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  1.  German version


    Baywatch Nights is good but this is the German version and should be mentioned but isn't.

  2.  Voice isn't Tom Hank's


    Be aware, the voice isn't Tom Hank's which for me, ruins it as a collectors edition. It's genuine but it's still not Tom Hank's voice. I assume they couldn't get the licence.


  3.  Great but things seems slightly different...


    ...to what we see on TV. Conversations he has with Stephen on the phone in Indian are written down some what different to how we see them happen on the TV. The locations visited are out of order on TV compared to how they start in the book. Also the toilet incident in Egypt he describes in the diary is quite a bit different to how he explains it on one of the recent podcasts, yet to see if they comment on it in the episode on TV as haven't got to that one yet.

    Conspiracy, maybe? But I think it's more Karl doing what he always does. Takes something someone has told him and then repeats it back to you and it's nothing like what you said :)

    Whatever it is, it's still funny and so is Karl.

  4.  Good


    Forget the book. I never read it but went to watch this anyway. Helped that I like Tom Hanks. I expected nothing and ended up getting a good mystery, fictional film. Really enjoyed it. Ignore all the purists who say the book is better and the film is rubbish. Just watch the film and make up your own mind. I know people who've read the book and also enjoyed the film as they've taken them as to separate entities.

    A good mystery, fictional film.

  5.  OK but very poor collision sensors


    Brought 3 of these for Christmas presents. Given one already and works well but noticed, unlike the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader one I have, that the collision detection wasn't working very well. Getting very rare clashing noise when hitting the blade. The other models you get it instantly. So I opened the other 2 Yoda ones to see if it was a one off, but no, they all have poor collision detection. You have to hit the blade quite hard and it's still only random on whether the collision sound plays or not.

    Due to this big flaw I feel it only deserves 3 stars possibly 2 if you're a collector. But for the kids, 3 stars is enough and my nephew loves it. The best bit was watching him turn it on in the dark for the first time. Everyone watching him all ahhhhed as it lit up :o)

  6.  Certainly not worth £12


    Was about £7 when I brought it the other day and I think it's going back. The pliers don't lock so are only useful for light work. The so called wirecutters section is so blunt it would cut anything. And where's the attachment to attach it to a keyring? There is mention of it unhooking from your key ring but there is no place you can put a key ring loop and it doesn't come with one.

    Disappointed. Considering this is from Swiss I'm shocked.

  7.  OK but not perfect


    Appears to work on my k610i but I just looked at the phone and it said "Charging error". I think the battery was fall and when it gets to that point the charger causes it to error out.

    Given it two stars as it did charge the phone but whether its caused damage to the battery I don't yet know.