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  1.  Brilliant.....but.


    i think as ever EA have done themselves proud with all the detail and intricacy with which they out-do themselves every year, but i think the 'Be a goalkeeper' mode was a bit of a waste of time, The AI of the players on both your side and the oppositions don't act as they should, half the time there just running back on themselves, running in horizontal lines or making bad passes, the manager (if ur just a player) is rubbish, he doesnt make good subs or change balance of play, so if ur losin 1 - 0 i've noticed u start defending in ur own half with ten minutes left and cos ur the keeper u just have to watch on in frustration as have YET ANOTHER GOALLESS DRAW, because ur strikers wont shoot and ur defenders wont let them shoot. thats just one of the things i find annoying about this game, but like i said everything else is fine but goalkeeper mode needs a lot of work.

  2.  same but different


    i have 3 points to prove in this game:
    1. the gameplay is more or less the same as the first with top view and button bashing combo's, building up your stamina for an attack etc. however they have added fusion moves this year which if you remember the first game they had something along the same lines but it was just dumb luck that you and another hero hit them with a power at the same time. a good move.
    2. longevity. a good decent time of play with combat missions etc but the first game's danger room mission was a much better idea with playing through the hero's origins which added to the fun and you learned about the charachters aswell which gave it lots of playability. not as m,any costumes this year which also takes the enjoyment down a notch for hardcore marvel fans.
    3. story line. based on the civil war comics and a good move i say but the story line never gets going and having to play through it on two different storylines does up the length of the game but i think it could have been done a lot better. with the first game you wanted to keep playing to know what happened next adn it was exciting. the voice acting is below par and the animations are a bit lifeless and dull.
    all in all you should buy this game. with this sort of game the DLC options should be limitless and i can only imagine it getting better with time with extra hero's, combat missions and new costumes becoming availiable. so dont judge it on first play and keep your fingers crossed for DLC's

  3.  FIFA Wins Tilte Again But Pro Evo Gets a Shock Relegation


    having now played both demos, i feel FIFA will be the main football game for years to come unless Konami get a brand new team in or someone like codemasters or even microsoft start making them. FIFA has always been my favourite game but i have always bought Pro Evo because of the fact i always think it couldnt possibly be any worse than last year, read my Pro Evo review to read about that.
    Anyway football games are not about making you feel like your playing football its about making you feel like your playing a televised match and this is why people who love watching any match (regardless of what team it is) love FIFA because its a football lovers game.
    the commentry is sublime there are no random shouting the players names or saying things a hundred times a match. there are intricate details about the team you are playing or playing against and this year about the stadiums as well.
    When you are playing i often forget that i am controlling a player and when drogba misses from 6 yards out i always shout at him or laugh because its something i would do if i were watching on tv, it creates that illusion.
    the players have charachter, when they miss you feel there anguish and sometimes embarrassment, the goalkeepers also have personality petr cech seems to willingly risk life and limb trying to stop the ball, you can feel the urgency in the defenders and the strikers when you are attacking. the goalkeepers also have more realistic reaction time and are moreintelligent by jumping at the ball rather than the general direction to where the ball is going. they want to keep that ball out.
    the shooting as well, you get the feeling that the players actually want to score, not just kicking the ball in the direction of the goal, the running off the ball is superb, if a player gets through the defence witha through ball several defenders will go hell for leather in trying to get back and so will the rest of the team. it will be interesting playin as man utd to see if wayne rooney gets back to defend after having a shot.
    players take up more intelligent positions based on the strikers which i havent seen before but it has been promised and never put into frusion.
    finally the graphics and gameplay are what you expect of FIFA these days. players posture when they change speed and angling themselves for a shot or re-positioning for a header, moving away from markers at corners and jossiling for better position. the physics on shoulder barges is brilliant and the strength of a player actually matters.
    FIFA deffinately gets a 5 out of 5 for me. thanks for reading.

  4.  Let it Grow


    I found this game annoying at start with long installation, However, i like the fact that most of the wrestlers have to be unlocked and arenas too, this gives game more play time. if you like the knockout kings career where you have to work your way up to the big time then you will like the story mode, unlike SVR's where you create a wrestler and in your first pay per view are a number one contender for the title. I also like the impact points mode which reward you for using different moves which keeps the game fresh and not repetative for every match unlike SVR again which seems to only take 3 mins tops to win a match by using powerbombs always through and a finisher. I give this game a four because create-a-wrestler mode is very basic. graphics are 10/10, roster is 10/10 but match types are also very limited along woth weapons. and GTA4rubbish if you have enough money to throw a game in the bin after less than 24 hours then i suggest leaving the reviews up to people who actually live on a place called earth and even try to find postitives in the games they work hard for to buy with what little money they have.

  5.  still funny but


    Great DVD, A must buy (if you dont own the other two)

  6.  Lost for Words


    well what can i say, i usually buy the top 2 football games (fifa and pes), but this year judging by the demos i am not wastin my money on this one, it seems konami have taken our critisism of last years effort on next gen too literally, instead of wading through some sort of green marmite type surface you seem to be ice skating (badly) on what seems to be fairy liquid with grass sprinkled on top, no contact seems to be made between player and pitch. and creating a "new" AI system every year doesnt seem to be working out, rubbish refereeing decisions which make u want to put your foot through your tv and all the AI "improvements" seem to be made towards the oppositon making better decisions, what about our players who seem to be so ball greedy they disposess there own players and make decisions of there own (bad ones). They dont run towards the ball instead they run into space between the ball and about 5 defenders. overall i think konami have a "if its not broke, dont fix it" sort of approach. its not exactly broke but it needs a servicing and maybe a few new parts to make it run a bit smoother and give us all that "pro evo" feeling when scoring a goal, hug our tvs and pull our t shirts over our heads. not to mention spend an hour analysing a replay of tap in. so keep em comin but fifa gets the king of the demos this year i'm afraid and its probably what i'll be spendin my hard earned cash on.