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  1.  Give me my BANKAI!


    Seeing as I'd only heard of Bleach through a friend who egged me to watch the series, I decided I'll play this DS version as the WII one was not very well received and I must say I was mightily impressed.
    I was expecting some poor excuse of a game, but it's actually mighty satisfying and the fighting is rather similar to Dragonball Z Supersonic Warriors 2. As much as i still like and love the Dragonball Z SW2 (I mean what's not satisfying about making Goku unleash his Spirit Bomb?!) this game is pretty much on par with it.
    There are similarities, in that there are story modes, most of which are a championship between the Soul Society Captains and Lieutenants, but playing each of these episodes helps you understand each character and their weaknesses and vulnerabilities and also gives you a decent enough work out. There are ample characters to sort out and a load of extra goodies to buy at the Urahara Shop (which costs a lot so a lot of game play is needed) but they've over come this by not having just the story mode. You also have a training mode (although you obviously win no money for this) there is an arcade mode, where you fight ten rounds with randomly chosen characters, a survival mode, and so much more. There are even some simple features such as being able to change teh background to a picture or image you like as well as changing the menus voice from Ichigo, to other characters (although these need to first be unlocked and then purchased). There is loads to do and the fact that it is also a DS Single Download for 2-4 players is a real treat as one person can play with other mates fans or not of Bleach and at least have a taster of what is expected. There is also a Wi-Fi option which I as of yet have not tested out yet, but will surely try out soon.
    Usually these cartoon to game ports can be dodgy and unsatisfying, but I like this for what it is and how it works and the feature that you can either use the touch screen to unleash special moves and Bankai or you can just button bash a sequence in helps in that if u remember the simpler sequences you can button bash 'em in without needing to touch the screen, although touching the screen is effectively a lot quicker.
    There's so much to do and it is so much fun. another feature I enjoy is that you control whether you want your fights timed or if you want them as death match rules, for me I've always fought to the death just through personal taste, time running out is always unsatisfying for me in midst of battle.
    This game has so many pretty neat options and the storylines are great and sometimes funny.
    For someone whose never seen Bleach this really got me into it and I've watched the DVD of Bleach Series 1 part 1 already and have already eagerly ordered part 2. There are a mix of characters each with swords or fists armed with their own special powers and with a deck of special power up cards to add a little spice to fights, it's a win-win situation. Sega really have made something here worth talking about, and to make someone who knew nothing about Bleach to want to watch the series, this si a very well done game indeed. My only nit pick is that i wish they had, even as a mini-game or as some sort of training, or even to be included in the survival mode, a version where you only fight Hollows, although they might even decide to make another Bleach game purely on going around defeating Hollows. Either way this is a good game and with the actual voice casts voices being used it's a real treat for any Bleach fan. Buy it! You won't regret it!

  2.  Shod of War


    I never played the original but there was such a hype about this game that I bought it, played it completed and felt really let down. The graphics and gore are brilliant, but gameplay gets boring with a typical circle of stab, slash, solve a puzzle, climb here, stab, slash, oh another puzzle... and it wore off. The plot is way too weak! At first it's brilliant, Zeus betrays you and you fight back with all your might and Godly ego, but it just goes on and on with Kratos pretty much almost saying, "This time I'm coming to get you Zeus" only to find out he has to get yet another item or kill something before he can progress up Mount Olympus. This of course means it drags very badly! He wants revenge from Zeus' betrayl, needs to go to sisters of fate, they don't help you, you kill them, and almost kill zeus, then you end up climbing up mount olympus only for the credits to role, rather then an ending where you obliterate zeus and the other gods and BECOME A GOD!. I really can't see GOW 3 being any good if it's a continuation of this plot, what will they have? You must climb mount olympus but, first you need to take it one baby step at a time and move this rock, now progress further and move up this rock... I felt befriended when the ending comes up with "The beginning of the End" and this came all too short seein as i completed this game first time with minimal effort. Its didnt seem challenging, where as other games such as MGS, Zelda, etc bring a wide variety of ideas to games, this was just pretty much straight forward and boring. I give it two stars because it is enjoyable at first and morbidly funny in places but as a sequel goes this was just a taster that costs over thirty quid and i felt cheated out of my money. It'll be better to buy this when it's under a tenner trust me, it's just a filler game nothing special at all. You can play through the game again with more powerups, but again, its the same old same old and i got bored of it after playing it for a few seconds as you already have half the items that you need to get already so you only end up playing half levels! Really was a let down, they should learn that sequels need to have big strong plots and a gameplay that lasts weeks or months rather then hours!