

    There's plenty of unlockable songs too. The game starts with just the HSM1 soundtrack, but by getting good grades in songs, you can unlock the HSM2 songs, as well as a load of extras from the Cheetah Girls, Aly & AJ and other similar acts.

    There's also a lot of unlockable arenas and new outfits for the characters. It will take a good while to totally complete the game.

    The only real drawback of the Wii edition is that PS2 gamers get two microphones with their version, while this only comes with one...and for a higher RRP. This means that friends or siblings will have to buy a copy of the game each to play together, and pretty much puts a dampner on the idea of party play.

    But still...for HSM fans, this is a must have. The songs, although cover versions, are excellently done and are all a lot of fun to sing (all lyrics are included the manual). A small variety of extras also comes on the disc, including a Zac Efron interview and a few other bits and bobs, and all the unlockables should keep wannabe Troys and Gabriellas playing for ages.

    Overall, a HSM fan's dream package. I deducted a bit for the lack of a second mic, but consider it a five-star game otherwise!