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  1.  Fantastic ending to a superb trilogy


    This book is the third in the Old Kingdom Trilogy, and follows directly on from Lirael, the second book in the series. There really isn't much to write about this. If you have read the first two books, then you should be scrambling to read this in order to conclude what is a superb story. If you haven't read them and like fantasy novels, then go and read them. You will not regret it. For the more apprehensive, read my previous reviews of those two books to get a bit of an insight into this top quality fantasy series.

  2. Lirael



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     The second book in the Old Kingdom Trilogy


    Lirael is the second book in the Old Kingdom Trilogy, being the sequel to Sabriel (which I reviewed and gave five stars). It is set years after Sabriel, yet some of the old characters are present in this book, as well as the same familiar world. The main focus, however, is the new characters.

    Lirael is a slightly different read to Sabriel. For a start it is slightly slower paced, and covers things in more detail. Compared to the blistering pace of Sabriel it is almost sluggish by comparison at times. However, this extra detail gives a greater appreciation for the world and builds a more in depth plot. This in itself is welcome, as the world created by Nix was always worthy of a more in depth look. Ultimately this book does not have a definitive ending to the plot, leading the final book in the series, Abhorsen, to finish off what is an excellent story. If you liked Sabriel (and you really should have), then have no hesitation in moving on to this. It's more of the same excellent writing in the same compelling world.

  3.  One of the games of 2008


    Fallout 1 & 2 were fantastic games, but very few people really played them compared to how good they were. Fallout 3 is the much anticipated sequel, and whilst the core of the game is similar it is presented in an entirely different manner.

    The first thing to note is that Fallout 3 is not really a first person shooter. You can shoot like a standard FPS, but it is clunky and doesn't feel right. You should really use the VATS system, which pauses the action and allows you to pick your targets, then plays out that section of the battle. It is a great system and makes combat a joy.

    The game world is what makes this game. It is huge and brings with it endless nooks and crannies to explore. The main quest is only the start of this game, and there are literally hundred of hours worth of things to do. Everything about the game world combines to make a truly immersive experience that you can play out how you want.

    If you feel like losing yourself in a game, you won't find a more high quality offering than this.

  4.  A pleasant surprise


    To be honest, I was not expecting a whole lot from this film. Having been released around the same time as the critically acclaimed Superbad and Knocked Up, it ended up being cast into the background and didn't receive a lot of attention.

    However, despite this it is actually genuinely funny, charming, and very watchable. It's well paced and will certainly leave you satisfied if not crying with laughter. Sandler and James have good chemistry on the same, and work well to create a comedy that, whilst certainly not a classic, is well worth a watch.

  5.  An absolute gem of a title


    Game developers tend to take themselves too seriously nowadays, so it's nice to finally find a game where the developers have clearly had fun making it. And that simply means that you'll have fun playing it.

    The game is charming and genuinely funny from start to finish. It's a must buy for anyone with any level of interest in both Star Wars and Lego, but even those Star Wars fans with a good sense of humour should take a look. It's an exceptional game that'll leave you with a smile on your face.

  6.  Exceptional


    This is not just the best turn based strategy game on the Nintendo DS, it's one of the best turn based strategy games made on any console. It's that good. An absolute must for strategy fans. This will keep you busy for months.

  7.  A modern classic


    Nintendo have managed to come up with a platformer that plays every bit as good as the classic SNES platformers such as Super Mario World. This is simply stunning. If you've been gaming for a while, this will remind you why you fell in love with games in the first place. If you're new to gaming, you won't find a better introduction than this.

  8.  Classic


    Link To The Past was without a doubt one of the best games on the SNES, and this game contains an absolutely perfect version of it. In addition, you get a new adventure in the shape of the Four Swords, which just adds more replay value (especially with three friends) to what is an unmissable title. Even if you've upgraded to the Nintendo DS, this is well worth a look.

  9.  Not as clever as it wants to be


    Top Spin 3 is a very different kind of tennis game, and is geared more towards a simulation that any other tennis game ever made. What this means is essentially that there are four different kinds of basic shot (flat, top spin, slice, lob), and you have to hold down a button to bring the racket back, and release it to swing. The timing of the latter is what will frustrate a lot of people. This game is difficult, and is simply not accessible for the casual gamer. I expect that many will give up with this game before they have even scratched the surface. If you are not familiar with games or do not play games often, I would flat out recommend that you do not purchase Top Spin 3. If you do not like tennis, you certainly should not purchase the game. I imagine that plenty of people will purchase the game and not give it a fair chance because of the inaccessible nature of it.

    In a way, that is a shame, because there is a lot that is positive about this title. The player creator is very decent, the career mode is well constructed, and the online World Tour mode is the best online tennis mode in terms of structure that has ever been created.

    Yet the whole package does not come together as well as it should. Volleying is ineffective to all but the most skilled gamers, as lobs are too powerful and the timing of the volleys is very difficult to get to grips with. The serve out wide is too powerful, and is already overused to a horrendous extent online. The movement of the players is also problematic, and it just doesn't feel intuitive or responsive enough. Often balls will fly past you that you are convinced your player should have reached.

    There are also some glaring omissions. Doubles has been unforgivably overlooked, and ranked online doubles doesn't even exist. The selection of real life players is fair but could have been better. Nadal does not feature in the 360 version, as he is a PS3 exclusive. This is bound to anger 360 owners after his success at Wimbledon. You also can't play with real life players ranked online, which means that you have to play through the entire career to have a chance of competing in online ranked matches. This will no doubt lead to players whizzing through the career to get to play online, which is a shame.

    This review is in danger of sounding too negative, and I don't want it to be. The game is satisfying, and there are some fantastic moments online when you nail a cross court top spin shot and leave your opponent stranded. The game is competitive online, and the World Tour and career modes offer a lot of replay value and play time. If you like your tennis games and want something more simulation oriented, then I would recommend at least renting this. Just be aware that this is not the holy grail of tennis computer games, as much as it wants to be.

  10.  The definitive Blackadder collection


    Blackadder is certainly not everybody's cup of tea. Some people just cannot get into it. However, for those who do like it, this is the definitive Blackadder collection. It compromises of all four of the main series (Blackadder, Blackadder II, Blackadder the Third and Blackadder Goes Forth), as well as the extra specials done at various points in time (including the feature length movie- Blackadder Back and Forth). This is a slice of classic British comedy, and this package is an essential purchase for any fan of the series.