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  1.  Brilliant


    This is why I own a pc for gaming because every once in a while you get an absolute stunner of a game which is developed for this one platform before any other and boy does it show everything about this game is first class.

    The graphics blow you away right from the start the best i have seen in a pc title to date. And gameplay etc does not let the gorgeous graphics down either.

    Would just like to say though plz use a bit of common sense when installing as below I put zero instead of O's in seriel key but worked out straight away what i done and simply changed it to O's and was fine. Also turn of UberSampling as this is designed for multicard systems if im correct.

    Apart from that the game is stable and runs fantastically.

    Specs: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    Intel I7 2600K SandyBridge ASUS P8P67 PRO
    Sapphire Vapour-X HD5870 OC
    4 GiG Corsair XMS 1600MHZ DDR3
    WD Raptor HD
    Creative Xi-Fi Elite Pro on Creative Gigaworks S750
    Samsung XL2370 running at 1920x1080p

  2.  Great Stuff


    Bought this on release and been listening to it ever since. This album reminds me of Joshua Tree in the fact that the album starts with 3 very strong tacks, No Line on the Horizon, Magnificent, Moment of Surrender. Joshua Tree had Streets have no name, Still Havnt found what im looking for and With or without You.

    We all now what happend from there as they say the rest is history as Joshua Tree went on to be one of the biggest selling albums of all time and i think this may go on to do the same only time will tell.

    This album has lot of variation in its tracks which means theres always somthing you will like Moment of Surrender being My Favorite.

    A must buy for any music fan it will sit nicely in anyones collection

  3.  Great Game


    Absolute brilliance from sega and will only improve more with each update. Pure addiction !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A must buy for fm2009 fans. Hope my wife dosnt divorce me :)

  4.  Superb and Highly Amusing


    What a game so far, as im only a rank 6 shamen but i have to say i think i have done more in this game in 8 hours play then what i would do in other games spending the same amount of time. PVE side of the game is superb solo quests highly amusing and fun with no grind. Public quests fantasticly done. Grouping up system is brilliant it even comes up with a little message when coming near a public quest listing open groups which you can join with a click of a button. PVP is also brilliant fun and i never find pvp appealing normally but this is spot on in this game. Anyhows i have to say even though i have only had one night in this game so far i would say that this is the best game of the year by far and possibly the best game of this decade but only time will tell. This is destined to be the greatest MMO to date that is for sure in my opinon. I have never played a warhammer game in my life till this and i must say i think i may have missed out in my youth somthing i maybe should of done earlier and not waited till now.

  5.  First Impressions


    Was part of the beta testing in this game and what can i say it is well worth a look if you are a rts fan then this is a must buy, but if your not then i would still consider buying this any way cause this may be the first rts that you may just enjoy. I am a fan of rts games but dont normally play them online but this i will definatly be playing online to roll on release date as im missing this already after beta has now closed. Graphics, sound and gameplay are superb. Its just like playing BF2 but in a rts world.