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  1.  Hardcore Dungeon Crawling at it's finest!


    For those of you who lived in the era of games such as Shining in the Dark and Phantasy Star then this game may be for you. Let me say this game is not for casual gamers and if you come into this game expecting to complete it within a week then you are mistaken. This game is a hardcore 3D Dungeon crawler, remember all those days of Shining in the Dark where you were constantly going round corners and forgetting your way with no map? This game is just like that however you do get a map, the only trouble is you have to draw it yourself! Parts you explore are discovered automatically but you still have to draw everything else such as walls, where all the tough enemies roam and exits to the next floor. The game as i mentioned is very tough and you will spend probably the first day on the first couple of floors building up your characters levels and getting enough money to buy some weapons and armour for them and money i may also add is tough to come by especially in the early levels! The graphics in this game are nice although the battles are simple and enemies unfortunately don't have much battle animation. Building your characters is vital to survival and wrong placement of a skill point after you have levelled up can make the difference between life and death. There are also optional small side quests which you are able to take part in to make a few extra cash or get extra rare items. In all there is easily over 80+ hours of gameplay in this game, it has lots of replay value also, i only wish it recorded how long you have been playing for, its definitely a gem of a game and hard to come by so do get it if hardcore RPG's are your thing!

  2.  Has the Potential to be great but a difficult game to learn.


    This game has a great story and great graphics, nice music and characters from some of my beloved treasured RPG's of all time including Disgaea. The only problem i have is actual combat and character development, both are very hard to get into and understand, im probably just overlooking something but the tutorials were not enough for me to grasp the system. For this reason i gave up on the game, shame really because it seemed really nice from what i played of it.

  3.  Dont let it blind you!


    This album in one word is amazing! The first 3 tracks are outstanding my favorite being Spaceman right now, do not be put off by some of the reviews, yes it is different to they're old albums but they have pulled it off once again, this is probably one of the strongest albums out there at the moment, I know Brandon is trying the Lou Reed/David Bowie approach but it works! This is a masterpiece of an album, even the artwork of the album was done by a student in Birmingham where i live, i feel so proud and to own this album so well done boys!

  4.  PS3 Game of the year


    After receiving my copy of Eternal Sonata which i am very happy with, a week or 2 later this game graces the shelves in all its glory, and why shouldn't it, there are very few RPG's for the PS3 and its only slightly annoying that they all come out together! This game however is all what i imagined plus more, you follow the story of Mao who is the Overlords son who is the headmaster at netherworld academy and Mao wants to kill his Dad and become a Hero and as revenge for destroying Mao's video game collection. Great story as you would expect from a Disgaea game. The game itself has its classic cutesy style graphics along with the strategic type battles, you are able to create new characters just like in the old Disgaea games but this is all done in a classroom and not a Dark Assembly along with other things you can do such as Raising Shop Prices and different Clubs. They changed the skill system slighty whereas you used to level up skills by using them you now pay mana to level them up instead. Mana of course being gained when you defeat an enemy. The Item World is still there, Geo Blocks, many other aspects aswell as the new ability to use monster types as weapons, yes the fabled Prinny can now be used as a Gun in battle. HL or Hell the currency is easier to obtain and there are plenty of new things to keep you occupied for hours! This is a gaming masterpiece, if not the best PS3 game yet. This game along with Eternal Sonata are two great RPG games to have, don't delay, buy today!

  5.  I cannot recommend this game enough!


    If you are a fan of the Tales games such as Tales of Symphonia and Eternia etc this game will not dissapoint in the slightest, the graphics are great, even the sewers are green and full of grass, the atmospheres make the game one of the most fantasy type rpgs ive played, this is a great addition to the ps3 as many of the rpgs already out for it are not that great or the same battle system that most rpg fans would expect. There are not many decent rpgs for the ps3 but this is the first to do very well in gracing the ps3 in all its glory and with Disgaea 3 just around the corner, the niche for ps3 rpgs looks to be huge!

  6.  Shocking!


    After seeing the advert for this on Channel 4 i thought it might be a good watch, i didn't realise it was a movie though, i thought it was only on for half an hour. This Movie is truly Shocking and has changed my opinion on Big Brother, i can't watch Big Brother without Dead Set being in my mind it really does have an effect. There are huge amounts of gore in this film and is definitely not for the faint of heart. Im 21 years of age and this made me feel as tho my heart is was in my throat. The film is tense all the way through, there a few quite bits but there is always gore. This is a brilliant film but is definitely not for Minors so not not buy for anyone under 18, i wouldn't let anyone under 18 watch it. I would recommend it to anyone but i am 2 ways as weather to get this myself as it scares the hell out of me :P especially the last seen where Kelly is looking into the Camera!!!! Talk about creepy

  7.  Works fine on 64 bit vista


    This runs perfect on a Vista 64 bit, i dont know wether its coz its a quad core or what but this game is highly recommended!

  8.  The best hand-held Final Fantasy game


    After seeing many videos and reviews of this game before it came out my opinion didn't change on weather i was going to buy it or not but im so glad i did. The game is so much better than i had expected and here is what makes it so good.

    Voice Acting - Yes in the fmv's it has voice acting from the characters themselves, i mean this has never happened on a hand held games console before, not on a Final Fantasy game anyway.

    It's 3D - Well not completely, theres no switching camera angle so you can't see behind a house but the graphics are notched up to the same as the Final Fantasy III remake which is good.

    Battle Animations - When a character casts a spell in battle the screen pans in on them and if it's a summon even that is shown in 3D. It doesn't show a black background like it did on FFIII either. This is something which made me happy the most while playing it even though it's something so small it makes a big diference.

    Music - The music is the same but it sounds better because it is a remake after all.

    There a few added features put into this game for example Rydia has a pet like summon called Wyte which you can customize his appearance and raise his stats by doing tests and such and summon him in battle. When exploring dugeons the map is drawn out automatically on the bottom screen as you walk to it, also showing a percentage of that area explored, this helps a lot as i always used to get lost when playing this from Anthology (PSX) also if you get 100% when exploring a dungeon you will get items and bonuses. In all everything looks nice, the character's, the enemies, cut seens, battle animations and interface. Making this the best Final Fantasy game on a handheld console. So don't hesitate because this game will not dissapoint.

  9.  Great Fun


    This is easily one of the greatest and unique games ever made. I wasn't sure about buying this at first because of the hefty price, but i did and i have not regret it. The guitar is easy to assemble and looks and works great, i have had no problems with it. Being a complete amateur with a guitar i found myself losing the first few times on easy mode but i soon picked it up and mastered it. When it says easy it really is that easy that anyone could do it, you could miss quite a few notes and still rock by the end of it, Medium is slightly harder but not difficult, it just takes a bit more effort and eye co-ordination and uses the Blue aswell as Green, Red and Yellow buttons. I am however stuck on Knights of Cydonia near the end! After we find ourselves completing these modes we get onto Hard and Expert and just like the name suggests these Modes really are what they are! I can never find myself doing as much as 1 song in Expert, you need to be really quick and it uses all the guitar keys and because of the amount of notes on screen going at a tremendous speed it requires a lot of practice to even get anywhere. I did try the first song on Hard and to my surprise i got 70% So practice on the game will definitely make perfect! It is a very fun game to play, there are plenty of well known songs to play. The Guitar Battles are a difficult challenge where you play characters in game and you have to show your better than them by pulling of a serious of notes and making it harder for them to overpower you. This is a nice touch to the game making it difficult. An excellent game and one i will be playing for some time to come yet, recommended for anyone.

  10.  It's ok but not great


    Having played Dragon Quest Journey Of The Cursed King i was expecting a brand new fresh game with all the same elements as previous titles. I have to agree with the review below me. While the First Person view is a new concept making this game more like Oblivion there is no way to see your character. The only time you see him is in cut scenes. Even though i didn't find this much of a problem i have found a few flaws out with this concept. After going on your first quest out of town you have to follow a straight path and if you count on returning to the village anytime soon you are not able to completely turn around therefore u have to walk backwards! which is a bit annoying if you ask me. While a lot of elements in the game are the same such as the music, monsters, items they have taken away the freedom of exploration out of the world map and the ability of item creation. As this is a Wii game i expected a lot of the game to use the Wii controls which it does, you use the remote to slash and point at the screen if you want to attack creatures in a certain area and defend against enemy attacks, you also have special attacks which use a bit more effort to execute but this isnt vastly difficult. It's really easy to slash and you will find yourself decapitating enemies easy early on, i only have some trouble slashing horizontally but it gets easier after practice. I only wish they had kept the battles turn based rather than being able to just slash a sword on screen, however its not always that simple as bosses need more effort as you will need to defend and heal. The one major plus to this game is the graphics! What can i say they are outstanding, so outstanding it puts the graphics from Journey Of The Cursed King to shame, i only wish the gameplay was more like it. Its not a terrible game and once you get into it, it can be very rewarding and quite addictive. £24.99 is not a bad price either so at that price its worth getting!