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  1.  fast cpu lots of ram


    First I should say I purchased the 500 gig hard drive version, but this no longer appears to be available on here.
    All other specs are the same and for me a combination of a fast processor and 6 gig of ddr 3 memory makes this acer just about perfect for any work task. I bought my acer to work on my web site using page plus, having switched from MS pub. Also I use paint shop pro 9, as it was the last version that is not corel, it was still jasc, I don't buy corel products.

    I have had no problems with the lap top at all and can run both page plus x4 and paint shop pro, thus far never had a message telling me I am low on memory.

    The screen is nice and clear, battery life is very good, wifi never fails. I touch type and find the keys very easy to use and touch pad out of the way, I am typing this on the acer. The machine is also pretty light and does not get very hot, so easy on the lap.
    Comes with DVD write, not used yet.

    Connection wise, it only has three usb, but I use a mobile hub if I need more and there is no firewire which I have had on just about every previous lap top, but have to confess, never used.
    It also has hdmi, doubt I will use that, vga, maybe, and ethernet which I already used to set up the router. Mic in earphone out. Not tons of connections, but for a works lap top, fine.
    For anyone needing other connectors, bare in mind most have usb adapters.
    Oh and no pcmcia slot, which I don't miss at all.

    I have to say I removed just about all the software that came with the machine, as I always like to add my own, IE I removed the virus software as I always use avast and got rid of the MS office trail asap and added open office.

    I gave this only 4 stars as it is a little expensive, just cause it has a 750 gig drive, mine was a little under 500gbp which I think is a bargain. Most lap tops at this price are much lower spec.

    I can see two down sides, the bevel around the screen is flimsy and there is a 1 inch line of what look like shallow pin holes above the keyboard that seems to fill up with dirt.

  2.  worst film ever


    How some people say this is ok I just do not understand. It is just Rubbish. I could not even get into this film. It is a wind up from the start. What a joke of a film. If I could I would give it minus five starts.

  3.  its not bad


    I have one of these, I got it for a bit of web browsing, it's not bad.
    The screen is not very responsive to touch, so it can be hard getting it to do what you want, so takes a bit of
    practice. Using a firm touch helps, the stylus works pretty well.
    I got it for 130 gbp from play, it was definitely worth the money. There are a lot of apps to put on it, some
    free some not. I have four browsers on it at the moment, trying to decide which is the best. Opera or Dolphin, both free.
    I read it was hard to add apps, but every app I have tried to add has installed with no problem at all.
    It can be used as a book reader, but I think back lit is not a good idea for reading books, I already have a Cybook.
    Boot time is pretty quick and connects to network with no problem, connected to home and work thus far.
    Comes with a cover, charger and various adapters for usb and ear phones.

  4.  Cheap Camera


    Got this for my wife, she wanted a cheap camera. You get what you pay for it's a cheap camera, feels a bit cheap too. 12 megapixel just means it produces really large files. The lens is the other half of the quality story. photos in dim light tend to be over exposed. Nice to have a large back screen, but I prefer a proper view finder, which this does not have.