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  1.  boring


    This game is one of the worst boxing games i have played, i disliked it on the first fight its sloppy. When punching sometimes it wont connect but still count as a hit, the arms may go through the head, its fast games play makes it a button basher, this game is nothing compared to fn.
    Hope mit helps

  2. Angles


    Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - CD

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     u have to hear it


    i really enjoyed these songs especially the dizzy rascal remake "complete remake" but 1 song did creep me out really eary song was magicians assistant but these songs really make u listen

  3.  excellent, dont need to say much more


    this game runs perfect on a good spec computer/laptop trust me have good specs atleast 2gig ram to get a good run, story line is excellent

  4.  slow, bored


    this game "looked" excellent, i did enjoy the first level getting use to all the powers, but the story line is just really really slow , and the time powers get a bit boring you pause time max 7seconds ruins it, i do enjoy the rewind thats good.
    graphics 8/10
    gameplay 7/10
    story 2/10

  5.  WOW no


    graphics are superb, gameplay is even better story line didnt like it, in the city is the best part of the game killing cops ("in Game") is pretty good too, then you hit the jungle BAM its ruined

  6.  cartoony look


    when i first started playing the game i didnt enjoy it, loading times, rare checkpoints, and it had a cartoony feel to it just didnt look right, but once you get into it, it is reasonably enjoyable to play.

  7.  tch tch


    i was looking foward to watching this as i enjoyed lwr, but it did seem to b all about ewan, his wife didnt improve it either, charlie seem to not get alot of the screen mostly based around ewan. but it was enjoyable to watch, funny at some times aswell