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  1.  Quality film, different take on alien invasion


    Left this film till recently as had read loads of reviews saying it was lame, boring and poorly acted. Not sure what film they were watching but I loved it. It's a very different take on an alien invasion, quite impressively different. It's been filmed on a much lower budget than most but you wouldn't notice. I loved it from the off and the special.affects were great and the action kept me glued right till the very exciting end.
    I strongly recommend watching this film, its only 80ish mins and well worth every minute, take a chance......

  2.  Top quality item


    I have purchased 3 of these now. One for my sons 40" LCD, one for my 50" Plasma and one for a 42" Plasma. All fittings fit all tv's (each one a different make) installation is a breeze and even the 50" weighing in at 30kg+ feels safe and secure. I couldn't recommend these enough. I will add that the instructions recommend using a drill bit far to big, you just need 10mm one. Don't spend lots of cash on a bracket when you could buy one of these.

  3.  Great looks, poor controls


    This title is worth a purchase for a bargain price as its lots of fun. It does suffer from poor controls and some events are impossible but miss them out. Set up a game missing these events out and its great fun. A 4 player battle with events that everyone can play is massive fun and worthy of such a small price tag, it looks great to.

  4.  5 stars but flawed


    I have owned 3 machines now, just bought number 4. They are by far the best machine out there and the black one looks so cool. The only problem is that they are so poorly made. I have been through 2 white models and purchased an Elite model as it was supposed to be more reliable that the others. 14 months later and its knackered. I will only buy cheap standard models as they are easier to replace, Microsoft don't help, IVE TRIED.
    I will still give the machine 5 stars as the graphics and online is awesome. Yes nosier than a PS3 and minus a Blu-Ray but still way way better.

  5.  Better than Pro Evo AGAIN!!!!


    I have always been a Pro Evo fan. I have argued with people over this but I was wrong. Fifa is better than Pro Evo in every way. The graphics a better, players move better. It plays a better game and the update is a great feature. I own both and only play Fifa, it wins hands down.

  6.  Much better than the last outing


    I love this game. It has a slowish story mode which you can play through with both sides. Its easy to get gamer points if thats your thing. The graphics are good, most of the gore has gone but some is still there. Its a fast placed fighter and worthy of a purchase.

  7.  Quality


    Top game. If you loved the first one then you will love this one. Its better than the first in every way, from graphics to story to online. Its well worth the money its selling for now, buy it...

  8.  Love it!!


    I got this couple of weeks before Christmas, its great. Its slightly different to the last, different types of rounds. It uses the characters you created on the 360 console and they sit on the couch during the game. There are new film clips to watch, not that I ever saw all of the clips in the last game. One other thing is its slightly easier as you now don't loose points so you will get family members just buzzing in fast, it gets a little annoying, especially if they happen to be right.
    Overall a very good game. If you liked the first then you will like this. If you have friends that have it you can also go on-line and challenge them through Live, good fun.

  9.  Buy if you watch Blu-ray alot!!!


    I bought one of these the other day and it makes the watching of films on the PS3 so much easier. Once the machine is on you would have trouble even knowing that you were using a games console and not a real BR player. It also has other features that I couldn't access with the pad.
    One of the best buys I've made since Christmas.

  10.  No hype, great film!!


    This film just sort of appeared out of no where, it had no hype at all. Its a really great film, fantastic story well acted with some great fighting scenes. It really makes you think about what you would do in a similar situation.......

    Great film highly recommended to everyone