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  1.  cant go wrong!! Also NO purple fringing!!!


    Very good camera. Compared it to a Fuji s5700 which is a mini slr camera and this camera fared alot better!!! First off there is little to no purple fringing with pictures taken from this camera.

    Macro is good but not brilliant in a sense that you can only get so close before the lens cant handle it and start blurring the subject.

    Bright places takes beautiful pictures. Not that great in low light situations but then again not many digital cameras are due to the way the technology works.

    Battery life is good and you can take around 200 pictures on one charge. However if you mix this in with taking videos on this camera then the battery life obviously decreases.

    This brings me onto the video capabilities of this camera. On full resolution the video quality is incredible. My mate wouldn't believe it was from the camera till I proved it. But I must stress you must take advantage of the fact that this camera takes SDHC and get the biggest SDHC memory card you can afford.

    Anyways get his camera and you wont be dissapointed.

    Bottom line: If you want a camera for holiday and special occasions then this is totally recommended.

  2.  Not Impressed


    Bought this the other day and I must warn you I wasn't too impressed at all. The box's main feature is that it can get HD channels but thats where he problems start.

    First off the picture of the HD channels are not great, people are reporting better pictures coming from a BUSH box!! Yes that's right BUSH!!!

    Secondly the HD channels have very bad lip sync problems. This is where the picture and the sound don't run together and it looks like bad miming!!!

    I've done all the updates and what not but the problem is still there. The last thing I want to say is that the start up time of this box is dreadful. It almost takes 15 secs from pushing the power button to something being displayed on the screen!!!

    But one good thing about this box that none of the cheaper one have is that you can take it out of Freesat mode and scan alot of other satellites and you can get loads more free to air channels that are not included in the Freesat list.

    If anyone is buying a box to replace the old sky box just to get the pheonix chinese channel then there is a way to recieve this channel with this box so it is recommended at least for that.

  3. 300



    20 New from  £7.27  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99



    I loved this movie. Excellent everything when it comes to story and how it is executed.

    Picture quality is brilliant on bluray and the extras are brilliant. Must buy!

  4.  Awesome!!!!


    Brilliant movie. Beautiful picture on blu ray.....DEMO STUFF!!! Brilliant extras too!!

    MUST BUY!!

  5.  Not that bad if you're a fan of the Saw franchise.


    Totally digged the first Saw, second one wasn't bad. Third one was meh but it still followed the story of Saw through.

    If you are a fan of the Saw franchise then I say get this movie because its not as bad as people make it out to be. It has more background story of Saw and alot more questions get answered. But also alot more questions get asked.....especially the end of the movie.

    However the main attraction of this movie is that you really have to watch it a second time to get the subtle clues that are hinted throughout the movie that actually tells you who the killer is!!! Its all clever stuff and I found that I enjoyed the movie a whole lot more the second time round so I am adding one more star onto the review.

    3 stars for first viewing, 4 stars for the second viewing :)

  6. Go



    Available  used  from  £11.99

     I totally forgot all about this gem!!!


    I first watched this movie in University about 7 years ago and I totally forgot how amazing this movie is!!! Doug Liman the guy who brought us Bourne Identity and you would never have thought he did this movie!

    3 stories to begin with, then all the characters and stories merge.

    If you're a William Fichtner fan then get this film just for his performance alone!! He plays a crooked cop dealing in contraband and OMG the scene where he's trying to get the kid in a deal is a prime example of black comedy!! Worth the price of this disc alone!! :)

  7.  If you a star wars fan with a sense of humour get this....


    Awesome and class act by the family guy crew again. at only £9.99 this is a bargain for this disc.

    There are two episodes, one being the stars wars one and the other is the north by north quahog.

    It's not five star because they upset off mark hamill!! lol get the dvd to know what I'm talking about.

    If you love star wars and family guy then get this. Oh yer if you a George Lucas fan then you may like to know that George Lucas himself is interviewed by family guy creator. Pretty good stuff.

  8.  Very funny!!


    Bought this 2 days ago and watched the whole season already. If you aren't already a fan of this and you watch this season then you WILL want to get the first season!!

    The characters are more defined now but the humour and how the story arch ties in the whole season is perfect.

    The extras include commentaries (on several episodes and not all) and blooper reels and a range of very funny stuff.

    I'm already looking forward to season 3!!

  9.  Best party game on Wii!!


    I love this game because:

    - Controls are easy to get to grips with within 1 or 2 shots.

    - The variety of games are amazing. Some maybe hit or miss but it has more hits than misses

    - The game still holds up on it's own when playing single player because you have records you want to beat and trophies to unlock. Also some games in this package has the "one more go" effect.

    - Good exercise when playing. Me and m8 did 5 heats of the 100m and we've never sweated so much in our lives. You do actually feel it's doing you some good!!

    - Can use your own Mii as a character. It kinda brings out the more competitive streak in you and the other players because you "feel" like you HAVE to beat your opponent as YOU!

    - Online record charts for each event. You break a record you can get your name up on the internet records by hooking up this game to wi fi. However it does not mean you can play others "real time" online. It just updates the records.

    - Everyone should have this if they have a Wii!!