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  1.  Esseential purchase for any DS owner


    If you are a fan of Mario Kart you don't really need to read much more. It remains as good as it ever was. If you need a bit more convincing, trust me it is excellent. The graphics are about as good as the DS can manage and they look superb. They're sharp and colourful and fit the style of the game perfectly.

    The gameplay is and always has been MarioKart's strength and although not much has changed since previous incarnations, it remains very addictive. If you get the chance to play it against others, be it over the net or just against someone nearby, it can really take over your life.

  2.  Complete Waste of Money


    I cannot urge you strongly enough to not buy this game. It is amusing (at best) for all of 30 seconds. Once you get passed the familiar music and sound effects you'll realise how little there is to this game if there isn't real money at stake. There's very little in the way of extras beyond the main game and the mini games are so pathetically easy you'll actually end up deliberately guessing wrong just to get back to the normal game, which is dull in its own right.

    If you want to try your luck against the banker there are a multitude of deal or no deal games to play online for free and you'll still end up bored quickly. Please do not buy this game.

  3.  The Simpsons at its absolute peak


    This DVD is worth it for Homer vs The 18th Amendment (the episode where alocohol is banned) and You Only Move Twice (Where Homer works for the Bond villainesque Hank Scorpio) alone. Homer's Phobia is quite possibly the finest Simpsons episode ever. If you only buy one series of the Simpsons, make it this one.

  4.  £5 Cheaper Than From Microsoft


    If you have an Xbox 360 and you don't have Xbox Live you're not using it to anyhting like its full potential. This is the cheapest I've seen the membership anywhere so its an essential purchase if you don't already have a subscription.

  5.  Not really worth it


    One of the best things about Live Arcade games is that you can save them to your hard drive and not have to change discs. That is not the case with these games. Bejewelled, Geometry Wars and Texas Holdem are the only ones you'll play at any length and (I haven't worked the price out to know if this is true) I'd guess it would be cheaper and more convenient to just download these from the Marketplace.

  6.  £6 for the best film ever made? Bargain


    The funniest film ever made and a plethora of extras, what more could you ask for?

  7.  Stunning but far from faultless


    Gears of War is the most graphically amazing game I have ever seen on a console.

    The campaign mode is quite short but enjoyable while it lasts. My main complaint is that the Corpser (the big spider thing you might have seen on the adverts) is so simple and boring you'll be left feeling like you haven't achieved anything.

    The online mode is where this game really shines. If you do not have Xbox live you won't enjoy this game half as much much as you could. A 4 on 4 deathmatch on a good connection is throughly entertaining and the game becomes addictive very quickly. There is a problem with poor connections and host advantage which could have been solved by Epic or Microsoft running dedicated servers like the ones in Halo 2 and it can be very frustrating at times. This should not put you off too much though as once you get used to the online mode you'll wonder how you lived without it.

  8.  A huge improvement over the original but online is a letdown


    The original Worms: Open Ware was a huge let down. Not many weapons and not a huge range of play modes. Open Warfare 2 delivers many more weapons (the Holy Hand Grenade is back!), a much better campaign as well as the very entertaining (and at times frustratingly difficult) puzzle mode. There's also a time attack mode to be unlocked which is good fun.

    The thing that really made me buy this game was the promise of multiplayer over the internet but so far I have been unable to complete a single game of it. This may be due to my connection but the game always disconnects before I can finish a game.