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  1.  For The OVERLORD!!!!


    Welcome megalomaniacs one and all!! For true power and dreams of conquering all, this is the game that will take hours of your life!

    This is a game with a great concept and intuitive game play. In this game you play the youngest of 3 siblings all fighting for ultimate power. You control minions, these crazy not very bright creatures that will hack, smash, steal, pillage, capture, beat, chase and collect anything you want them to by pointing your Wiimote at the screen! NOTE! The game is more about using the minions rather then you as the Overlord going and beating the hell out of things, why get your own hands dirty?! Let the Browns and Greens do that for you!!

    This game is very nice on the eye, you won't mind running around the same environments as it is fun to do so (with lots of enemies throughout) and with the minions going and collecting anything from weapons to gold it helps to run around again and again.

    Ok, unfortunalty this game does have its down sides, the camera can be a pig at times, like being stuck at a funny angle, the story is very VERY linear, and the progression of the Overlord is nonexistent, you can upgrade his weapons and armour but it seems to do nothing for his powers in battle, and one last thing is that when you get your horde up, the Wii does seem to struggle a little bit.

    However!!!! With a game that is this fun to play and the real comedy thanks to the minion cut scenes and very good boss battles this is a game that you will just want to keep playing :-) good times!!

  2.  Charming and Fun


    This game is great for a one time play, it gives a whole new dimension to a platform / RPG game,, literally!!

    This game is great to look at, you will never get tired of just looking at this game!! It has sharp, clever, funny laugh out loud moments of scripting, with a whole bunch of different bad guys to fight!! The worlds are fun to explore and the puzzles do some times have you stuck for a while until you remember to FLIP!!

    That's when this game comes into its own, this 3rd dimension of game play offers a whole new exciting way to play, you may think you're stuck FLIP! Want to get across a impassable gorge? FLIP! Need to escape a bunch of bad guys,, FLIP!! (and then pray that some aren't waiting for you in that view!) With the addition of the pixels and other convention Mario tools (the drain pipes) this game will keep you exploring levels to find additional items, and Pixels!!

    However,,,, the dialogue for the story is way too long!! I mean it will just keep going and going and going!! See what I mean?! The Boss battles are no different from the normal fights apart from being a bit longer, and one of the few real challenges in this game is the pit 100 trials!!! Also I know it's called Super Paper Mario, but you hardly ever use the other characters as most of the time you need to go into 3D to get past obstacles.

  3.  Instant Classic!


    This game is going to be a flagship game for the Wii!

    It has a great range of characters from the Ice Climbers to your more typically know characters Ie Mario and Sonic to ones that were lost in times long forgotten my boy Pit!

    This is one of those games that has some stages to its combat, for the button bashers or the younger audience you can pick this game up and just play it, which is half the charm to this game, its simplicity. Knock the other guy out of the arena more times then he knocks you out. However for the more experienced gamer out there, you can dive more into this great games fight mode, with defensive, blocking, counter attacking and evasive moves.

    It has a bunch of achievements to unlock that will have you coming back to this game again and again, along with its story mode (which is actually very good!), online battles, single player events, this is a game that will leave you wanting more!

  4.  A MUST have for the Wii!!


    What can you say about this game,, apart from blood, gore, decent graphics, swearing and loads of cool looking running bloodsucking ZOMBIES!!!!!!

    This game is going to keep you on the edge of your seat and wondering why you couldn't move your trigger finger a little bit faster. On first thoughts I got this game and completed the normal mode without even trying, and I was a bit disheartened, but then the magic happened!!

    Extra Zombies and a harder / longer game opened up, it brings the game back to life for you, and in both single and multi player you will find yourself with hours of endless fun on this game!!
    It looks great, it feels great, the sounds are amazing, all round great game!!

    Ps: Really don't let anyone easily offended play this game or just be in the same room as you, they WILL hit the ceiling!!

  5.  Gritty, Tough, and I loved it!!


    Ok, let's not get confused straight away, Shift is a racing simulator through and through, if you attempt to rag a car around a tight corner at 70 odd km/h it will go sideways and crazy and you will end up in a barrier somewhere.

    Also until you get use to the idea that when you buy a car it has (effectively) factory settings, you will need to go and 'tweak' different aspects to suit your driving style. Then from here you can upgrade your cars handling, acceleration, brakes, do weight reductions add bigger tyres to gain more grip loads of other cool stuff to give you the car performance you want. However when you buy a car you do need to look and see what you can upgrade on it, as some cars will only allow you to add NOS.

    This is a challenging game that likes to kick you when you're down, so if you have taken a corner slow or started to drift, the AI will try to force you into a spin or off the track. This makes the game so so so much sweeter when you master a whole bunch of corners on a track to gain vital positions and grab a podium spot!

    With great graphics, a really good sense of speed, cool AI, smooth game play, loads to unlock and achievements to get your racing hands on, then this my friend is the game for you!!

  6.  Sweet!!!


    This a quality mp3 player! The screen gives good resolution with decent audio, though i recommended getting some other heads phones. Software is easy to use and navigation once the thing has been started up is easy. In all a good mp3 for a good price!