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  1.  The best Pixar film


    Hands down the best Pixar films thats been made. I just can not fault this film, its an absolute classic. It feels like all of those classic films you watched as a kid..Willy Wonka, The Wizard of Oz, ET. Cant wait to see if Pixar ever top it!!

  2.  In the top 5 Pixars!


    This is definately in the top 5 Pixar films. Every adult who watched it at the cinema warned me that the first 10 minutes made them cry which I was a bit skeptical about but God..I bawled like a little girl!! It really tugs on the heart strings. It also made me laugh out loud on a few occasions, and I can't say many films have ever produced both those emotions!

  3. Manners


    Passion Pit - CD

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     Indie with an edge...


    "Manners" is what a Death Cab For Cutie album would sound like if it was sprinkled with electronic fairy dust & the singer took a hit on a helium balloon! It's an album which pop & dance fans can find pleasure in as well as indie boys! The lead singer's voice may be an acquired taste & might take getting used to, but the production is so impressive & the songs are so great that even if you're not of the vocals, you will probabaly still end up loving the song.

    The stand outs are definately the singles "Little Secrets" "Passion Pit" and "Sleepyhead". The school choir on the first 2 is an awesome touch which really lifts the songs. The latter I didn't warm to at first, but now I love.

    The only track I dislike is the opening "Make light". It's the only track where the vocals grate on me, and the song is just not strong enough to recover from. All of the other tracks are great. They're not instant, but they slowly reveal their magics with a few listens!

    Is a cool, quirky little electro/indie album with some great tunes & great production. And when they become huge you can brag to your friends that you liked them first! ;o)

  4. Lights


    Ellie Goulding - CD

    2 New from  £5.18  Free delivery



    I've heard that a lot of critics have been a bit lukewarm to this album?? They must need their ears syringing. This is one of those rare album where *EVERY* track is excellent! Theres no fillers..not a weak chorous in sight. Even the bonus track "Lights" which isn't on the CD is amazing!

    The production is fantastic...magical, well polished electro pop and each song is a tune and a half. Every chrous is just so uplifting. I can't remember the last time I loved every single track on an album, and I played an album so many times in 1 week and di not get bored.

    Often with albums theres at least 2 or 3 tracks you always skip, or the singles are great but the other tracks are average, espcially with pop albums. But not "Lights". I can not rate this album highly enough.

  5.  One of the best!


    Definately one of the best Hed Kandi comps of recent years. I'm always been a big fan of the Disco Kandi stuff and this doesn;t disapoint. Cds 1 & 2 are just so uplfiting..full of instant, catchy tunes with only a few stinkers. CD 3 is slighty harder/eclectro-ish.

    I know this CD is good cause my ex flatmate who didnt think he was a huge fan of house music (but hadnt heard much Hed Kandi stuff) heard me playing this CD and he absolutely flipped for it.

  6.  A Hed Kandi Classic!!


    Let's face it...the early Hed Kandi compliations are definately the best. Back then, the label were less concerned about having big names and well known tunes which would sell the products..and more just about providing top quality funky house!! This comp is a perfect example of what Hed Kandi was all about! It also holds a bit of a special place for me cause it reminds me of my uni/clubbing days when I could go out every night of the week & not have to worry about what state I was in for work the next morning! This was the perfect soundtrack for getting my clobber on & having a few bevvies before hitting the club...

    CD 1 is probably the best. Similar to the stuff you'd find on the Disco Heaven CD's but with a bit more ooomph! Funky vocal soulful-ish house. It's packed full of tunes.the first 7 or 8 tracks in particular are really strong with "When I Think of You", "I Feel For You" "Sing" and "Fade" being absolute classics in my head. It sags a little in the middle, and then gets a little "ravey"/more upbeat towards the end with tracks like Stonebrige's "Put Em High".

    CD 2 picks up the pace a bit more & is a lot more "banging" hehe. Theres some real tunes on there..some of which you won't have heard before..others like Therese's "Time" and "Flower Power" you will. My personal faves are the first 1st 2 tracks..both the work of the awesome Cicada!

    CD 3 is the the old school CD with tracks like Robin S "Show Me Love" and "Strings of Life". I'm not particularly a big fan of this stuff so I rarely played this CD, but the first 2 were more than good enough for me.

    Get your glad rags on. Pour a vodka. Stick this CD on and jiggy around the room like it's 2004 all over again....